Is it easy to be a female?

Determining the sex of a child is not a function of the effort of the parents most times. This implies that parents hardly ever determine the sex of their children. Although, these days, science seems to be stretching its tentacles into this area of study.

The point here is that we do not decide if a child will be male or female. In fact, even if the parents do, the child has no say in the matter. For this reason, no one can and should complain. It is disturbing that the debate about being a female and how difficult or easy it is has gone on for ages.

In this post, we take a look at the life of a female in today’s world seeking to check if it is easy or difficult. To do this, we will consider several parameters. It promises to be an interesting read so let’s go on this journey together.


General view

For centuries, females have been seen as alternative sex. They have been downtrodden by the seemingly “stronger sex,” the males. While this has since been an equal contest in most societies around the world, many other societies still view women as the “weaker sex.”

Today, there are two sides of the same coin. Females, in certain civilized societies, find life easy as they are able to handle several tasks traditionally related to their male counterparts. In other societies, the story is the direct opposite, women don’t even have a voice. Seeing them handle tasks other than those originally prescribed for them is treason.

Let’s not even begin to talk about the several crimes perpetrated again the female folk. Despicable acts of treason if they were carried out against men, yet, applauded when it is against women. Because of this, we are led to believe that the life of a woman is completely difficult and “unlivable.” 

In the Middle East, for example, women are made to wear black gowns known as “burgars.” This is expected to protect their bodies from being seen by men. There is also the fact that women still have to pay dowry in India and certain other countries when it should be the other way round. In numerous societies around the world, the only thing women are good for is household chores.

Truth be told, being a woman is one of the most difficult things in the world, especially with respect to the corporate environment. We have come across women who have grown themselves in the corporate sector. They have pushed themselves to the limit, climbing the rungs of the corporate ladder patiently. While there are men who have accepted them as contemporaries, many others see them as unworthy competitors. Even though the conception is changing these days, it is obvious that we still far behind in giving women the recognition they deserve.

Challenges of being a woman in today’s world

Whether we like it or not, there is no part of our present society that is influenced by women. It means that they have a say and should be given a chance to take their place. Despite the clear facts presented before us, women are still being marginalized. They are made to face the consequences of the crime of being women.

In this section, we will take a look at some of the challenges a woman faces in today’s world.

Gender bias and sexism

For so many decades, women have struggled hard to break through the mythical “glass ceiling.” This phrase focuses on the challenge of women in the corporate sector as workforce. While we have seen huge progress in this regard over the last two decades, there is more to be done.

In times past, women had no right to run businesses, even though there was no written rule against this. They were restricted to the meager jobs in each industry as a result of the belief that they didn’t have the capacity for more. 

The tide is gradually changing as women now run multinational corporations. You will hardly step into any institution without finding women holding a top position. The upper management ranks are being shared by both sexes as women are giving men a run for their money.

Recently, the Ethiopian Prime Minister broke the ice in government by handing fifty percent of the ministerial positions to women. To cap it up, the position of president of the country, even though a ceremonial position, is held by a woman. Several other countries are being led by females and their economies are yet to crash.

Though many women have taken up the challenge of doing jobs traditionally assigned to men, sexism is still a challenge. Sexism these days is far more subtle than it was many years ago. Despite this obvious fact, it is present in every aspect of our society.

Validity of women’s vote

One thing is clear when it comes to voting, women love their voices to be heard. Statistics show that in most countries, women go out to cast their votes far more than men. In the US, for example, the results of the last polls reveal that more women went out to vote.

Once upon a time, it was a taboo for a woman to be seen close to a polling booth. As years passed and women started to press for their rights, a visible change has occurred. Turnout during elections is key to the results and it is clear that women are more interested in turning out. Since the 1980s, there has been a remarkable shift in the approach of women to elections. Signs show no signs of decline.

Women in political offices

We have already talked about Ethiopia where a woman is a ceremonial president and the cabinet is made up of fifty percent women. This is has become a familiar occurrence in many parts of the world today. 

In the United States, for example, many women have been involved in running the country. Though the country is yet to have a female president, we had a woman run for the presidency during the last elections. In 2017, out of the fifty states in the country, twenty-seven have had female governors.

