Busy Women Can Still Lose Weight

Women now a days lead a very busy life. They have to look after their career, family, and kids and this does not leave them any free time to take care about their self not mention that there is no spare time for exercise and fitness. In this hectic lifestyle they look for ways to stay fit and lose weight and turn to readymade delivered healthy meals to find the solution but this is not enough. Losing weight is much more than eating healthy meals, it is about planning, devotion and willpower to reach a goal that is not easy to get if you are not willing to do the sacrifices that it takes.


Before losing your hopes, beware – there are still a lot of ways for busy women to lose weight. Whether you are working long hours or have to spend all your day looking after the house and the kids there are a number of weight loss tips that can help you get through this difficult and daunting process, the process that will make you look good but most importantly feel good.

Step 1: Do not start your day making weight loss pitfalls

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The majority of people skip breakfast because they do not have enough time in the morning to sit down and eat and because they think that by doing so they save calories and help their weight loss efforts. Well, the majority of people are wrong. Skipping breakfast will not help you lose weight; on the contrary it will create 2 negative effects to your efforts. First it can slow down your metabolism and second it is proven that people who do not eat breakfast consume more calories during their other meals.

So, what can you do if you either do not have time to eat in the morning or you are not feeling hungry? You can start by eating something that you like (a fruit or energy bar) on your way to work, you can wake up 10 minutes earlier to create that extra time you need to have a bowl of cereals or you can combine the two i.e. eat an apple while you are preparing for work and have your cereals after you arrive at work. The solutions are simple all you need is determination from your part to set a plan and follow it.

Step 2: Enjoy your meals without interruptions

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A few years back scientists discovered that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal of fullness from the stomach. This means that if you eat in a hurry and probably in less than 20 minutes, you will consume more calories than needed because your brain will not be in position to signal the ‘stop’ sign to the stomach. What you need to do is devote at least 30 minutes per day for your launch time and ensure that during this time the only thing that you will do is enjoying your meal and nothing else. Eat slowly and feel every crunch and give enough time to your body to process the food. This is a healthy habit that once you get used to it you will realize its benefits.

Step 3: Protect yourself from foods temptations


If you are working in an office with a lot of people then it is very common to get invitations for treats. One day is someone’s birthday, the other day someone got promoted and so on…These are invitations you cannot refuse but you can resist the temptations. A nice tip that can help you stay away is drinking a class of water before going for the treat. Water can fill up your stomach and reduce your appetite.

Step 4: Launch meetings are bad

In a recent survey many career women were asked “what is the main reason that women are getting bigger while at work” and the vast majority of them blamed launch meetings. It is a fact that during launch meetings you may end up eating much more than you need. What you need to do is be alert and protect your diet by being selective on what you eat and in what quantities you eat. Prefer to eat more salads and vegetables and less meat or curvy food. Do not let yourself get carried away from the conversation or from the quantities consumed by other people. Be conservative on your eating and rich full on your talking.

Step 5: No snacking is allowed after dinner

When you are home after a difficult day at work it is time to consider dinner. It would be nice if you could get prepared for dinner in advance and not wait the last minute to think what you are going to eat. This can have negative side effects to your diet because by nature you will end up selecting the easiest solution (ready made food or takeaway) which is the worst choice you can make for your diet. Instead try to plan your meals in advance and if this is not possible try to consume food items that are low in calories, fat and sugars. Take your last meal at least 3 hours before going for sleep and make sure that there is no snacking after that.

To sum up, women have a lot of reasons to take care of their body and looks. From what you have read above there is nothing difficult. All the weight loss tips for women are based on two simple principles: planning and implementation. To lose weight successfully you need to have a detail plan (what to eat, when to eat and in what quantities) and you need to have the willingness and patience to implement it.