Why Dress Up Games are Fun, Free and Fascinating

As simple as dress up games may sound, they are a means of entertainment that have been misunderstood for a fairly long period of time. The general perception towards dress up games is that they are silly activities which are reserved for little girls only, and turn out to be a distraction from other important things. Dress up games are anything but a waste of time. As a matter of fact, most child psychologists will tell you that dress up games are a great form of amusement for children, which allows them to express their creativity in a fun and exciting way. If you come to think about it, dress up games are one of the best ways to make use of the internet today.


Gaming Activities Are Expensive

 Parents and guardians of young children have always had their reservations when it comes to games of any sort. One of the reasons for which parents are not big fans of children’s games is the expenses that are attached to it. Let’s face it. No matter how innocent and naive the labels look on toys, board games and video game devices, these commodities are quite pricey, given their high demand, and cannot be deemed affordable by a very good percentage of the parents around the world. With that being said, parents find themselves between a rock and a hard place, since they are obligated to give into the demands of their children even if the prices of the games are sky high.

Online Dress Up Games Are Free!

When it comes to online dress up games, parents do not have to bear the burden of draining their wallets on games every other week. There are plenty of websites on the internet, which provide online dress up games completely free of charge. There is no need for you to type in your credit card numbers. All you have to do is give your child the simple luxury of a stable internet connection, and you can then watch their joy unfurl as they journey into the blissful world of dress up games. Websites, like this one, contain a wide and highly impressive collection of online dress up games. You do not even have to take the trouble of constantly browsing through pages after pages of websites on the internet to stumble upon fun dress up games for your children. All you need to do is log into one website that has a plethora of dress up games, and let your child take control. If you head over to Poki.com for example, you will realize that these games are extremely easy to navigate and the list of games seems to be never ending. 

Loved by Both Genders

Contrary to common belief, online dress up games are not meant for the exclusive entertainment of young pre teen girls. Children of both genders can take great pleasure in playing these games that contain a colossal diversity of characters. While girls love to choose characters such as Elsa, Anna and the Japanese ones such as Sakura Card Captors, the boys have an affinity for Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z characters. There are certain games which are loved by both the genders such as the ones featuring Zack and Cody or Drake and Josh. If you understand the psychology of young children, you will realize that these characters are role models for the little ones. Children really look up to these characters that they play dress up with, and that alone speaks volumes about the amount of joy and excitement that they derive from such games. It truly is an amazing, one of a kind experience for the little angels of the world.

Learning and Education

Online dress up is not all about fun and games. You can come across certain games which inspire learning and education. These games tend to incorporate culture, nature and even science. For example, children can play dress up with characters that hail from different parts of the world. Dressing these characters up teach the children plenty about the cultural practices of various nations, and allows them to harbour greater respect and admiration for people who are racially and culturally diverse. In a world that is filled with hate, especially in the form of racism, dress up games can contribute hugely towards reversing the ill effects and influences of racism in the minds of young children by teaching them to love characters that are of a different skin colour. All in all, these free online dress up games have great potential to foster learning and a certain degree of moral values.

Safety Assurance

The biggest advantage of online dress up games is that they are completely safe. Most of the upper tier game websites strictly ensure that there aren’t any risks or age inappropriate materials for children to stumble upon while playing their favourite games. As a matter of fact, dress up games serve as a wonderful alternative that negates the effects of violent and explosive games, which are currently dominating the mainstream gaming industry. Online dress up games can be a breath of fresh air for your children.

Popular Picks

Online dress up games are all not the same. They differ in quality and entertainment value. Among the hundreds and thousands of online dress up games available, you can consider the following three to be the crème of the crop and the hot favourites. 

1) Frozen Sisters Birthday Party 

Loved by the girls, this game allows the children to put on enchanting outfits and jewelry on Elsa and Anna.

  • Faybelle Thorn Dress-Up 

This game allows children to dress the next Dark Fairy from Ever After High! The hairstyle of Royal’s blonde hair can be changed in a number of exciting and creative ways. You can choose to put a sinister gown on her or a light, funky top. 

3) Boo York Catty Noir-Dress Up 

In this game, the pink-hared werecat from Monster High can be given an amazing make-over. There are plenty of items to try out from the pop star’s wardrobe, such as bright tops and exotic dresses.

Try Them!

Dress up games are not just for children. When video games came out, everyone claimed that they were a thing for children. Now we have adults going gaga for the release of popular video games every year. In the same fashion, you can take a breather from your busy schedule by trying out anyone of the popular dress up games mentioned above. If being a fashion designer was what you dreamed of, then these games will let you live that dream momentarily.