Who is Amanda Cerny? – Net Worth, Biography & Interesting Life Facts

Amanda Rachelle Cerny is a popular model, artist, and social media personality. Playboy Playmate of the Month in October 2011. 2.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has an action-drama movie entitled 211, and her co-stars are Hollywood Stars; Nicolas Cage, Michael Rainey Jr., Sophie Skelton.

Full Name Amanda Rachelle Cerny
Date of Birth June 26, 1991
Age 28
Birthplace Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nationality American
Mother Russell Allen Cerny
Father Amy Cerny
Boyfriend Johannes Bartl
Height 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight 59 kilos
Career / Profession Artist, Social Media Celebrity
Notable Careers The Rim of the World (2019)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Parody (2016)
211 (2018)
Net Worth $8 million


Amanda Cerny
Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny is the known founder of Play Foundation which has millions of subscribers on YouTube and Instagram. She is also a fitness professional and a television personality. Amanda is fond of making comedy sketches which she often collaborates with Logan Paul, Juanpa Zurita, and King Bach who are also YouTube stars.

Back in 2011, in October, she became a Playboy Playmate of the Month.

She became extremely popular when she uploaded a 6-second video on Vine, where she gained 4 million followers. Moreover, she often features Rudy Manusco in her videos on Vine.

Let us know more about her life background and how she went through all her life’s obstacles to get her fame.

Early Childhood Years of Amanda Cerny

Amanda’s birth name is Amanda Rachelle Cerny, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 26, 1991. She has loving parents, Amy and Russell Cerny. The Cerny’s were on the move during her childhood years, and they lived in five different states. Their family finally settled permanently in Florida. Amanda has a sister, Samantha, and a half-brother, Nick Bateman.

During her high school years, Amanda was an athlete. She was a black belter in Karate and a star athlete of the track team.

Sexy Photo of Amanda Cerny
Sexy Photo of Amanda Cerny

The Start of Amanda Cerny’s Career

During her high school years, Amanda was studious with her studies resulting in high grades. With that, she had a chance to study at Florida State University and pursued a degree in International Affairs. Later on, her interest in modeling increased as the picture of Miss October 2008 on Playboy caught her attention. By then, she sent her photos to the editorial team of Playboy Magazine.

When she was in her junior year at FSU, Amanda received an invitation for a test shoot. With her beauty and body shape, who will not be working for Playboy Magazine? After which, she dropped out of the University and pursued her modeling career. She made modeling fun, Cerny sees it as a hobby, not a job. Editions after editions, Amanda was featured in Playboy Magazine. She became the Playboy Playmate of the Month by October 2011.

Later on, Amanda had the public’s eyes when she uploaded a video on Vine. It became her hobby uploading funny videos on Vine, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Her interesting and hilarious contents led her to millions of followers and subscribers. One of her most popular uploaded videos is ‘5 Rules Eating Banana’.

Acting Career of Amanda Cerny

As she moved her way in the industry, she holds multiple talents. She is an actress, a director, and a model. Through the years in the industry, she made an appearance in television series and movies. It was in 2013 when she had a guesting in the television series Hello Ladies. In one of her movies in 2016, she played a character named Mrs. McDoogle in the movie The Bet. Her fans applauded with her performance as she showed her potential and talent on screen.

In 2018, she had an action-drama film entitled 211 with reputable Hollywood stars; Nicolas Cage, Michael Rainey Jr., and Sophie Skelton. Her new movie that is about to be released soon is #Speedball.

Amanda Cerny for GUESS
Amanda Cerny for GUESS

Amanda Cerny as Fitness Guru

As Amanda had countless of past partnerships with film productions and has worked with some of the Hollywood stars, she is more than that. She became one of the most influential personalities online. Amanda has become a fitness guru and philanthropist.

As a philanthropist, Amanda Cerny allots some of her hard-earned money to support charitable causes. She has helped those who are in need in Haiti, where she was motivated to start her non-profit organization, the Play Foundation. Moreover, in 2015, she took part in ChangUr, a charitable organization that organizes fundraisings for the children who are in need. She is also an Ambasaddress of the UN Environment and Wildlife.

