Period Guide For Him

It happens every month whether we want it to or not. Our menstrual cycle starts and we are a slave to our hormones. What we need is lots and lots of tender loving care but sometimes our significant others do not know what or how to do it. This is the solution for that issue.


Rule One

Chocolate is the key. We need it to keep from hurting others. Its best to keep it on hand and stocked up in case of emergencies. Pay attention to the kind of chocolate that your partner likes and get some of it around the time they usually start their cycle. It will be the difference between an argument and a pleasant conversation.


Rule Two

Body language is the key here. Learn to look at your partner and know how they might be feeling or thinking when they do a certain movement. Only you can know this as you are their partner and spent a lot of time with them. Watch when they are sad and see what they do. Pay attention to little tells as us poker players call them. Everyone does these things unconsciously and cannot control them no matter what. We might fidget with jewelry or bite nails but something your partner does will tell how they might be feeling.


Rule Three

The best approach for you at this time of them month is a delicate one. Do not treat her like she has the plague. She is still the same woman you are with she just has different needs now. Do not be afraid to be affectionate with her short of any heavy petting or sexual activity. Unless you are into that which is fine too. She needs you to treat her like you did the days before the event. At times she may need to have a little more consideration but for the most part she is fine and  should be treated as such.


Rule Four

If your cycle should cause you to crave junk food don’t fight it. It is only five days and you will not turn into a size 200 in that short of time. Your body will get back to normal and your diet will even out in no time. So go ahead and eat those cookies or chips or whatever it is that you are craving or need. If it puts a smile on your face than do it you will be fine.


Rule Five

Sweat pants are a must. They make the bloating feel so much better. Be sure to have those favorite sweats clean for this time of the month. If you must dress nicer than do have some pants that are just a size bigger than normal if needed. Tight clothes are not fun to deal with when you are feeling irritable. They will only make you a little crankier and that is not the best thing.


Rule Six

A gift or going to the place she likes for dinner can’t hurt. She is feeling a little sensitive perhaps and could use the boost of eating at her favorite place. It might be nice as well if you got her a little trinket or gift that she has been wanting. This is a time when your ability to empathize and be nice will come in handy. If she looks or seems to be feeling down or off ask her about it. She will appreciate your effort and concern.


Rule Seven

Sleep is important now. She will be wanting her catch a nap or two. I always feel run down and tired so I take my naps with no apology. It is a sever swing in hormones that makes us feel this way our body is shocked by it and we get tired. Just let her nap or sleep in if she needs to and can afford it. We all have to do what we have to do and rest is the best thing for anyone.


Rule Eight

She might have that famed headache that won’t quit. Make sure that there is ibuprophen in the medicine cabinet. It will get rid of her headache or at least take the edge off of it. It is a requirement for these times for a great many things like cramps as well. Sometimes I have to get Excedrin in an extreme case.


Rule Nine

Many women myself included have suffered from nausea at this time. I have found a little miracle cure for this one that is worth the cash. It is called a bioband for seasickness. It uses pressure points to get rid of nausea. It is a small strap you put on your wrist that puts pressure on the nausea nerve point blocking the signal to the brain. You will not be nauseous with this bracelet properly placed on the wrist. And it comes in colors so you can have it blend in.