5 Tips for Preparing to Have Professional Pictures Taken

When you join a new work team, you’re expected to put up a short bio on the company website, and often that comes with a photo published as well. Anyone browsing the company’s site will see your face and view it as a reflection of the company.

So, getting the perfect image through a professional headshot becomes a lot of pressure. You’re worried about looking unprofessional. You don’t want your face to look washed out or have any unkempt hairs. In short, you want to look your best.

That’s why we’re here to give you every possible advantage with our top 5 tips. Below, we will take you through the steps to taking a picture you’ll be proud of.

1. Brighten Your Smile

Your smile is the first thing people see. This means you need to pay special attention to your teeth. And it never hurts to have a brush up on dental hygiene.

It’s time to go back to the tips we were given during childhood:

  • Brush for 2 minutes twice a day.
  • Floss once a day.
  • For extra whitening, you can wash out your mouth with diluted peroxide. This will also help clear out bacteria.

Do not eat anything before your shoot or be prepared to do some extra preparation after eating. Make sure your teeth are correctly brushed and washed beforehand.

2. Figure Out What You Are Going to Wear

This is a time to purchase a new outfit. It will not only make you look fresh but you’ll feel like you look your best too.

Channel your inner minimalist. Colorful patterns and big jewelry will not look professional. Solid colors yield the best results, and it’s better if the shade is quieter. If you want to wear jewelry, go for small but fashionable pieces.

If you want a splash of color, consider wearing a monochrome-colored jacket with a brighter shirt underneath. Then you can incorporate your interest in style while maintaining professionalism.

If you have a dark outfit, choose a light backdrop. Otherwise, you and the background will blend together.

3. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

“I need my beauty rest.” It’s not just an excuse to turn in early! When we do not get proper sleep, it affects every aspect of our appearance. 

Do not let anyone convince you to stay out late the night before, and no binge-watching a series. Create a bedtime routine. Put all of your technology away at least half an hour before you want to go to bed. You also need to be in bed early enough to wind down, because no one falls asleep the minute they lie down.

Don’t drink any caffeine or eat any spicy foods that will keep you up. It would help if you had your last meal for the day three hours before bed to allow your stomach to settle.

4. See A Makeup Specialist

Wearing makeup under professional lights is an art. What you wear for your everyday look might not read on camera in the studio. So, you might need a professional’s help to get the right products and shades for the shoot.

A professional will know which colors will work the best with different types of lighting. Many malls have a photoshoot station. Go to the beauty section with a couple of hours to spare. Tell the specialist what you plan to do and ask to be touched up.

Even if you don’t ordinarily wear makeup, it’s important to at least have your complexion evened out. Otherwise, you risk having your face look washed out.


5. Practice Self-Soothing

Most people do not like getting their pictures taken. It may bring up feelings of shame and self-consciousness. However, keep in mind that you have done everything to enhance the outcome. If nerves overcome you, it will show on your face, which won’t make for your best picture.

Nervousness before a performance will always sabotage you. Practice stress-relief techniques before the shoot. Here are a few:

  • Make sure you’re not holding your breath.
  • Play relaxing music on the drive there.
  • Create a space in your mind that makes you happy.
  • Tense up all of your muscles for a few seconds, and then release. This will wear your nerves down.

Smile For the Camera

Concern means you care. You want to look your best for yourself and to represent your company well. But don’t approach this from a place of panic. See it as an opportunity. You get to decide how the world sees you right now.

Follow these tips to get the best outcome for your photo. You deserve to be proud of it!