Dream Casting for Dancing with the Stars: Season 13

With a new season of Dancing with the Stars due to start in September, fans of the show are eagerly awaiting news of which celebrities will join the cast for lucky season thirteen. I’m one of those fans. With talks likely still underway or in some cases, just beginning, I’d like to throw a few suggestions of my own into the hat. When the cast is announced, I’ll compare my list with the real list and you can all see how wrong I was. It’ll be fun! Let’s get started.

Kristin Chenoweth

10: Kristin Chenoweth

Sure Kristin is already a trained dancer and sure she’s probably far too busy to take on something like dancing with the stars but I included her on this list because I am one hundred percent behind anything that gives us more Chenoweth. I freaking love this girl like you can’t even imagine.

Tiger Woods

09: Tiger Woods

Yup, I said it and I stand by it. Tiger badly needs a public image reboot and I think and appearance on Dancing with the Stars would be the perfect venue for that. Besides, we’ve seen football players and basketball players. I’d like to see a golfer. Golf is a sport too!

Lindsay Lohan

08: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay needs to show people she can be serious and work hard at something. Dancing with the Stars would force her to do both of those things. I think an appearance on the show could start the comeback she says she wants and to be honest, if she’s sincere about it, acknowledges her problems and shows she wants to put those problems behind her, I think she could win the public back and maybe even win the mirror ball trophy.

Chord Overstreet

07: Chord Overstreet

Most Glee fans were absolutely shocked when news broke that Chord Overstreet would be leaving the show; going from ‘series regular’ to guest star. As sad as I am to see Chord get a diminished role on the show, what better time for him to jump into something like Dancing with the Stars where he can break out of the Glee mold and prove himself a star in his own right? I’d love to see this. I’m really rooting for Chord. I wish the powers that be would listen to me on this one.

Victoria Justice

06: Victoria Justice

You may not know her by name, but if you’ve got kids who watch Nickelodeon, you may have seen one of Victoria’s shows. Appearing on both Zoë 101 and now Victorious, Victoria would be a great choice for the spot on the cast normally reserved for a relatively unknown Disney star. She’s also completely freaking adorable.

Vinny Guadagnino

05: Vinny Guadagnino

So Vinny has left Jersey Shore just as filming for season 5 began. Apparently he got into a fight with a fellow cast member (I’m guessing Snooki) and bailed on the show for good. I guess it’s not really a big deal as this is apparently going to be the last season with the original cast and it gives Vinny the chance to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. While Snooki, J-Woww, DJ Pauly D and The Situation have all signed on for spin-offs, Vinny has yet to announce his plans for after the show. What better plan that to try to hit the ballroom and try to show up The Situation on the dance floor.

Heidi Montag

04: Heidi Montag

In past articles, I have not been shy in professing how much I loathe Heidi Montag but she seems like a natural for the media personality/fame whore spot on Dancing with the Stars. Really, her name is just a place holder here, though. You could also put Tila Tequila or Karissa Shannon in place of Heidi and you’d basically have the same show. None of these women would stand any chance of winning because of how very much the public hates them which would be kind of fun and might even deliver a much-needed reality check.

Peter Facinelli

03: Peter Facinelli

Out of all of the men on this list, with the possible exception of Chord Overstreet, Peter Facinelli is the suggestion I would most like to see producers take. Sure he’s probably busy with Twilight stuff and his role on Nurse Jackie, but I’d love to see Peter on the ballroom floor and why not go for it. His wife, Jennie Garth, has done it, after all. Also a great choices from the Twilight franchise? Jackson Rathbone (yum!), Kellan Lutz or, for a little more mature audience, Gil Birmingham or Billy Burke. Actually, Gil would be a fabulous choice. Can I change my recommendation to Gil instead?

Nadya Suleman

02: Nadya Suleman

I don’t want to see this anymore than you do, but she seems like an obvious choice. While one would think it would be hard for her to find time to complete on a show like Dancing with the Stars while raising a million kids, Kate Gosslin did it and I’m pretty sure Kate is a more hands on mother than Suleman – and that’s really something considering my low opinion of Kate. Nadya represents everything that is wrong with the world – greed, vanity, over-population and a general lack of any sort of common sense – the only real question is whether producers would sink low enough to cast her. My guess is yes. Yes they would.

Charlie Sheen

01: Charlie Sheen

No seriously, take a moment and just imagine it. The ratings would be higher than Charlie himself and the entertainment value would be through the roof. Better yet, I bet he’d actually do a heck of a lot better than most people would think. I’m sure he’d never do it and that’s a shame because everything about this screams awesome.


So there you have ‘em – my ten suggestions for who should hit the ballroom for season thirteen of Dancing with the Stars. Make sure you come back after the official announcement to see how wrong I was and for my thoughts on who was actually selected to dance. Who would you like to see on the next season of Dancing with the Stars? Who do you think will actually be chosen? Let me know in the comments section below.