194 Happy Birthday Memes to Have You in Stitches.

You cannot go wrong with Bill Murray. He’s everybody’s favourite and so is a moist cake. This meme was taken from his film called stripes.


You are a superstar, especially on your birthday. Put your hands up in the air is time party like you just don’t care.

We all have that friend who deserves to be sent this meme on their birthday but we love them anyway.

Trump is the best at everything according to Trump and obviously, he’s the best at wishing that special someone a happy birthday. So happy birthday from the oval office if that means anything to you.

Ron Swanson may not be the most nurturing of people so it really means a lot when he wishes you a happy birthday. Take it from the man himself that you are special and your day deserves to be as special as you are.

Grumpy cat doesn’t like much at all. You may feel the same about your birthday especially if you’re pushing the numbers. Turn that frown upside down and smile because it’s your birthday.

Cheer up, birthday girl. Getting old isn’t that bad. You are wiser to the ways of the world. So get your little black dress on and kick up them heels. It’s dancing time. Pop a bottle of your finest wine and get in the mood to dance.


Sponge Bob knows what’s up and he knows how to celebrate a birthday. Be like Sponge Bob and own it. Be the birthday person you want to. There is no need for crying. It’s party time.

Getting old is all about how you react to it. You can do it with dignity or you can pull a face like the woman in the meme above. She sure is freaking out. I wonder how high the number is. It must be at least pushing fifty.

Jules and Vincent are trading their guns in for flowers for your birthday. They will strike down upon you with well wishes and birthday to those who attempt to grow older with grace.

The picture paints like this. You wake up in bed on your birthday and you feel the effects of getting older. Your kids bring in a disgusting looking meal but you smile and eat it anyway. It’s time to get up and open your presents. The presents are disappointing. But it doesn’t matter because it’s the thought that counts.

This cute little puppy has the right idea. He loves cake and so should you. Eat all the cake you want on your birthday and don’t worry about the consequences. You can worry about it tomorrow. Live for today and exercise tomorrow.


We can all relate to this one can’t we ladies. Anytime is great for wine especially your birthday. So don’t dawdle and pop a bottle and have fun with your friends.

Naughty Kitty. That’s a birthday present you could do without. Although it is a great excuse to get out of bed. If you are worried about kitty leaving an accident on your bed for your birthday maybe kitty should stay outside for the night.

Everywoman loves roses. So be sure to put them on your wish list for your birthday this time. Roses are red, violets are blue and a big old happy birthday to you. Then fill a bath with the petals and relax.


Happy Birthday Mofo, from one brother to another from the same mother.


It’s cake eating time all day every day. If only cake was health food? Only in a perfect world my friends. Only in a perfect world. What’s your favorite style of cake? Hit us up in the comments box below and lets us know. We love hearing from you.


Imagine waking up to this big stud on your birthday. Am I right ladies? Go out tonight and get yourself a man with a chiselled physique or you could always order yourself a stripper and get the next best thing.

The big 5-0. The half-century. That’s half of a hundred and twice as many as twenty-five. You want to tread carefully around the birthday girl if they are approaching this age or she might bust a cap in your ass.

Awwe isn’t that nice of this man to let his wife off the dishes. I can just imagine her reply and I can’t repeat it because it contains too many swear words.


What a lovely sentiment. Your birthday is all about spending time with the people you love and celebrating another year of friendship and good times and I think this meme sums it up perfectly.


There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love. She is the first person you see and will probably the last person to leave your birthday party. Shout out to all those mothers out there doing a mighty fine job.

The fur babies are wishing you a happy birthday as well and the not so furry babies as well. Kids say the darndest things sometimes and it won’t stop on your birthday. Congratulate yourself on a fine job of parenting.


For all the little brothers out there. What a perfect present?! A muscular man with a basketball over his junk.

Pink flamingos represent fun in the sun and party time. Maybe you should treat yourself to holiday in the sun for your birthday this year. Go soak up some rays and hang out with wildlife. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.


The arch enemies are getting along for one day a year. It’s sweet. Put your differences aside for one day and get down and party.


