Natti Natasha Net Worth: Looking at the wealth of The Young Female Latina Reggaeton

Natti Natasha is a singer and songwriter of Dominican and Latin origin who has blown away many by her dazzling looks and angelic voice. She rose to fame by featuring in a Don Omar single, “Dutty Love.” This is just a little about the famous songstress, there a lot more.

In this piece, we take a peep into her current net worth as well as her bio and personal life.Natti Natasha Net Worth

Who is Natti Natasha?

Natti Natasha was born on December 10, 1986, and christened Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista. She, however, adopted the name “Natti Natasha” as her professional stage name. The singer and songwriter is signed under the record label Orfanato Music Group, owned by Don Omar.

She released her debut EP titled “All About Me” on March 28, 2012, under the same record label. This was after she was featured on Don Omar’s single “Dutty Love.” Earlier this year, precisely, February 15, 2019, she released her first studio album. The album was produced by Pina Records in collaboration with Sony Music Latin.

Natti Natasha’s net worth

You probably couldn’t wait to get to this point, well we saved the best for the last. The singer’s major source of income as expected is her music. Obviously, she is doing very well at the moment as her songs have broken lots of records over the last two years.

Just like many other singers, she is not on a specific salary. She is, however, making a fortune from putting in loads of hard work. She is currently worth $750,000, a figure that will definitely skyrocket before the end of the year. In 2018, Natti was worth $600,000 which means she is likely to become a millionaire in US Dollars in the nearest future.

Natti Natasha’s early life

The reggae and pop singer, Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista, was born in the Dominican Republic on December 10, 1986. It was in this location that her desire and zest for music grew constantly. Not being able to resist the urge to be involved in music, she set herself in line to grow her music career.

At the tender age of seven, to help her to develop her singing abilities, Natti was registered at a School in Santiago for Fine Arts. Looking back at those times, the singer has described them as the most interesting part of her life to date.

As expected, a young singer would always have other singers as role models and sources of inspiration. Natti was no different, the singer, from a very young age revered the likes of Lauryn Hill, and Jerry Rivera,. She was particularly keen on Lauryn Hill’s career, she still sees her as a mentor and a major influence over her music.

Recently, Natasha revealed that Ivy Queen has always attracted her admiration which has made her follow the singer’s career right from the onset. The comments from singers attracted a lot of admiration from their fans and other well-wishers on social media.

As she crossed into adulthood at 18-years-old, she was so inspired to make her dreams come true that she left home and moved to the Bronx, popularly known as the “City of Dreams.” It was here she met the veteran reggaeton, Don Omar, who went ahead to sign her to his record label, Orfanato Music Group.

As part of her decision to lead a healthy life, Natti became a vegetarian in 2015 and she has not looked back ever since.

Natti Natasha’s career

As mentioned earlier, the Dominican songstress has been fanning to flame her music abilities from a very tender age. However, she began to attract attention in 2012 when she did a few songs with Don Omar under his record label. The most famous among them were “Dutty Love” which she did with Don Omar and “Crazy in Love” on which she featured Farruko.

The songs were very successful and led to many other collaborations with the veteran. All of the songs were added to Don Omar’s new album at the time, “Don Omar Presents MTO New Generation.” Gradually, the singer became uncomfortable with the fact that men were handling all of the behind the scenes work on her productions. These included running mixing boards, writing songs, and even running the labels.

This birthed a new inspiration which pulled out her feminine abilities and employ the camaraderie of other Latina women to work on her new album titled “IlumiNATTI.” While speaking about her decision, she said she wasn’t going to allow herself to be dictated to by any man. Women around the world were coming up with great stuff and she was not going let herself be put down by any man.

This is not to say that she has not received support from men in the industry, she recounts how people like Ozuna and Daddy Yankee supported her cause. Despite this, she claimed there was a lot of frustration trying to collaborate with other Latina women in the industry.

In 2017, she was featured on a track by Daddy Yankee, the Puerto Rican singer, titled “Otra Cosa.” She also collaborated with Ozuna in the same year on the song “Criminal.” Both songs became instant hits and attained top-five status on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. It was an amazing feat that the video of the song “Criminal” became the most watched music video in the year 2017.

In April 2018, Natasha got on another track. This time she was invited to feature on Becky G’s song titled “Sin Pijama.” The song was R-rated, yet it attracted so much attention, climbing up the charts at an alarming rate. This was Natti’s second major hit in less than a year as the song hit number three on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

This was a huge achievement for the singer, it is what most will see as an unprecedented success. The song went ahead to hit platinum in just about three weeks of hitting the market. In six months, the music video had already reached one billion views on YouTube, ranking as the most watched music video by a female for that year.

Already, Natti Natasha was breaking grounds that were considered fallow, smashing records in every direction, it was unbelievable. Little wonder she began collaborations with several artists of international acclaim including Bad Bunny, Thalia, R.K.M & Ken-Y, and Cosculluela. Currently, the singer is signed under Pina Records.

Natti’s album IlumiNATTI

This is the first studio album released by the Latina singer, Natti Natasha and it was released under her new record label, Pina Records, in collaboration with Sony Music Latin. The album was released on February 15, 2019. Prior to release, the album had the following singles, Me Gusta, Pa’Mala Yo, Quien Sabe, Lamento Tu Perdida, and La Mejor Version de Mi.

The album set a new record with the largest debut for an album of Latin origin by a female since El Dorado by Shakira. It made its debut on the US Top Latin Albums chart at number three having 7,000 album-equivalent units. Quickly after the album released were music videos for other singles included in the album. By June, she pushed out the tenth music video for the album.

Natti Natasha’s Personal Life

It is not difficult to decipher that Natti Natasha is a very private person. It is evident from the fact that she hardly posts anything personal on any of her social media handles that may link her to any man. She has successfully maintained a low key personal life, hiding any details of her relationship status from the media.

She currently has five million followers on her Instagram account and yet no picture of a single man that could be assumed to be her spouse or boyfriend. This makes it safe to conclude that she is yet to be married and she is not in any relationship that we know of.

Records have it that she had dated Don Omar for a short period after his controversial divorce from Jackie Guerrido, the Univision TV Presenter.