7 Moving mistakes to avoid

Looking at relocating your home / business? There can be much stress / confusion involved that will bring you some challenges if not handled correctly. Any move whether home / office requires good planning to avoid any mishaps on move day. When you are looking at movers in Queens to help you with your big move, there are important factors to take into account that will help you to avoid making mistakes that will make problems creep up on you.

Here are 7 moving mistakes to avoid:

  1. Choosing the wrong service provider.
  2. Choosing a DIY move instead of a professional company.
  3. Having your budget all wrong.
  4. Disasters with packing.
  5. Missing important information.
  6. Late bookings.
  7. Holding off on moving tasks.

Let’s take a closer look at these mistakes and why we need to avoid them.

Choosing the wrong moving company 

It is imperative to do enough research on the moving company of choice to ensure that they meet the legal standards, as well as to check their service levels and trustworthiness. Doing some research on the company and their reviews will also give you a good indication of the service level you will receive. Not doing enough research to ensure the company you are dealing with is legitimate, reliable and professional, can easily result in a whole lot more stress and can leave you out of pocket.

Considering a DIY move

Often people think that doing a DIY move may work out more cost effective / smoother but on move day this reality may be very different than what you had in mind. Both small / big surprises can often pop up, leaving you with more stress than you bargained for. Taking inventory of your belongings, noting time available, manpower required, location of your new home / premises etc makes for good planning of a move. If this planning is done properly, you will realize that you need more help than you think you do. This is when a better option for your move would be to hire a reputable, experienced and professional moving company to assist.

Incorrect budgeting

Creating a budget for your move can be very time consuming. It helps to make a spreadsheet of all aspects to take into account for your move. Ask the right questions to your service providers to ensure all costs are covered in the estimates they provide. An experienced and reputable moving company would have the knowledge to ask the right questions and help you ensure all aspects of your move are covered.

Packing incorrectly

Each moving company may have different specs as to what they pack, how they need it packed and what items they do not offer transport for. Making a mistake here and packing incorrectly can leave you with extra work to do on move day. You certainly want to avoid this as it will create a hair raising situation on an already stressful day.

Missing the fine print

It is extremely important to read all the fine print on all documentation from your moving company, so that you are aware of all the costs involved, what is included in your move, what they do / don’t allow and that you have chosen the right estimates option. Not reading the fine print can result in severe disappointment and create turmoil on move day.

Not securing your date in time

Life is busy and before you know it, move day draws nearer and you are not nearly ready with getting all your quotes in etc. This can be a disaster as your chosen moving service provider may not have availability on the date that you require for your move. Securing your date early will eliminate disappointment.

Procrastinating moving tasks

Moving your home / office can be very overwhelming. In these types of situations people often procrastinate and leave everything for the last minute. This can end up creating high levels of stress as you move closer towards your move day, realizing that you have not done the proper planning. Making a moving checklist with deadline dates can help you to have better planning and feel more organized every step of the way.

Avoiding these 7 mistakes in your moving process will make for a smooth running move day. The last thing you want is extra stress, realizing you have forgotten something, suddenly finding hidden costs, unexpected mishaps, or choosing the wrong service provider. Ensuring good planning, making checklists, reading the fine print and doing proper research will assist you in a worry free relocation.