6 Great Ways to Spend a Girls Day Out

When is the last time you and your closest girlfriends spent an entire day together?

If it’s been entirely too long since the last time it happened, you and your friends should start planning a girls day out. You should pick a date that works for everyone and make time for one another — no excuses!

You should also do something other than just go and grab a bite to eat. There are so many other fun activities that you can try to help maintain your friendships.

Here are six great girls day out ideas to help you put your plans together.

  1. Go to the Gym as a Group for a Fitness Class

There are some studies that have suggested that spending time with friends can be “better than morphine” when it comes to eliminating pain and making you feel good. Your brain often releases chemicals called endorphins when you’re with friends that put you in a better mood.

If you and your friends want to release even more endorphins during your girls day out, you can take things to the next level by working out together. You’ll get the blood—and the endorphins—flowing when you break a sweat during a fitness class.

There are lots of great fitness classes that would be perfect for your group. You can choose from classes like:

  • Cycling
  • Kickboxing
  • Pilates
  • Boot camp
  • Yoga

You can also take your workout outdoors if you want by visiting your local park to go for a run. No matter which approach you choose to take, you and your friends will have a blast pushing yourselves to the limit.

  1. Take Part in a Wine Tasting

Do you and your friends want to feel good while you’re hanging out without breaking too much of a sweat? Then keep your gym bag in the closet and take part in a wine tasting with your friends instead.

There are about 9,000 wineries scattered throughout the country, which means you shouldn’t have trouble finding one in your city or town. You and your girlfriends can taste the best wines in your area while sharing stories about everything happening in your lives.

You can also take a bottle of wine home with you and save it for later. It might come in handy during your next girls night out.

  1. Try to Work Your Way Out of an Escape Room

The number of escape rooms in the country has skyrocketed over the last five years. While there were only about 25 escape rooms in the entire U.S. back in 2014, there are about 2,000 of them now.

People love escape rooms for so many reasons. They love them because they:

  • Push them to solve challenging puzzles and improve their cognitive skills
  • Allow them to find better ways to communicate with others
  • Boost their moods

But mostly, people love escape rooms because they provide them with an opportunity to spend time with friends while working together. It’s why you should consider visiting an escape room with your girlfriends.

You’ll get a chance to cooperate while trying to work your way out of your escape room. It’ll provide you with a lot of laughs and leave you with a few stories to tell.

  1. Play a Few Rounds of Paintball

Would you prefer to compete against your girlfriends as opposed to working alongside them? A few games of paintball might be more your speed!

You and your girlfriends can strap on the right paintball gear and show each other what you’re made of while playing paintball. You’ll also get your adrenaline going and enjoy some of those endorphins that we mentioned earlier.

  1. Pick Out a Project on Pinterest and Do It

Pinterest has turned into one of the most popular social media platforms over the years. There are almost 80 million people who use it on a regular basis.

If you use it, you’ve probably gotten into the habit of “pinning” projects that you like — and then not doing anything with them. Change that by asking your girlfriends if they would like to try to do one of the projects that you’ve seen.

It doesn’t matter how crafty you are (or aren’t!). Many of the projects that are found on Pinterest are simple enough to do.

And even if your project ends up being a total disaster? You and your friends will still have a lot of fun trying to pull it off.

  1. Spend an Afternoon Volunteering

Simply hanging out with your girlfriends is going to make you feel good at the end of the day. But you’ll feel even better when you know that your time together resulted in some good for the world.

Why not get a group of your girlfriends together and spend a day volunteering? There are so many organizations in your city or town that would love some help from you.

You can volunteer at:

  • A soup kitchen
  • An animal shelter
  • A local library
  • A retirement home
  • A women’s shelter

In fact, you and your friends might want to schedule dinner prior to your girls day out to discuss the best volunteering options. You should come up with a list of volunteering ideas that all of you feel passionate and excited about.

It’ll help you and your friends make a difference while also strengthening your bond as a group.

Make Your Next Girls Day Out as Memorable as It Can Be

Regardless of what you and your girlfriends do, you’re going to have a great time during your girls day out. Being together will be more than enough to make it a total success.

But you should try to think outside the box when coming up with different girls day out activities. Surely, you can think of something that will pique all of your interests and build up some anticipation for the day.

And who knows? It might even inspire you to plan more days together. That would allow you to grow even closer and form stronger bonds between you.

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