The Patio Planner – How to Update Your Outdoor Setup

We put a lot of care and attention into our garden spaces, and more often than not, it’s these exact spaces that go unappreciated. But that’s all about to change. The fact of the matter is that outdoor parties and living spaces are a growing trend, and the benefits of outdoor living spaces are plentiful, to say the least. If you’re looking at updating your outdoor setup, take a look at these neat little suggestions.


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Comfort in all seasons

In winter, you’ll need to create a cosy atmosphere. Consider using lanterns for ambient lighting, and an outdoor gas heater to stave away those unwanted chills. And they require far less maintenance than fire pits. It also sticks true that having a heat source as the centre of your setup will also simplify furnishing and decorating your outdoor space. Having a focal point that can be moved around can also help you prepare for winter’s opposite.

In summer, you’ll want to create an airier atmosphere, using some shading drapes and maybe even a hammock. This seasonal consideration is crucial for ensuring the comfort of both your family as well as your guests, and will also help keep your outdoor space feeling bright and fresh year-round.

Colour and character

There are two kinds of outdoor spaces: sheltered and unsheltered. For the sheltered spaces, feel free to fill your little paradise with pops of colour. From colourful throws and runs to potted perennials, your outdoor living space can become exactly that: an extra living room with an added sense of freedom and fresh air. The versatility of sheltered outdoor spaces means that you have the ability to furnish it depending on however you’d like to use the space.

If you’re a fan of high tea, the space can be covered in fragrant flowers, light tones, and doilies. Or it can also very easily be a makeshift tiki bar, with a mini fridge and a pool table. It can be an art studio, an arcade, a dancefloor, a dining room…the choices are virtually endless! The same can be said of your unsheltered spaces, though naturally the choices here are more for your green thumbs. For your unsheltered spaces, you can curate a magnificent green space with a variety of different plants and features.

If you’re looking at low-maintenance landscaping ideas, you can go completely drought-tolerant with succulents and yuccas. Or if you’re fitting with the ‘high tea’ theme that’s been gaining popularity, you’ll be glad to hear that roses can prove a very rewarding addition to any garden.

With all of this in mind, the most important thing is that these colour and style changes reflect your preferences. If you have a spare day, exploring plant nurseries and local stores that sell outdoor decor can be a pleasant way to pick out exactly what you want. It doesn’t have to fit into any particular style or trend, it just has to be a space that you’re comfortable in and proud of.

Room with a view

This one can seem like more of a challenge, especially if you’re living in the city. But creating an outdoor setup that comes complete with a stunning view is always possible. It just takes a little creative energy. Consider planting trees, installing bird-feeders, and bee-attracting plants like rosemary and lavender.

If your garden has a limited amount of space, you can also potentially go with an outdoor aquarium with colourful tetra fish. Not only will this prove to be a great addition to the family, but watching fish swim has also been found to reduce stress and combat anxiety. And if you’re an urbanite and all you’ve got is an annoyingly bare brick wall between you and your neighbour, then maybe consider getting a local artist to give it a unique makeover. Being in beautiful places helps us stay in the present and actively practice mindfulness.

So long as your outdoor space comes with that extra engaging element, this potential for optimum levels of peace is available to all. And we’ve all found that when there’s nothing else to do, it’s always invigorating to just sit and breathe and look around.

The benefits of curating outdoor spaces isn’t just limited to engaging guests, practicing mindfulness, and providing you with an area that can be used for virtually anything. Outdoor spaces can prove a valuable asset for any family, and can certainly be that little something extra that can transform your house into a home.