Alternatives to Seeing a Therapist or Psychiatrist

Psychiatry and therapy are both fields of study established to help treat mental health disorders, their symptoms and further complications they can cause. But there is actually a difference in the way psychiatrists and therapists provide services.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating mental health disorders. In psychiatry, they are considered medical physicians and can perform or request medical laboratory and psychological tests for patient care.

Meanwhile, therapists are thought of as counselors, psychologists or other medical professionals trained and licensed to provide mental health care. They specialize in assessment methods for mental health diagnosis, provide advice and guidance to patients with mental health disorders. However, they cannot prescribe medications or order laboratory tests, unlike psychiatrists.

In general, people see both a therapist or psychiatrist to address and remediate mental health problems. But for one reason or another, they may not have access to those services. In which case, there are several alternatives available to seeing a therapist or psychiatrist.

When Therapy Doesn’t Work 

Therapy and psychiatric treatments are often rooted in discussing the problem and trying to change a person’s behavior and thought patterns bit by bit. But in some instances, talking may not help avoid negative outcomes. Psychotherapy does not guarantee 100 percent recovery right away. It’s a process that might be criticized for the time it requires.

Moreover, despite the modernization, there is still this stigma in mental health, and people seeking psychiatric treatment and therapy can experience disapproval and judgment. This discourages individuals from seeking help and recognizing that they are suffering from mental health problems. On the other hand, therapy is also costly, and some can see it as a trivial option that they’d rather pass on and isn’t worth the investment.

Therapy is not always guaranteed to work or be accessible to everyone at all times. Here are several other approaches you can consider to help you face and heal any mental health concerns.

Alternatives to Therapy


Meditation is a practice that helps focus the mind that makes people calm, attentive, and mentally and emotionally aware. It involves activities that help the mind focus and relax, including breathing techniques. Practiced in many religions and traditions, you can easily learn and do meditation on your own through instructions and guides available online. There are apps and even free audio for guided meditations that you can use.

Additionally, you can find personal trainers who can guide you through the process or join meditation classes. It is not that complicated, and many people learn to do it in their own ways and schedule, even on short periods every day. This is what makes meditation an ideal alternative to therapy.

Spirituality Counseling 

Spirituality or the belief or faith that there is a higher power can affect how you feel and process emotions and problems. Therefore, strengthening this faith through spiritual counseling can be considered another way to address emotional distress. Compared to traditional therapy, this approach taps into religious and spiritual beliefs.

Animal-Assisted Therapy 

For some, mental health conditions cannot easily be solved by human interaction in any form, even therapy and discussion. In fact, it can even aggravate it. So some mental health professionals recommend animal therapy or pet therapy.

Animal-assisted therapy is proven to be helpful for people with physical or mental health conditions in various ways. Pets trained a certain way to notice changes in their owner’s mood and wellbeing, serve as companions, and assist in various ways.

You can choose different animals, from dogs to birds and horses. Service animals can be trained to attend to certain tasks like identifying distress, monitoring a body’s chemical composition, and reminding their owners when to take medications. More so, when it comes to mental health, having a pet can help the mind feel safe, find a sense of purpose and alleviate loneliness.

Psychic Readings  

When all-natural and traditional methods do not seem to help, you may want to consider an option beyond the physical world and try psychic readings. The occult is a vast realm, and getting a psychic reading can be a good start as you explore and find a mystical sense or meaning that traditional therapy cannot provide. Psychic readers can help guide you to unfold knowledge you may not have sensed easily on your own.

They can also help you learn more about yourself by tapping into the spiritual world and improving emotional wellbeing in that sense. Just be sure to seek a legitimate psychic reader. You may want to try California Psychics, which provides guidance in extensively screening psychic mediums.

The Best Mental Health Care For You  

Your mental health plays a significant role in how you view and live life. Putting it first helps you access more positive emotion and maintain emotional balance and stability, contributing to your overall well-being.

But experiencing mental health problems is more than normal, and seeking help is okay. Whether you opt for clinical therapy or prefer alternative approaches, the best approach that can help you will always be the one that you feel ready for and most comfortable with.