This is besides the fact women are doing ever so well on the Federal level in the US. From the Senate to the Supreme Court, it is clear that gradually the pendulum is swaying towards the women. 

Domestic violence

Even though men are also victims of domestic violence, women are more at risk. The figures show this in every part of the world and it is not restricted to the confines of marriage alone. As a matter of fact, girls in teenage and adolescent relationships seem to be more at risk these days.

While society has created measures to deal with this issue, we clearly see it happen again and again. The worst part is that violence is not restricted to physicality alone. Bashing is experienced sexually, emotionally, and psychologically. 

Many countries understand the effects of this on the girl child and the society and have set up measures to curb it. If you are a victim or know anyone in these shoes, seek help immediately.

Reproductive rights

While the effort of a man is required to fertilize the woman’s eggs, it is the woman that carries the baby in her womb. This is a huge game-changer putting women at one of the biggest risks of all time. 

There has always been a debate looking into abortion and birth control. In 1960, “The Pill” gained approval as a contraceptive and since then reproductive rights have become a subject of serious debate. It is even more vehement these days among the supporters of abortion and those against it. All over the world, this is one of the most controversial topics regarding the female gender. 

6 Advantages of Being a Woman

As much as we believe that the modern woman has lots of challenges, she enjoys tons of benefits as well. We have put together a few advantages the modern woman enjoys in this section.

Longer life span than men

This is one of the best things about women, they generally live longer than men. Scientific studies say this has happened for several centuries now. Studies in Sweden, for example, show that women live 5% longer than men.

This fact is applicable to many other parts of the world and there are several reasons to support this. Firstly, women take less life-challenging risks than men. They also drink and smoke less and fewer women than men drive or take dangerous jobs.

While women are beginning to take up these dangerous jobs and engage in more risk, they are very careful. This still gives them an advantage, even though it is very slight. 

Better at fighting off infections than men

Biologically, women have more white blood cells and fewer red blood cells than men. This implies that they synthesize antibodies in higher quantities than their male counterparts. 

As you know, antibodies are key to combating infections and diseases. Since they produce more antibodies, they are better at fighting infections. This is another reason why they are likely to live longer than men.

Better at verbal communication

You probably never took note of this but men have only three vocal tones which they use in communication. Women, on the other hand, have five tones which place them on a better pedestal in terms of communication.

Again, the auditory cortex in women is much denser than it is in men. This means that they have a better ability to listen than men. Because of this, they communicate better and are more fluent verbally.

Better olfactory lobes

Frankly, women don’t have more smell receptors than their male counterparts. However, their estrogen gives them an unfair advantage. Because of this hormone, they are able to detect more odors than men. Generally, they have a more sensitive sense of smell than men.

Women can be manly in the dressing, men find it hard to be girly

When a man is effeminate, even if it is at minimal levels, he faces criticism and, in some cases, the risk of being ostracized. They will be referred to using homophobic slurs most of the time. The same goes for men that try to cross-dress.

Women, on the other hand, have the luxury of dressing or behaving like men. As a matter of fact, when a woman does this, she gains quite an amount of respect among her peers. 

Women get out of sensitive situations more easily

The evidence of this is glaring in everyday life. For example, if a man was caught breaking traffic rules, he most definitely will get penalized. A woman in the same situation can get away if she is able to use her femininity properly.

All she needs to do is shed a few tears and the official becomes panicky and allows her to drive away. From classrooms to offices and traffic, women have always used this advantage.

Some misconceptions based on myth

Several myths have been the reason why women are marginalized and downtrodden these days. Let’s take a look at some of these myths that have led to these misconceptions below:

  1. A woman’s empowerment is at the expense of a man.
  2. Girls are poor at science or math.
  3. A woman will crack almost immediately under pressure.
  4. We are in a man’s world.
  5. Women are not to be trusted with finances.
  6. A woman does not have the ability to lead effectively.
  7. A man should not be concerned with a woman’s health.
  8. Girls don’t belong in school, they should just get married.
  9. A woman’s place is the kitchen.
  10. She requested it.


Even though we live in a world dominated by male folk, it is evident that change is occurring. Women are stronger when it comes to emotions. They are more put together and even though it may seem difficult to live as a woman, things are getting better. The bottom line is that life is not a bed of roses for any human being.