Daytime / Soap Stars – Who’ve Gone on to Bigger Things

After studying the train timetable and buying my train tickets, I was sat in the waiting room reading a magazine which had an advert for Ryan Kwanten’s new movie, Red Hill. It also had a little piece about Kylie Minogue in it. Which got me thinking about all the soap stars and daytime TV stars that have become mega famous in Music, Movies or Cult TV Shows of today. I mean can you actually believe that Kylie was once in Neighbours and yet now she is more known for being a huge popstar!

Stars seem to easily become “celebrities” nowadays for all manner of strange reasons whereas years ago it was a lot harder to become that recognised. Some have hit the premier league, appeared in massively popular shows around the world, toured all over singing and performing for millions of adoring fans, playing lead roles in serious movies and have received awards and recognition and taken it all in their stride. It certainly seems easier to achieve fame lately then it did 20 years ago.

Most of the faces we grew up with on our screens sadly never got anywhere fast and didn’t seem to get the notoriety they so deserved. However, a select few found fame and managed to prove that they can succeed and have thrown off the stigma of daytime TV fame.

So here are some massive stars who have come from soaps or daytime TV shows and have gone on to bigger things against all the odds!




Neighbours has believe it or not produced quite few big named stars over the years.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie starred as the lovable girl mechanic Charlene in the Oz soap. The pint sized Star is now most famous for her singing career, touring all over the globe with her fantastic show girl style shows. She also appeared in a few movies such as Street Fighter with the muscles from Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme and the cult musical, Moulin Rouge with Oz actress Nicole Kidman  and british actor Ewan McGregor. She has also fought her own personal battle with breast cancer and won winning over the hearts of the nation. Is there anything she can’t do?


Alan Dale

Alan starred in Neighbours as the well respected father figure Jim Robinson. He is now well known for his roles in the hit TV shows, The O.C, 24 and Ugly Betty. He has also starred in a Horror Flick called I Remember.

Neighbours also gave us…


Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan first became famous for playing the character Scott Robinson in the Ozzy soap and has had his ups and downs over the last few years. Perhaps his most famous part is for playing Joseph on the west end stage. He is also remembered for his early music career which  is rumoured to be making a comeback, appearing on screen and stage.


Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce played the hunk Mike Young in Neighbours and has since gone on to make a great name for himself by starring in loads of feature films including Momento, L.A. Confidential and more recently the award winning movie, The Kings Speech.

Some other famous names you may recognise from your neighbours watching days include;

Holly Valance who played Flick who is now a successful model, actress and singer.

Delta Goodrem who played Nina Tucker and is now a famous pop singer and pianist.

Natalie Imbruglia starred as Beth Brennan and is now a model and actress but is most well known for being a singer/songwriter.


Home and Away

Another Ozzy Soap which seems to breed Stars…

Ryan Kwanten

Ryan Kwanten played hunky but stupid Vinnie, Leah’s husband and father to Vee Jay in Home & Away. But he has recently been brought back into the spotlight by the huge cult TV Show, True Blood. By playing yet another sweet and naive although slightly dim and lovable heart throb, Jason Stackhouse, brother to Sookie. Since then he has also started moving into the movie biz by starring in the crime thriller, Red Hill. A story of a Cop trying to make his way in a small town.
I don’t think this will be the last time we see him on the big screen…not with that hot bod!


Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth played the handsome and hunky life guard and gym owner Kim in Home and Away. His big break came when he was cast as the Demi God Thor in the 2011 Movie by the same name. Starring alongside some big stars like Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman.

Simon Baker

Simon Baker played James Healey in Home & Away for quite a few years in the 90’s and also starred in Heartbreak High, another teenage Oz soap. He relocated with his family to L.A and has never looked back. He shot to fame as Patrick Jane in the Channel 5 Police drama The Mentalist. He plays a very clever independent consultant for the FBI who uses his previous fraudulent skills as a psychic medium to outwit criminals. He also played a Lawyer in the hit  TV Show, The Guardian and has appeared in lots of movies so far including The Ring 2 and The Devil Wears Prada.


Gilmore Girls

This Family orientated Show, produced one brilliant Star…

Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki starred in the daytime TV show the Gilmore Girls as Dean Forester. Since then he has had minor roles in a quite a few Movies. But he shot to fame as Sam Winchester in the spooky TV Series Supernatural which is about to embark on it’s 7th Season. He plays Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) younger, smarter brother. His most major role in a film has been the lead role in the remake of the Horror movie Friday the 13th (2009). He also starred in House of Wax and New York Minute. He will be forever remembered as gorgeous Supernatural hunter, Sam Winchester!


Days of our Lives

This Series has been running for years but has given us one special Star.

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles first appeared in the longstanding TV series Days of our lives in 1997 as Eric Brady. He then starred in other hit TV Shows such as Dark Angel, Dawson’s Creek and Smallville where he had pretty small parts, never lead roles. His biggest and (in my humble opinion) best role has been as Dean Winchester in the scary show Supernatural (can you tell i’m a huge fan of theis show!) he plays Sam’s older brother, a dedicated Hunter of all things Supernatural. His Movie roles are varied and he has starred in quite a few to date such as Ten Inch Hero, My Bloody Valentine and has even voiced parts for Video games like Tron and Batman. Supernatural wouldn’t be the same without him and Jared, they are a Comedy Duo!

I really enjoyed writing this one, there are some of my favourite Actors and old Shows in here, hope you enjoy it too!!

Demon Chick xx