Who is Carley Shimkus ? Know About Her Net Worth, Wedding & More

Many of us know Carley Shimkus, but how many of us really know who she really is behind the cameras? With a very interesting professional career route, Carley managed to report in 24/7 Headlines for one of the best-known news channels in USA. She is mainly focusing on news based on social media news & trends and their effect on businesses. In today’s article, we will find the personal details that she doesn’t often disclose, as well as the main professional experiences that turned her into an American public figure! Let’s take a look at Carley Shimkus’ biography!

Carley Shimkus

Carley’s Bio & Age

Carley Shimkus was born on 7th November 1986 in Long Valley, New Jersey. In her early years, she grew up with her sister, Margot. She holds an American nationality. Even though there are not many recordings about her early life education (primary school), she studied at Quinnipiac University between 2005 and 2009. Her perseverance helped, along with a group of students, to have the opportunity of attending a semester at George Washington University in order to attend a course in journalism studies.

Carley finished her education years with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majored in Broadcast Journalism. The humanistic career path also followed Carley’s sister, Margot, who chose to be an artist and an art teacher. Carley’s parents are Zulma Shimkus, aged 67 and Edward Shimkus, aged 74. As she declared, they met on an airplane in 1982, as her mother was a flight attendant for United Airlines and her dad a passenger. If we dig into Carley’s social media presence, concerning her relationship with her parents, we can also see that she simply loves sharing photos with her parents on Twitter! Carley’s ambitious and perseverant style, shown in her personal and professional life, is also explained by her zodiacal sign: Scorpio! At 33 years old, Carley managed to become one of America’s most talented journalists of the moment. Moreover, she’s also a social media guru, passionate about her vocation and professional preferences.

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 Love life & Marriage

As per her current relationship status, Carley is married to Peter Buchignani, an important businessman. This year, they celebrated 10 years of love friendship as they met on Carley’s 23 years old. 2013 was the year in which they stated that they are officially together. Two years later, in 2015, they took their relationship to a new level, tying the knot on August 8, 2015, with a fancy party celebrated in her home state of New Jersey. The vows that the beautiful and young couple exchanged were overwhelming. They brought happiness and emotion to all the friends and relatives invited to the big event. The marriage was first publicly announced by a press source during the radio show named Imus in the morning.  

If the beautiful blonde reporter has an impressive educational background, this is also the case of her husband. Peter graduated from Princeton University, obtaining a degree in Political Science. As an incursion in his career path, he worked for a number of well-known financial houses, like Deutsche Bank or Barclays Capital. His current working role is as a sales analyst at Amherst Pierpont Securities. During their relationship, Carley and Peter travelled together around the world, through countries like Australia, Scotland or Greece. Also, a great fact about their love relationship and marriage is that from the even beginning no gossip or controversy was linked to their feelings.

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A fact known only by a few persons is the couple’s common passion for the Michigan football. This shared passion is so important for the famous couple that it even played an important role in their wedding event. The song that ended the wedding was the fight song of the Michigan football team! But the strong symbolic connection of the couple doesn’t end there: it seems like Pete had his college education on the same period as the beautiful blonde reporter, between 2005 and 2009. What a beautiful coincidence!

Height and other physical measurements


As per Carley’s declarations, one of the most frequently asked questions that she has on social media refers to her height. At 33 years old, she has 5’10’’. Of course, heels might elevate her a few more inches. Carley’s tall conformation was one of the main reasons for why, right after college, she wanted to follow a modelling career. After a few shots, however, she discovered that this path concerns more than a good-looking face and body, and a good height. For this reason, she gave up modelling, but she still continued to take care of her look.

As, in time, she was often mentioned in press as a great looking public figure, now we have the exact numbers of her weight. The beautiful reporter has 54 kg, a 34’’ bust size, 24’’ waist size, 35’’ hip size, 32B bra size and a 4 (US) dress size. Even if we didn’t discover yet the magical diet secrets, we can guarantee that she’s looking terrific in whatever she decides to wear!

Hobbies and favorite things to do

One of the most important and well-known hobbies of Carley is travelling. As she declared for some numerous magazines, her favorite travel location is Paris, the city of her life. Besides travelling, Carley also loves watching movies or reading. Also, even though her body is astonishing, Carley declared that she also likes to eat a lot. And what do you think? Her favorite meal is… a well-deserved burger! We think that she should totally post her wonder-diet on the internet!

In terms of fashion, the well-known reporter thinks that the quote “black is my favorite color” is one of the sayings that fit her like a glove. As per her mentions, black clothes are her favorite. She says that they have an elegant note and they are also never out of style! Our beautiful actress has also a passion for movies and TV series. As per her public statements, her favorite feminine and masculine actors are Robert Downey Jr. and Jenifer Aniston.

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Career ascension and net worth

Carley loved the stage life from an early age, when she considered starting a modelling career. When she realized that this isn’t the path that she wants to follow, she started to think more at the possibility of practicing the job related to her university degree: journalism. So she decided to start with an internship at the D.C Bureau in 2008. Her skills, as well as her extrovert personality recommended her for this type of job. This is why after almost a year she was already working for The Fox News.

One of her first projects there included the radio show Imus in the morning, which she co-produced. Carley became the Fox Business Network show’s assistant producer, working on it since then. As an additional role, she also handled the show’s website, www.imus.com. During this role, Carley discovered her passion for social media and online trends. This passion is evidenced in her content strategy on her online channels, which attracts more and more followers each day. For example, while on Instagram the well-known reporter has more than 40.000 followers, on Twitter their number exceeds 39,000.

As per some trusted sources from the internal teams at Fox News, Carley’s financial accounts exploded after establishing herself in the network. According to some insiders, also, her salary per year is $56 thousand, and in the past it also reached the number of $66 thousand per year. This sum of money includes the basic salary, and also the tips and bonuses from the FNC. According to some of the most recent news, also, Carley’s net worth per 2018 is $1 million. During her professional career, Carley didn’t face gossip or controversy situations. Despite this, in 2015 she faced backslashes from the Star Wars fans because she made some offensive remarks about the franchise during the episode named “The world with Neil Cavuto”.

These being said, one of the most impressive facts about Carley’s career and life is that she started it from the lower ranks. In the end, she managed to face and resolve all the problems that occurred. This life experience turned her into who she is today and we are sure that this is just the beginning, because in the future she will head for the very top!