Yep age is just a number. You are only as young as you feel on the inside so let that inner child out on your birthday and have fun.


It’s all fun and games until the numbers start growing in size and your stamina leaves you. The hangovers just get worse and worse. Wait to you get to over thirty. After a night of drinkng, it feels like you will be in the intensive care ward. You could always quit drinking but wheres the fun in that.



The older you get the more birthdays you have. The more birthdays you have the more the feel the same same. The trick is to live in the moment and forget about the rest because the next one is always the best. Similar to breathing. You don’t think about your last breath or the next. The one your breathing at the time is the most important one.


Jesus loves a good party and so do his disciples. As you can see from the meme above. They have their little party hats on and are ready to go. Cut the cake, make a wish and have fun with your mates. Sing the song while you all get along.


No matter whose birthday it is, it’s great excuse party to hard and have fun. You could always be a recluse and stay inside or you could even take it to the next level and stay in a box like a dude above.



Thank god for facebook otherwise no one would remember when anyone’s birthday is. Not to worry though just wish them a happy birthday anyway. If they say it’s not my birthday tell them it for later on.


Your first birthday is actually day zero when you come flying out your mother’s vagina. The 1st birthday is actually your second. That’s actually how the Koreans measure their age. So they age faster. Well on paper anyway.

Appreciating is a good character trait to have so don’t forget to thank a person for wishing you a happy birthday and giving you presents. It’s all about gratitude to people. Be grateful every day that you get to live and breath on this earth. There are many people less fortunate than yourself so be grateful.


We all have that one friend who won’t stop reminding us that it’s their birthday. It can annoying but it’s still a great excuse to party hard. So get on the glad rags and hit the club, order up some henny and let loose.

Kanye knows how it’s done. I might do this for my friends next birthday. Give them a cake with my mug on it. I’m not sure that the person on the receiving it will appreciate it as much as I will though.



When your mother forgets your birthday. This could be quite offensive but our mother probably has a lot going on in her mind. Give her a break and let it slide and enjoy the good times. Mother knows best always so maybe admit that you’re the age she says she you are. hahah.

Yikes! That is some seriously scary hair. I wonder what was going through her head when she sat down in the barber’s chair. Excuse me, sir, could I have a haircut that will make me never get laid ever. Not even on my birthday. Not even in the dark.


Some people pretend to be modest but they are far from it. Check out this lady’s birthday suit. It’s a bit wild. Your birthday is a great excuse to get dressed up and have a good time. Don’t be modest, go all out and with all the trimmings.


Do it in style. Get yourself a billboard and promote your birthday like it’s the next blockbuster movie that everyone is all talking about. Go big, go bold and invite the whole town. Give them your number. Your phone will be hotter than the red sun and you feel popular again.



If you want to get technical this guy is right. Age is a word and a number and don’t you forget that. Your age I mean it could be embarrassing if someone asks you your age and you all like “Ummm I don’t know. What kind of person forgets how old they are. I’ll tell you who. Old people do.

Memes have taken over the birthday card business. Instead of wasting paper on a card send a digital meme the environment will love you more and the earth will be a happier healthier place.

Mr Bean knows what’s what. Here he is wishing you a happy birthday. He has to do it through memes because I don’t know if you remember the show but mister bean doesn’t talk.


Sloth around on your birthday. You don’t have to do anything. You can lay in bed all day. Be like the sloth and move as little as possible.


Oh yeah, eat that cake all the way to hell and back. Get really drunk and unleash the demons for one night and one night only. Or you could be like me and unleash them for a week straight and then spend the next few months in bed recovering. Ow my head hurts just thinking about it.


Nicholas Cage is all about the happy bday. Look at those eyes. I think he has had too much party in this photo.


Throw it up for the brothers whose birthday it is today or tomorrow or they are having one this year.

Ron Burgundy is all about the party times especially when his birthday rolls around. You are all magnificent bastards and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Judging by the number of candles on the cake that this person is one old bastard. That’s one long innings and may there be many more to come. But I doubt there will be considering the average human lives until around sixty-five. I think that’s enough though. Got to make space on the planet for the new kids.


