5 top Yoga benefits that will improve your health

Some women tend to lose themselves while caring for the needs of other people. Moreover, in many societies, this can be even an expectation. Men and children can watch television, play games, or do whatever they want in their leisure time, and wonder why it is taking so long for food to come.

Other women build their career so hard that they put aside all the other “irrelevant” parts of their life including time to rest, meet their old friends and go on vacation.

While the problem of finding the balance between obligations, expectations and real possibilities is a completely another big topic to discuss, we want to focus on the particular option that can be a huge step towards keeping any woman healthy in both physical and mental aspects. Yoga can help anyone to rejuvenate themselves, and that, in its turn, can help them change their life for better.

This article looks at the top five Yoga benefits for women. It’s important to remember that when you take some time to do Yoga, you are not abandoning your duties as a woman; your family and your career will benefit more from you if you are in the best of health. Who knows, you may end up being a pro in the field that the temptation to find a yoga website builder and help others may eventually become irresistible. 

1.     Easing anxiety

It has been known for years that when you’re anxious and your body is not at a state of equilibrium, you are in risk of getting sick. When you are anxious, the body tends to constrict.  When this happens, all the tension goes to the parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, and jaws. This excessive tension on the muscles then transfers to the mind which makes you feel perpetually uneasy. This is the tension and easiness that the relaxing benefits of Yoga help alleviate.

While no one can claim that Yoga will stop such harsh diseases such as cancer, a number of studies have revealed that women who suffer from breast cancer and practice Yoga at the same time tend to suffer less during all the stages of cancer whether they eventually recover or succumb to the disease.

2.     Building strength

When it comes to physical strength, all the options are good, whether you choose gym, dances, running, cycling, or yoga. However, Yoga has its own particular benefits. First, it has the effect of lengthening the muscles. Talk to any physical trainer and they will tell you that longer muscles come with more leverage. With more leverage, you need less effort in order to accomplish tasks.

Secondly, Yoga improves the range of movement that all the parts of your body can accomplish. This gives you more functionality; making you able to do more than you could otherwise do.

Finally, because Yoga releases tension, it also releases the energy that was used to sustain that tension. The extra energy which is released can then be used to do work. In cases of injury, that energy allows you to heal faster.

As you grow older, you become susceptible to health conditions like back pain and arthritis. Even though no one believes in their twenties that one day they become a 70-old person, this day will come anyway. Yoga will give you the strength and flexibility to delay or circumvent these and many other conditions so you can enjoy your life much longer without being dependent on the medicine.

3.     Hormonal balance

It is definitely not fun to be dependent on your hormones, however, all the women know what it is like.  A woman’s cycle can be a time of different feelings; you may feel that you have too much energy, too little, and sometimes you just feel tired even when you have had enough rest. Yoga can come in handy to assist you to sail across some of these undesirable feelings.

Yoga accomplishes this through some of the most common moves like the seated twist and reclined spinal twist. During those days when your energy is low, a restorative practice will be useful and during times of high energy, a spirited flow will help you use the extra energy.

4.     Upright posture 

If you have looked at many women as they start to age, you may notice that one of the biggest change happen to their body is that they start to lose their posture. While this is expected of any human being as they become older, you can use Yoga to delay the signs by making your muscles more robust and firm.

A good posture has a way of making you look slimmer and healthier, overall. If women who do Yoga look slimmer, it is essentially because they are. Yoga is known to burn calories. Practicing Yoga also makes you conscious of your body and posture, always. This mindfulness can easily lead to feeling more satisfied with life which has an effect of making you make good dietary decisions.

5.     Improved sleep

If you do not believe that proper sleep is important, you have probably never spent a greater part of your night trying to fall asleep without success because you are anxious (though it is very unlikely that there is a single person in this world who has never faced the sleeping problem) . We’ve already discussed how Yoga has a way of releasing anxiety. With less tension, you’re likely to be less tense when you go to sleep which will allow you to sleep more peacefully.

In the United States, a number of studies have indicated that insomnia is the most common disorder associated with sleeping amongst adults. These studies report that the problem affects women and older people more. While treatment is recommended for these ailments, it is generally agreed that lifestyle changes can be effective ways of alleviating the challenges insomnia presents. One of these changes that can help you sustain a lifestyle with less stress that would make you sleep more is Yoga and other forms of physical exercise.


While we can’t promise that Yoga will solve all of a woman’s challenges (though, if you enhance it with some chocolate, wonders may happen), it can create an environment and lifestyle which encourages healthier body and mind.