5 Scary Cartoons that Kids Should Not Watch

We all love cartoons, don’t we? Cartoons are really cute and every kid has his or her favorite cartoon character that they normally relate to because of some unique qualities that the kid likes about that particular characters. Keeping your kids away from cartoon characters is next to impossible because kids are very much attached to their favorite cartoon programs and characters which is why cartoon channels normally target kids and ensure that kids really enjoy their cartoon programs and laugh their heart out when they are watching the program.

However, parents should realize that cartoons can have huge impact on the overall psychology of their kids and therefore they need to be very careful about what kind of cartoons their kids are watching. We often feel that kids should be kept away from action movies and films that contain nudity but we never really pay attention to cartoons that contain same kind of graphic violence and characters that can have a negative impact on your kid’s psychology. Some cartoons are very scary from a kid’s point of view and they can generate a feeling of fear and false imagination. These cartoons are also termed as dark cartoons. We cannot really blame the kids for watching such cartoons because kids are not aware of the negative impacts that a cartoon can have on their life which is why we should always be on an alert and keep kids away from some scary cartoons that can penetrate deep inside your kid’s mentality.



Casper the Friendly Ghost might look very cute to you but it can be scary for your kids. Casper the main protagonist of the cartoon series is not a human but a spirit that is friendly and sounds very cute. Casper is an obese ghost character in the cartoon series and is always somewhere around his grave and in dark places. Kids might definitely take this cartoon very lightly and they might never understand how such cartoons where ghosts, graveyards and dark places are commonly shown can hit the subconscious of a child’s mind. Kids might not realize that he is constantly watching a horror cartoon series but this might affect his mentality and might have different illusions and imagination because imagination is an extension of what the child sees and hears throughout the day and with cartoon series that contains ghosts and spirits it would certainly have a bad impact on a kid with a soft heart. The idea of Casper was created and developed much before televisions were a part of our daily life activities but the idea has been passed off through comic books which were eventually transformed into a television comic series in 1950. Many comic series of Casper has revolved around Halloween and dark angels which is certainly not a good thing for the development of your kids.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family is one of the popular comic series running on television and therefore you make sure that you keep your kids away from it. The comic series contains a dead family who were once rich and popular. The cartoon was first created and developed for The New Yorker by Charles Addams. However, because of the popularity The Addams Family was adopted by various filmmakers and television production companies and made it into a successful comic series. Of course, The Addams Family does not have scary soundtrack and music to it but still remember that your kid is watching a dead family cartoon character. The appearance of the cartoon character is very dark and most of the color of the cartoon is black since it deals with dead people. As per the research colors can have a huge impact on your child’s imagination and psychology and therefore The Addams Family is something that you should not let your kids watch it.

Scary Godmother

Scary Godmother is next on the list of cartoons that you should not let your kids watch because various characters in this comic series are designed and created to penetrate a negative and fearful thought into the minds of kids. Scary Godmother is a series of cartoon books which was published by Sirius Entertainment but now it has been converted into a successful television comic series.  Due to its popularity Scary Godmother 2 was also premiered on TV in the year 2005. However, parents should understand that popularity is not the only thing that they should look for because Scary Godmother is all about a tall, skinny fairy witch who befriends a girl called Hannah. Scary Godmother not only has a horrible looking protagonist but also inculcates few negative feelings like jealousy and revenge which is certainly not good for the kids.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Cartoons might be cute but the way they are shown can be quite scary and same goes with Sabrina The Teenage Witch television comic series that is all about Sabrina Spellman, a teenage girl that has magical powers and also has a magical cat named Salem. Similar to Scary Godmother, Sabrina The Teenage Witch also does not have scary characters but the intention of the cartoon is not really clear because it gives rise to various negative thoughts and feelings into the minds of small kids who are not aware of what they are watching. Sabrina The Teenage Witch also tries to justify that witchcraft is not a bad thing.

The Walking Dead

Do you allow your kids to watch vampire and zombie movies? If you don’t than you should keep your kids away from The Walking Dead which is centered around Rick Grimes, a small town police officer who needs to defeat the zombies. The zombies in this cartoon series are designed and created to inflict fear in the heart of kids and therefore many kids might wet the couch while they are watching The Walking Dead. This comic series will hit the television screen soon and therefore you should keep yourself informed so that you can keep your kids away from such scary cartoons.

Guest Posy by Baba @ Side Effects