About the Family of Amanda Cerny

Amanda Cerny was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is raised by both of her loving parents Amy and Russell Allen Cerny. Amanda has two siblings, Samantha, and her half-brother, Nick Bateman. Amanda is a sweet, loving sibling to her sister and brother. She always gets them along with her on social media.

Scandal Amanda Cerny is involved

A rumor was once circulating that Amanda has been deleting her posts from all of her social media accounts. She justifies that it was not her. Someone is anonymously deleting or using her account. This person is sabotaging her accounts. It was not long discovered who has been secretly deleting and accessing Amanda’s account. It was Lele Pons.

Net Worth of Amanda Cerny

Amanda is an American model, actress, and a social media star. How much does Amanda make? She has a net worth of $8 million from the movies she made an appearance. Well, she has a handful of movies! Guess, she had the movie 211 with some of the most influential Hollywood stars.

Furthermore, she starred music videos for the song ‘Homeless in Heathrow’ by FartBarf and ‘I Like It’ of Cardi B and a song of Maroon 5. Aside from her career in the film industry, Amanda is also famous on social media platforms like Vine, Instagram, and YouTube. Well, you can make money out of it, right? She is truly a success!

Physical Features of Amanda: Stunning Beauty!

With Amanda’s body figure, she looks like a model. She stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs about 59 kilograms. Her skin complexion perfectly matches with her dark brown hair and eyes. She looks like a goddess and her vital statistics measures as 35-25-36 inches. Wouldn’t that beauty bewilder you?

Amanda’s Dating Life

Amanda is still not married, and from her past failed relationships, she is finally dating happily. Johannes Bartl and Amanda Cerny are dating for over a year now. Johannes is also a YouTuber and a fitness sensation on Instagram. Amanda posts cute and funny videos of them together on Instagram.

Amanda Cerny and Nick Bateman, his half-brother
Amanda Cerny and Nick Bateman, his half-brother

Fun Facts about Amanda

  • Former Playboy Playmate of the Month last October 2011.
  • Amanda uploads videos on Vine, often with Rudy Manusco.
  • She is featured in some music videos of known artists like FartBarf, Cardi B, and Maroon 5.
  • She is a close friend of Logan Paul, Andrew Bachelor (known as King Bach). They often appear on each other’s videos, parties, and events.
  • Amanda is a YouTube star, you can subscribe her channel, Amanda Cerny Vlogs.
  • She is a daredevil! She loves the thrill and surge of adrenaline. During her 18th birthday, she enjoyed free-falling out of a plane at the speed of 120mph. Moreover, she also likes bungee jumping and white water rafting.
  • At the age of 11, she is already a first-degree black belt in Karate.

Common Questions Relating to Amanda Cerny

How is Amanda Cerny related to Nick Bateman?

Amanda Cerny and Nick Bateman are half-siblings, they share with the same dad. She seldom shares her family story in social media. Thus, we only know a little of her parents and siblings.

Who is Nick Bateman?

Aside from being known as Amanda Cerny’s half brother, Nick Bateman is a hot model and a social media celebrity too. You can see him in Cerny’s YouTube videos and social media posts. Funny it may sound, but some speculate them as a couple. Well, who would not? They look gorgeous together!

Is Amanda Cerny and Dane Cook still together?

No, they are long separated. It was in 2011 when Amanda Cerny and Dane Cook had a relationship together. Dane Cook is a known American comic. However, their romantic relationship turned into separation.

Did Amanda Cerny and King Bach date?

Yes, Amanda and King Bach started dating in 2015. There are even alleged rumors that they are married. However, just like her first relationship, it did not work out.

Did Amanda Cerny and Justin Bieber in a relationship?

Back in the Summer of 2016, Justin Bieber and Amanda Cerny were spotted together having a good time. From there, allegations were spreading that the two may be in a relationship. The two were seen dancing and singing around. In this date night, Justin took a photo with Amanda Cerny wrapping his arm around her neck. However, it did not end well, as we all know, Justin Bieber was playing games to beautiful girls. He was branded a womanizer during those times.

Who did Amanda Cerny had the longest relationship?

Amanda Cerny had the longest relationship with Logan Paul. They had been good friends before getting into a relationship. They spent a lot of time together and filmed videos together for their YouTube channels.