6 Heartwarming Video Ideas To Celebrate Your Best Friend’s Birthday

A birthday is a very special day that marks a milestone in your journey in life so far. That makes birthday parties just as special, and coming together for hearty laughs, cocktails, and meals makes for a memorable celebration.

Amid the COVID-19 scare, with our new normal of social distancing, the idea of a physical get-together to celebrate a best friend’s birthday is not likely to be within the realm of possibilities.

Although throwing your bestie the birthday bash you had planned is challenging given the current situation, there’s no reason to feel bad. With a little creativity and planning, the lockdown presents an opportunity for you to celebrate with a different approach altogether.

Use the magic of videos to plan an exciting virtual birthday party for your best friend from the comfort of your home.

Follow These Video Ideas To Celebrate A Grand Birthday

Happy Birthday Montage

Combine memorable moments captured in photos, videos, and place them together in a personalized video montage. Add funny captions and text throughout the montage. Throw in some birthday wishes from friends and family to make it even more special.

You can follow a theme for the montage or use transitions between images. You need not go overboard with the special effects: let your memories do all the talking.

Don’t forget to complete the montage with a great rendition of the happy birthday song! You can even record yourself singing and set it as the background music of your video.

You don’t need any special editing skills for this because InVideo has the best free slideshow maker, which is super simple and easy-to-use.

Make Them A Meme Compilation

As friends, you probably have several inside jokes and memes that make your relationship truly special. In these moments of despair, a meme compilation can make them laugh and look at the bright side of things.

This video idea is extremely easy: all you have to do is put together a list of your bestie’s favorite memes and video clips off the internet and put them together in a slideshow. Download some fun meme templates and add your own silly take on them to make it even more unique to your friend.

You can even include references from popular Vines and TikToks in your compilation. Browse YouTube for suitable video and audio clips and convert them into an MP3 format online to add as background music for extra laughs.

Join An Online Activity

During the coronavirus outbreak, you are likely to find dozens of live videos of concerts, workouts, comedy shows, etc. A cool way to celebrate your friend’s birthday this year is to pick an activity of their choice and do it together.

If you prefer an active birthday party, look for free live-streaming workouts by dance studios and trainers. Or, if improv is more your thing, you can find a comedy club that is entertaining online.

Make your friend’s birthday even more memorable by signing up for an online class together, such as painting or cooking. This way, you learn a new skill together and spend a quiet but fun evening bonding over shared interests.

Create A Birthday Music Video

A really creative way to celebrate your best friend’s birthday during COVID-19 is to film a music video.

For a personalized touch, change up the lyrics to your friend’s favorite song and sing it to the karaoke version of the original. If you’re musically inclined, consider using a self-composed song for the music video.

Dress up in costumes, film the video in as many locations around the house as possible, and be creative with your use of props. You can even plan a choreographed dance for some added flair.

When editing the video, add fast cutaways and jump cuts. Mess around with the speed and transitions and use interesting filters to make the colors match the tone of your video.

Host A Video Call

Set up a video call and invite all your friends for a virtual happy hour. Have everyone bring their favorite drinks and food and decorate the background of your videos with fun decorations.

Just because you’re celebrating your friend’s birthday at home doesn’t mean you have to be underdressed. Pick a dress code for your party to get everyone in the right mood to celebrate. Take inspiration from your bestie’s favorite things to choose the party theme, such as their favorite movie or color.

An added tip is to plan the whole thing as a surprise party for your guest of honor. Don’t let them know that you’re hosting a party, and once they log in, you can yell happy birthday.

Invite your friends over with InVideo’s free birthday invitation maker and get dressed up for the occasion to interact with the birthday guest and other virtual guests.

Tell Them Why You Love Them!

Since a few words of kindness can go a long way, that might just be the perfect gift for your bestie this birthday!

Make a parody of your average professional-looking PPT and list all the reasons that make your best friend one of your favorite people in the world. Or if you’re going for a more heartfelt approach, you can pick a fun template and add animated graphics to make a cute slideshow.

If your friend is feeling low, you can raise their spirits by making a video that centers around all their best qualities and talents. Scan their social media accounts to find images of them winning medals and trophies, dancing, singing, or doing art.

Putting all of your emotions into the video as text can be challenging. Instead, use a voiceover to reminisce on the moments when your friend has been there for you. Narrating these incidents rather than inserting a wall of text will make your video more emotional and genuine.

The Virtual Takeaway

Our friends act as our biggest support system and give us the incentive to carry on during hardships. If you want to tell your friends how much they mean to you, a birthday video is the best way to go about it.

With these creative and heartwarming ideas, you can definitely make your bond stronger, no matter what the current global situation is.