Kids Refuse to Wear Coats: How to Deal?

Kids hate coats and there are reasons for this. Believe, I have been there – caught up in an epic battle with my little girl about her coat while it was 30 degrees outside. After all, I won and she walked to the bus stop in her winter coat with her shooting-dagger eyes at me.

If this is the kind of situation you find yourself in, do not give up yet, it’s time to get creative and try out the below methods for how to get your kid to wear winter coats willingly.

Best Methods to Get Your Kid to Wear a Coat

Go For Super-Soft Clothes

Kids and toddlers are sensitive to how things feel on their skin. So, even things that seem small to us such as elastic cuffs or a tag can make them hate wearing their coat. That’s why sensory-friendly and comfortable clothes will be the best option for you.

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Figure Out What is Wrong

Well, the best way to handle clothes refusal is to avoid what’s causing it. Ask your kid and try to figure out exactly what aspects of the coat that they find intolerable. This can be itchy labels or seams, heavy winter coats, unnecessary additional features, and so on.

However, the trigger might not be that obvious. So, you should keep your eyes on your child’s behavior. Once you understand why your kid hates their coats, adjust or let your kid try other types of coats.

Coats Without Tags and Seams

Tags or misaligned seams are sometimes annoying and uncomfortable to bear. If this is the case, you should look for tagless and seamless coats when shopping for your kid’s clothes. For your kid’s existing clothes, try cutting the tag as close to the seam as possible so it can’t irritate their skin anymore. Additionally, you might also want to skip tricky fasteners since they can make tasks like tying, buttoning, or zipping the jacket more difficult and frustrating for your child.

Avoid Heavy Coats and Jackets

With all of the extra layers we add on our kids in winter, a heavy and thick coat can only make things worse and cause your kid to hate wearing more clothes. So, if your child isn’t a fan of full-on snowsuits or other heavy coats, layering may be the way to go. Dressing your little one in a shirt, sweater, and vest is warm enough for some chilly days. Also, you can try special weighted garments for kids too. However, note that they tend to be more pricey than regular clothes.

Teach Your Kid to Put It On Themselves

Sometimes a kid’s coat refusal is simply because they want you to put on the coat themselves. Even though small children prefer to have our help in their everyday activities, they are desperate for independence. So, no matter how it’s easier and quicker for you to help your child with their coat, teaching them how to do it themselves will be the best solution here. This will actually save you from wasting time trying to convince your kids how cold it is and why they should wear a coat.

Shop for a New Coat With Your Kid

We highly recommend that parents should allow their kids to choose the clothes that they would like to wear. For some kids, the coat may not be as comfortable or “cool” as you would like. So, doing this not only saves you some time spent on picking what your kid likes but also avoids letting them have more reasons to avoid wearing coats.


Reasons Why Your Kids Refuse to Wear a Coat

They Truly Feel Hot


Unlike adults, kids have a thick layer of brown fat just beneath their skin that is (activated) when it’s cold. It acts as insulation and can also burn calories just to generate heat. So, this is probably why your kid won’t feel that cold when you’re freezing!


So, try not to bundle them up too much in the season. Leaving the coat unzipped instead of taking it off right away is a great solution if your kid says they are hot. Additionally, you can keep your toddler’s coat off whenever they are indoors or in a car.


Your Kid is Making a Power Play


At this stage, your toddler might try to take control of themselves and their environment. To be fair, this is a completely normal stage of their development and we’re sure that they will battle to the end for what they want. Besides, kids are smart! So, if your little one realizes they can avoid doing things they don’t like by refusing to wear a coat, they will. For example, you can refuse to let them go out if staying home will deprive them of something they really want. Another great tactic here is to let your kid choose a coat, then bring it with you and wait for them to ask for it.


What to Do if They just Won’t Cooperate?


If none of these work and you don’t want to spend the most time arguing with your kids, then simply get your kid dressed with lots of layers underneath. Also, try investing in a light waterproof top with multiple layers and thermal clothes for your kids.