Oh lord! What on earth is David Hasselhoff doing? That’s one crazy birthday suit he’s wearing.

Why be old when you can be retro. Just like gaming and fashion retro people are the new black.


Some crazier retro hairstyles from back in the day. Higher the hair the higher the IQ.

Next time you will throw a birthday party, instead of just sending a text message to friends and family, you should try to use an app to create happy birthday video.

This baby is belting out a tune Tom Jones styles.

Birthday and beer go together like peas and carrots. Cigarettes and coffee. Batman and Robin.


Lebowski knows best. He’s not just a pretty face. Try not to do dumb shit but it’s pretty much inevitable. When you do dumb shit make sure you learn from it.

A wise man once said, ” Excitement adventure a Jedi craves not these things”. That man was the very dude in the meme above.


Will Ferrel is wishing you a happy birthday and a Merry Christmas as well.


Pardon the pun but this elephant is just plain old fun. Have a whale of a time at your party. Wait that’s not right. It’s an elephant.





From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.


Long live the world pack. May they ride high into the night and into well into old age.

Straight from the horses mouth.

That’s the real science behind aging. If you have more birthdays you will probably live longer. There are some health tips in there as well. Just have more birthdays. Start with two a year and gradual increase the amount as you get older. This will ensure that you will be the last one standing.


Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you aren’t a dick. You could always rectify it by not being a dick. But sometimes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Live long and prosper. It’s your birthday.

Everybody loves a bargain. Bring on the senior citizens bargain.


Technology has changed the way we live lives in all different facets. That includes the way we celebrate our birthdays and the way we shit.

Not with you mate you’re too hairy.

You don’t have to be looking at the person to wish them a happy birthday. Just ask Stevie Wonders.



Thanks, Facebook for reminding us about the birthdays and making us put our best foot forward online.

Make your birthday a big deal in Ron Burgundy style.


It’s all about the new thirty. Whatever number you are you can always be thirty. Just act semi-responsible and still make mistakes like a teenager.


Happy Birthday from Morgan. He has narrated almost everything so why not a birthday meme.

Youth can be addictive. Did you get any? Y’all better give me some.

Special delivery coming all the way to you from me? I’ll wrap myself in a bow tie and I’ll be the present.


The karma lama doesn’t lie. You are sexy as you were when you eighteen.

Shout out to all those who can remember birthdays without reminders.

Honey badgers don’t mess around. Party like it’s nineteen ninety-nine.

Get excited and pee your pants.

Put him back in the retirement home.

From the Hulk: It’s time to do body shots.

A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.

HB Full Metal Jacket style.

Live long and prosper Doctor Spock style.

Winter is coming and so is your birthday.

You can never have too much cowbell.

Whatever you do on your birthday, try not to piss on yourself.


Poor Batman gets no love on his birthday.


Na na na na na na na it’s your birthday. Have fun. Kaplow.

How about I have the jet and you get a happy birthday.

As we get older we loom closer to having one foot in the grave.

The older you get the more you can get away with.

Every cycle around the sun is a solute to not dying.


It’s candles on the cake you silly dog. Blow them out and make a wish.


If you don’t celebrate Boba Fhett is coming for arse and he’s won’t be happy.


Even if that is true. Your birthday is worth celebrating anyway.


This could either be the best and the worst birthday present. It’s all about perspective.


Did you get shot out the womb like fireworks or was more like a wet sponge.

Sad but true.

Of course, Donald is the best at wishing people a happy birthday.

Well that’s a shit birthday present.

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

Look on the bright side. You are younger than you ever will be.


You’re never too busy to say Happy Birthday to that significant person.


The party days are over.

Aliens know best and the forty is one of the secret numbers that contain all the mysteries of the universe.


Legends only and that includes you. Happy Birthday you legend.




No soup for you. Well, maybe on your birthday. The Soup Nazi is one of Seinfelds most referenced characters.


Don’t forget to blow your candles out and make a wish because you never know if it will come true.


HB from the sexiest man alive. Not me, Johnny Depp of course.


