What It’s Like to be a Yoga Teacher?

Have you ever dreamed of leaving your day job in exchange for something more physically, emotionally, and spiritually rewarding? You’ve probably had your fair of share of complaints as a nine-to-fiver, but it’s never too late to switch careers. Becoming a yoga instructor, for one, appears to be the dream job. You get to boost your overall health while contributing to the healing process of other people. But this profession comes with its own set of challenges. So, before jumping ship, take a glimpse of what a typical day of a yoga instructor looks like.

Morning Hustle

In all likelihood, this doesn’t apply to every yoga instructor, but the majority of them have busy mornings. This doesn’t necessarily mean jumping out of bed and going to the yoga studio right away. For many, mornings are dedicated to catering on their own needs. It’s not easy to face 40 pairs of eyes if you don’t feel good about yourself. Many instructors exercise in the morning, getting their blood flowing in preparation for the challenges of the day.

More interestingly, many teachers share how important it is to focus on their personal practice before facing their students. According to Yandara, a renowned Yoga Teacher Training center, their students are taught to continuously hone their craft. They explain that many beginners get burnt out easily, especially those who teach up to 20 classes a week. Proper pacing is key to unlocking the true potential of instructors, which directly translates to how well they share their knowledge and experience with students.

The Business of Yoga

Many people think that yoga instructors just have to go to the studio, teach their students, and call it a day. In reality, however, things aren’t that simple. In fact, many yoga teachers don’t only teach public classes, but also hold one-on-one sessions with private clients. Sometimes, this proves necessary to make ends meet.

There’s a great deal of planning involved in this line of work. It’s interesting to look at the business side of things. Teachers have to prepare and schedule their classes, plan retreats, work on promotional efforts such as website maintenance and social media marketing, and finding time to get some life outside of their practice.

Winding Down

Evening classes are busier than you’d imagine. A lot of people only have time to attend yoga sessions at night after their nine-to-fives. Yoga instructors need to follow a regimen that enables them to effectively wind down and get some much-needed rest to do things all over again.

This doesn’t only involve getting sleep. It also requires eating the right food to stay in tiptop shape. People tend to think of yoga instructors as Zen masters, with all the answers to life’s troubling questions including a proper diet. But not all yoga instructors have the best relationship with food. They suffer from food cravings like the rest of us. But you’ll be amazed how they plan their meals and avoid binges without taking as much effort as the average joe.