Jailyne Ojeda: Knowing the Social Media Star’s Net Worth, Family, Career, Bio, and More

Name Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa
Birthday Jan. 9, 1997
Birthplace Phoenix, Arizona
Age 22-years-old
Career Social Media Influencer
Number of Followers 8 million
School Graduated University of Arizona, Barbizon Modeling and Acting School
Net Worth $1.5 million
Body Measurement 34, 20, and 40
Height 5’6
Weight 50 kilograms

Jailyne Ojeda

Jailyne Ojeda, who is also known as Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa, is one of the most successful and popular social media influencers. Her success can be attributed to her talent and beauty, which enabled her to amass a huge social media following in a short span of time.

She currently has more than eight million followers on Instagram alone, with hundreds of thousands, or even millions more in her other social media accounts. Jailyne achieved great success even though she’s very young. As what they say, she’s got all the time in the world.

Well, she effectively applied this to her life as she ventured deeper into the entertainment industry. Jailyne even managed to be featured in a music video of Alfreda Olivas entitled, “Tus Lagrimas.”

Furthermore, she has also appeared in a number of TV commercials because of her appealing personal appearance and natural acting skills.

Early Life and Family

Jailyne Ojeda was born as Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa, on Jan. 9, 1997 in Phoenix, Arizona. Her zodiac sign horoscope is Capricorn, which many say is the reason why her personality is determined, ambitious, practical, and generous.

This is also one of the many reasons why she achieved fame at such an early age. However, the names of her parents are unknown as she decides to keep this to her private life. She isn’t also famous since her childhood which is why the media wasn’t able to get details about her parents.

Fortunately, the names of her two siblings are known. They are Alondra Ojeda and Johnny Ochoa. Jailyne shares a close and strong bond with her two siblings because they share the same interests and knows the value of family.


Jailyne Ojeda is a college graduate from the University of Arizona. However, her degree isn’t known. What’s sure, though, is that she furthered her interests and passion as she enrolled herself in the Barbizon Modeling and Acting School.

The number of skills and knowledge she absorbed from that school was enough to thrust herself into the spotlight. But then again, her wisdom wasn’t the only one that helped her achieved fame, as she also got the wits to stand out from the rest.

Specifically speaking, Jailyne used herself as an asset to further her career. She also used the strong influence of social media as she posted photos and videos of herself on Instagram. This proved successful as her voluptuous figure appealed to everyone.

Within just two years, the number of her followers increased by the millions. Hundreds of thousands of people are also constantly liking, viewing, and commenting on her content every day.

In fact, there was one video she posted that amassed a staggering 1.6 million views in just one single day.

Jailyne Ojeda

Career and Rise to Fame

Jailyne didn’t know that her career was going to be centered around social media. When she took college and attended modeling school, her main focus was not to become a social media influencer as it was a bit unorthodox to be on that so-called profession.

Nonetheless, the times have changed and social media, especially Instagram, became a powerhouse for the creation of the next generation of superstars, including herself. All these started when Jailyne decided to post photos and videos of herself on Instagram.

She focused on highlighting her curves and appealing body to attract people. Well, this paid off perfectly as it was just what the people wanted. Now, she earns by the hundreds of thousands from Instagram for her every post.

To show how successful she has become, she was even hired by Alfredo Olivas to appear in his music video for his song, “Tus Lagrimas.” But that wasn’t the only music video where she appeared as she was also in “Chemistry,” a music video for Nroc Leoj’s song of the same name.

Being a millennial sure has a lot of advantages, one of which is being techy. Well, Jailyne used that to her advantage as she owns an Apple Store app named “JLean Store. She even went to great lengths to expand its reach as it also now appears in the Play Store.

And because of her growing popularity, Jailyne was also featured in another YouTube channel called “Fitness Girls.”

Did Jailyne Ojeda have cosmetic surgery?

Many are asking if Jailyne Ojeda has undergone cosmetic surgery. It’s because many find it hard to believe that her looks are so perfect, with some even seeing her be artificial-like due to her seemingly perfect looks.

Because of this, many doubt if her looks are original or if she went through plastic surgery. She is even compared to Kim Kardashian due to her curvy body.

Jailyne decided to share a picture of her body that is zoomed just to show to the world that she didn’t go through any cosmetic surgery. Even though this doesn’t disprove any doubts, this was enough to say that her photos aren’t photoshopped.

However, this isn’t enough to stop the debate about whether she’s been through cosmetic surgery or not. What’s just sure, though, is that Jailyne still looks stunning.

Her curvy body, fit figure, and beautiful face are enough to say that she’s one of the best looking social media influencers out there.

Furthermore, it makes sense for her to maintain a fit body and do whatever means to stay gorgeous because she is a famous social media influencer who uses her face and body as assets.

In addition, reports state that Jailyne Ojeda makes sure that she maintains a healthy diet to stay in shape as natural as possible. She even shares pictures and videos of herself training and working out in the gym on her Instagram account.

Jailyne Ojeda is indeed a famous icon in the social media world. However, this isn’t enough for her as she is determined to expand her reach and further her popularity around the world.

Now, she’s doing her best to appeal to the music industry as she’s using her experience in appearing in a couple of music videos to show she can be a huge asset in such media platforms.

jailyne ojeda before surgery


There is no denying that Jailyne Ojeda is one beautiful and attractive girl. However, it seems that her charm isn’t enough to get her a prince charming. Up until now, there are now reports that she is officially dating someone.

Maybe she’s just focused on her career and expanding her reach in social media.

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Salary and Net Worth

Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa is reported to have a net worth of more than $3 million, with most of it coming from her social media influence. However, there are also reports that she has a lower net worth of $1.5 million.

Whichever the case is, there’s no denying that she earns loads of money thanks to her being a social media icon. Jailyne Ojeda is also earning $20,000 to $25,000 for every advertisement she appears in.

Her annual salary is also reported to be more than $80,000.

Body Stats

Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa has a body measurement of 34, 20, and 40. She stands at five feet and six inches and weighs 50 kilograms. These complement her brown eyes and black hair.