Good Careers for Women Without a College Degree

There are quite a few careers for women to get started in that do not require a college degree. However, before considering any of the careers listed below, you should consider if you prefer an office setting at home or a physical one.

Some individuals thrive in an office environment, while others prefer to be on their feet and interact with people. If you can identify which type of worker you are and think about how challenging it could be to start a career after being out of the workforce for years, then you may find some success in one of the positions listed here.

We’ve gathered some great information regarding career options for women who have not attended college from an article on the U.S. News website.

The first career choice is a real estate agent. You can help people buy homes or land that will help them make a real estate portfolio This career choice requires a high school diploma, a lot of time, and dedication that will earn you about $37,000 annually.

Working in real estate is a great way to use your skills. You don’t have to have a college degree to get started, but getting licensed can increase your income potential. Some of the top jobs are property manager, appraiser, and loan officer. You also may consider getting into real estate flipping homes and properties.

If you’re working from home, managing rental properties can be done with little more than a computer and cell phone. If you prefer something more hands-on, interior and exterior design are also great ways to get started without going to college first.

A second career choice would be to become a dental assistant. This also requires a high school diploma and pays about $34,000 per year.

A third career choice without a college degree would be the job of a medical assistant earning approximately $30,000 per year with only a high school diploma being required.

Fourthly, they recommend starting your own business (one of the most popular careers chosen by females).

Lastly, a massage therapist is mentioned as an option as well and offers a starting pay of around $19,000 per year and no college degree needed.

If you’re a woman looking to start a career with great pay and little or no college education required, then the trades may be for you. From a welder to a plumber who makes any problem go down the drain, women in construction are on the path to financial freedom.

If your shots are straight, baking could be for you. Baking for coffee shops, retail stores, and restaurants is a financially gratifying career that requires year of learning as an apprentice.

Dog trainers can make up to $100k/year from their love of dogs. How does one become a dog trainer? Look for apprenticeships at boarding kennels or training academies for K-9 officers.

Cosmetologists provide hair treatments and nail care and skin treatments such as facials and waxing. Most cosmetologists are self-employed with clients calling on them wherever they move in the country. With all these trade careers, the only things you need are strong work ethic, determination, and dedication.

There are a number of options you have for an interesting and fun career without a college degree. The first two require quite a bit of physical labor, so be sure you’re ready for the challenge.

To begin with, data entry is a good and simple job that is easy to learn. You can type up bills, take surveys or documents, or even type out records if you have great typing skills.

Next, young women who are excellent at typing and want to work from home can find freelance writing jobs online and make their own hours – no college degree required.

If you love pets, groomers make around $20 an hour just for washing and trimming pets! Of course, if you have a green thumb, consider becoming a gardener where you can take care of lawns in the fall or dig out gardens in the spring! As long as you are flexible with your hours but enjoy working outside and getting paid to do so, this is beach fun and rewarding work.

Finally, blogging is also a really great way to make money without having to leave the house! If you are organized, great at writing, and patient enough to learn how to monetize your blogs properly, a few years’ time might make all the difference!

For women who don’t want to go to college, or those who have already graduated, you’ll find a wide range of good careers. Many are in the healthcare industry and other fields that are experiencing growth.