Treating Stress with Piano Therapy

The fine tuning of a piano is much like a woman. Each requires attention and proper care in order to withstand and endure the test of time.

Music therapy, in particular, piano therapy, is a treatment that has been used for years to help women from all different backgrounds and all walks of life. The therapy is designed to heal and nourish the mind, body and soul. Through the sounds of the music, harmony is created, as the brain processes the sounds, and restores the balance and harmony to the woman’s life. It is a unique therapy and one that women around the world are finding an ally in their hectic lifestyle which often includes being a career woman, a mom, a wife and keeper of the home. The therapy is helping women across the world with emotional, cognitive, social and physical problems. Many women seek to play the piano as a form of relaxation and to escape the pressures of everyday life.

As the publisher of a piano review site, I receive many emails from women who want to play the piano as a form of therapy, but often don’t know how to buy a digital piano that is right for them. Manythink that buying the most popular keyboard, like the Yamaha YPG 635 would probably suit their needs. But if the piano is only to be used for relaxion and therapy, then a simple yet functional keyboard will suffice.

Playing the piano can help to:
· Manages stress
· Alleviates pain
· Promotes wellness
· Enhances memory
· Expresses emotion
· Improves communication
· Promote physical rehabilitation

A woman’s life is often chaotic. Each of us has a full daily schedule, from laundry, cooking, cleaning, working, and caring for the children, the animals, the husband, doing the grocery shopping and on and on. The woman is the backbone of the family and the home and in today’s world, often the bread winner. It is a life that is filled with stress and although the rewards are great, the woman often goes unnoticed. The piano is being used as a remedy to alleviate stress and nurtures the mind, body and soul. The piano helps the woman to overcome weaknesses, build strength and character and to nourish her health.

Many women find themselves turning to modern medicine, which most often does not come without side effects or a great deal of confusion or cost. The anti-depressants, the high blood pressure medicines, the aspirin and all the wonderful “quick” fixes that the woman may be prescribed, all take their toll on the woman. The idea behind piano therapy is to allow the woman an outlet to heal, express and promote wellness. It is a tool that allows the woman the control which helps to harmonize her life.

Anger, which is a normal emotion, is often hid by the woman. Statistics show a large increase in female anger recording a 40% increase in female crime violence since 2005. This is a large increase and one that is just a display of the conflicting world in which women live. The life of a woman is a difficult role and by having an outlet such as the piano, the woman is able to express herself pouring her emotions into the instrument and creating a balance in her life.

The piano is easily accessible, and soothes the woman, relieving stress and providing emotional support which women desperately need. Piano therapy is rewarding and promotes confidence and wellness in the woman, with no harsh side effects, and one that she is able to share with those she loves, including her children, friends and husband or partner bringing a calming and contentment into an often chaotic life which is a struggle.

Among instruments, the piano is one that is easily learned. It does require dedication, however, which often becomes the outlet that the woman is looking for. There are many ways which the woman can begin to learn how to play the piano such which includes lessons that can be purchased online. And, although the piano was, and many times today still is, one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture in the home, there are many electronic keyboards which are much less costly that the woman can obtain to begin her learning and her therapy.

Aside from the piano helping to bring a wellness in life, it is also a means to create beautiful music and to acquire a talent which is much respected in the world. The sounds of a beautiful piano are sounds that each and everyone enjoys. From young to old. And, for the woman this is just additional respect that helps to create their success.
From the moment the woman sits at the piano, opens the keyboard and begins to place her hands, her spirit becomes uplifted. It is a powerful means to communicate emotion and take control of your life.

For women with young children, there have been some very interesting studies performed on the effects of the piano and children. In fact, one study performed by the McGill University in Montreal, Canada concluded that grade school children who practiced the piano for three years achieved much higher grades on tests of general and spatial cognitive development than those of their peers. There are also many other studies which have come up with similar results.

One study conducted by the University of California at Irvine showed that children who practiced the piano and computer puzzle solving had much higher performances in math than that of their peers.

Yet for adults, and especially true for women, studies such as a recent study conducted Michigan State University concluded that keyboard lessons significantly reduced loneliness, depression and anxiety.

Researchers have begun to research the possibility of music holding the key to higher brain function. In current studies, it has been discovered that the brain has neural firing patterns much like music. In the future, we may find that the piano is much more than beautiful music, a state of well being overcoming depression, anxiety, anger and loneliness, we may find that it is a key to many other ailments as well and a key to help to find a cure for those ailments.

Music is the key to the soul and beautiful music is much more than just a sound. It is a therapy, an outlet, a release, and one that many woman are getting involved in which is making a significant difference in their life. There are many ways in which the woman can get involved with the piano, including online, which is the start to the beginning of well-being.

About the Author: As the author of a piano review site and pianist with over 42 years of experience, Dan Maynard often receives emails asking him what are the best options on how to buy a digital piano given various situations. Unlike many review sites, Dan provides advise on how to select a piano based on player style.