Last minute birthday present shopping can be a struggle. You could always stop on the way for marble rye and hope to get there before the last one is sold.

Zuckerberg controls the information so he probably knows best when your birthday is.


I have no idea what tide pods are. Do you? Hit us up in the comments box below and let me know.


The lazy person’s birthday cake. Just give them the box of packet mix cake. There is no need for baking.


Forget the cake. Give me the rum. The cake is fattening and  the rum is drunkening. Which would you prefer?


Hhahah. That’s a great excuse if you accidentally take a few bites of the cake on the way oer.


Happy birthday, singing can be cringe worthy. But it doesn’t happen every day so you might as well enjoy it.

The craziness is approaching. That’s right the older you get the more likely you are to slip into a cat fueled madness.


Grumpy cat is not impressed with the birthday cake. You should check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Getting old does have its perks. You get cheap movies and cheap health care. Yay for getting old.

Do you tell people your real age or do you tell them your DJ age? DJ age refers to how old you think you are.


There is nothing more embarrassing than getting caught lying about your age.


Unfortunately, the laws of gravity don’t work with age. Unless you mean when your skin starts sagging.


I thought he would have got run over crossing the road. Lucky there was no traffic.


That’s one of the nicest sentiments I’ve ever heard. I choose you to survive the apocalypse with me.


Listen to this sloth and you will be fine. These things are all great advice.

AB FAB are wishing you a Happy Birthday. Try to not to drink too much champagne.

This kitty is rocking out with whiskey and glasses. He looks like he’s having a little too much fun.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire,

We don’t need no water let the mother f**r burn



Sounds to me like Batman has some daddy issues.



That’s right. Sometimes you just got to roll with it and let life go by. Chill out relax and eat cake.

Birthday parties can get a bit wild. Try keep an open mind and your party hat on.


That’s right bitches. Get your party heels on and have a good time coz it’s your birthday.


Channing Tatum will make your birthday dreams come true.


It’s your birthday. Please remain calm or go bananas.

Getting older is time for slowing down.


A semi-happy birthday is half of full happy birthday.


There are other options apart from a potato. Especially if your gluten free. You don’t have to settle for a potato.


Top it up with Gin and you can’t go wrong.


Sometimes things are always what they seem.


You were born by the semen of your father so thank him for being alive.


You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a birthday this year.

You may as well just own up to it and admit you’re old.


Party of one.



Forget the saying, I love you to the moon and back. May the force be with you unless of course, you’re a sith lord.

Have a gay old time.

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Grumpy cat is at again. Why doesn’t he cheer up?

It’s party time. Live it up.


The older you get the worse your face looks on a camera.


Tell your boss where to go this birthday.

Don’t worry if no one shows up for your birthday. A party is still a party even if it is only one person.


You look pretty every day and your birthday is no different.


I’ve had the time of my life and I’ve never felt this way before.



Winter is coming. We must stock up on cakes and other trinkets.

Imagine a sexy man whispering in your ear on your birthday.

Grumpy cat hates everything even you.


No need to rub it in little buddy.

Don’t be so mean Nelson.

Liam Neeson will save you from the jaws of defeat.

Thanks for reminding us.

Thanks, Ryan Gosling.


Mr White knows whats what.


You should probably give them a happy birthday card.


Sometimes fathers just forget.


You might want to consider getting some sexy photos for your birthday.


That’s the usual progression.



Happy Birthday. Wink, wink, nudge if you know what I’m saying.



This kid really likes his cakes. Beware.


Facebook is always red hot on your birthday.

Listen to Patrick. He knows best.

Carlton is the man.



You’re so pretty.

That’s all you need.

Get wild and have some fun. It’s your birthday.

Word up Neil Patrick Harris.

You’re perfect just the way you are.

How was this ever fashionable.






Your mother is the only person in the world who loves you.

Including picking your nose.



This guy looks like he’s eaten too much cake.

Sing and dance because the hills are alive with the sound of music.

Settle down son.


Now that’s a lot of Happy Birthday.

Vanilla ice know’s how to party. Move slide and pump.