Freaky Implants and Transplants

Cosmetic surgery is big business these days, with most of Hollywoods A-Listers having something done to improve their already good looks or of course to keep them looking younger to prolong their acting careers.

But if you had disfigurement you couldn’t live with or a horrendous accident that left you looking awful, wouldn’t you want cosmetic surgery to improve either the look or the function of your injured part of your body…of course you would!
Some of these people, of course choose not to, they are happy just to be alive or don’t want the pain of further surgery.

But on the flipside of the coin you have people who turn themselves into freaks by having so much surgery that you don’t recognise who they are anymore and some even what they are!

Cat Man


Implants of all kinds are becoming more popular now, with Cosmetic surgery clinics popping up everywhere and catering from anything from boob jobs to bum implants. We are all so obsessed with our looks so much, that we will go to extremes to get what we want. Hours of surgery, pain, infection and the risk of something going wrong, which once this happens it’s nigh on impossible to return it to how it once was.

Lick em and stick to the window lips!


Subdermal and transdermal implants are all the rage at the moment, especially with the likes of Lady Gaga having this done. These people are normally obsessed with body modifications such as Tattoo’s, Piercings and even Scarification. Body mod implants are just the next step.
You can get everything from transdermal metal spikes inserted into your skin to subdermal  silicone implants inserted under your skin, to create patterns or shapes.

So here are some really freaky implants and transplants that I found…

Please remember some of the transplants are the best the surgeons can do in the circumstances and we mean no offence to these people by showing them.


Facial Transplant


James Maki, had a donors face transplant to repair his that was damaged in a horrific subway accident.

Arm transplants


Jeff Kepner, lost his arms and feet to a bacterial infection, but has been given hope of a normal life after receiving his transplant arms from a 23 year old donor.

Toe as a thumb


Shannon Elliot, lost her thumb and two fingers after a firework thrown near her exploded as she bent down to examine what had landed before her.Surgeons removed her big toe and transplanted onto her hand as a thumb.


Giant breast implants


Why anyone in their right mind would want boobs like this is beyond me!
Think of the back ache and the sagging in later years…and how do you sleep with them?

Butt implants before and after?



WTH? Why oh why, bum implants! can understand if you haven’t really got one, then have this done, but if you are already endowed with a curvy butt, why make it massive?

Bionic cat


Even animals are getting implants these days!

Oscar the cat, lost both his rear paws in a farming accident. His devoted owners feared he would be left trundling around on a set of wheels or even worse that he would have to be put to sleep, but pioneering veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick, installed weight bearing bone implants, creating a bionic kitty.

Transdermal and subdermal implants

Horned woman


This is just a little bit over the top ! lots of tattoos and subdermal horn implants too much.

Lizard man



This green meanie has had subdermal implants in his eye brow region.

Cat man



Now this man has had the works…numerous implants, piercings, tattoos, teeth replace with fangs, you name it!

Lady Gaga


To top it all off, Lady Gaga has supposedly had body modifications or implants recently…when will her freakishness stop? But we love her!!
Of course there is speculation about whether they are real or not…

Well must go, I’m off to get the ferry to France soon for my holidays. Really looking forward to snowboarding in Europe!

See you when we get back
Demon Chick xx