Actors that used to be Fat.

Hollywood has always had a certain opinion of those with a ‘larger’ figure. Though many of the stars have to lose/gain weight for particular roles, such as Christian Bale in The Machinist, many simply just struggle to fit into Hollywoods stereotype. This has worked in a number of actors favour, often playing the tubby, funny guy. But after following a strict diet, or using some healthy eating facts and know how, these popular male stars of the silver screen have all shrunk down in size.

Kevin Smith at Comicon 2008. Source.

1. Jonah Hill

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Most famous for his role in which he portrayed Seth in the 2007 smash-hit, ‘Superbad’, Jonah Hill went on to play a string of loveable tubster parts in the likes of ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and ‘Knocked Up’. Now, getting prepared for his role in ‘21 Jump Street’ he has lost over 40lbs, turning him into a far younger and balder version of his former self. It has to be said, he definitely suits being on the larger side of life!

2. Matt Damon

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Loveable hunk Matt Damon was told to gain weight for his 2009 film ‘The Informant’, but managed to sharply reduce his weight soon after. Although Damon is often recognised for his good physique, his role as Archer Midland meant he had to lose over 30lbs after the film was over. This makes him once a fat actor. We’re just so glad he managed to lose the weight again and didn’t get too much of a liking for twinkies!

3. Wayne Knight

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Best known for his role as ‘Newman’ in the famed American sitcom Seinfeld, Wayne Knight is typically the bumbling idiot side-kick, like in ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Space Jam’. Though he now inevitably looks slightly older, he has in fact managed to shrink down an impressive 10 inches on his waist!

4. Seth Rogen

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It appears that no-one really wanted Seth Rogen to lose weight, often playing the funnier, chubbier character in many of his films. However, it soon became apparent that when he did slim down, nobody was really complaining. Amazing what a shave and slightly bigger glasses can do.

5. Jeff Cohen

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The child actor who had the unfortunate job of creating the ‘Truffle Shuffle’, Jeff Cohen played the charismatic Chunk in Spielbergs ‘The Goonies’. Now an attorney general and founder of American law firm Cohen and Gardner, he has managed to slip away from the tubbier past he once had.

6. Kevin Smith

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Kevin Smith is fabled comic book writer, director and actor to name a few things, most known for his role as ‘Silent Bob’ in the Clerks series. After being refused a singular seat on a commercial airline, Smith reportedly lost 65lbs.

7. Ricky Gervais


When Ricky Gervais took the jump from Office to Hollywood, he was obviously told to leave his stomach behind as he looks far more slender now then he did back then. Appearing in a films such as ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘Night at the Museum’, Gervais has left his portly persona behind, though he still has a long way to go before muscle beach.

8. John Goodman

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John Goodman has made his career by playing the ‘bigger’ on-screen character, like his portrayal of Bedrock inhabitant, Fred Flintstone. The gap between these two photos is a mere 3 years, though he has not announced what his secret is.

9. Matt Lewis

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One of the small stars of the Harry Potter saga, the infamous Neville Longbottom was once a round faced, pubescent teen. Now, after the last film has been released, Longbottom has ‘magically’ appeared far more slender and rugged than anyone could have ever thought.

10. Ethan Suplee

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My Name is Earls Brother, Ethan Suplee has managed to shrink by over 200lbs. Though he put his weight gain to good use, starring in films such as ‘The Butterfly Effect’, Suplee now spends his days crossing people off of his Brothers list and riding bikes to keep the weight off.

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