6 Qualities of a Great College Student

Good students come in all forms with all different personalities but what gives great students the edge? Is it simply hard work or is there something that they have that most people don’t? Let’s find out as we explore some of the qualities that make a student great.


Those who succeed in life have built-in self-belief that’s unwavering. No matter the obstacle and regardless of what degree you’re studying for, know that you are always enough. You have the ability to love yourself and you have the power to graduate with top marks. You deserve it all so now is the time to share those positive vibes with others.

Financial Awareness

You’re on this amazing self-learning experience called college and it’s expensive. With fees on the rise and the cost-of-living soaring, it’s more important than ever before to be aware of your finances. Know how much you have in your accounts and create a budget so you know where every cent of that money is going. If you’re struggling, recognize it and do what you need to do to keep your head above water. There is always the option to refinance your existing student loans into a new loan. You might enjoy better repayment terms and lower interest rates. Other options to get you through a bad patch include reaching out to family members or selling off some of your expensive possessions that you’re not using.

Know Your Why

What is your motivation for spending so many years studying? Do you want to achieve a life of financial stability where you are working in a job that you love? Or did you choose the course based on your parent’s recommendations? Do you want to graduate with top marks so you can travel abroad and secure a job in Europe? Knowing your why will give you motivation to dig deep when you need it most.


Independence is a powerful thing, especially for a young college student who is trying to build the foundations of his/her future. Being mature enough to strike the balance between having fun and attending classes and studying makes all the difference when it comes to success. All great students know what it takes to be independent and they make the best of this very important chapter in their lives by being present and by being mature. Especially if you are studying online, this balance will be incredibly important.


Good communication allows students to adapt more to the learning processes. They’ll be able to ask questions and discuss doubts with ease, ensuring they get the response they need to learn from their experiences. Being able to share your thoughts with your lecturers and peers will help to nurture your social skills, giving you the power to speak up in and out of class.


High school was a walk in the park compared with college life. Now you have to juggle classes, assignments, social events, study groups, and all of the stresses that come with living away from home. Being organized is key to success. Create a detailed timetable and to-do lists and you’ll reap all of the benefits that come with having structure throughout your day.