Crazy Treatments Celebs Use To Look Young

So we all know the beauty mantra for taking good care of yourself – drink plenty of water, eat well, cut down on caffeine and alcohol, don’t smoke and use a good moisturiser and your face will look like the ultimate fountain of youth. On top of this, choose the best make up for your skin type and when all else fails pile on the mascara I say. So how come no matter how hard we try, celebrities seem to constantly look 10 years naturally younger than us regular people? Surely there must be some secrets to their beauty success. Now, I’m talking about the celebs which look like no surgeon has gone after their face with a scalpel but yet they still manage to look naturally as good as they did ten years earlier.

Alicia Silverstone seems to have not aged a day since she appeared in Clueless in 1995 – 15 years later!

Jada Pinkett Smith is aged 39 now but she doesn’t seem to have aged since her early days either.


The list of gorgeous celebrities could go on. Lets face it, none of us want to grow old gracefully if we can avoid it! But unlike Hollywood A-listers we don’t have live in personal trainers and the money to spend on cosmetic procedures as they do (although I would be far too squeamish to contemplate surgery anyway). So I keep investing in miracle creams and scrubs but how far would you go to stay young looking? I have uncovered some of the crazy ways that celebrities are now trying to hold on to their youth.

Caviar Face Cream

Clearly tired of eating the stuff, celebrities have turned to smothering expensive caviar all over their faces. La Prairies Skin Caviar Luxe Cream is a secret fad amongst celebrities including Angelina Jolie.

The cream pot alone is encrusted with Swarovski crystals and takes 2 days to make. The la prairie company claim that “The Caviar Collection combines state-of-the-art science with utter luxury”. The sea proteins within the product are supposed to smooth and pamper you skin giving it a luminous glow. However, the encrusted pot will set you back a whopping $2,900 and the refill costs $390. I think for me the stress of being able to pay for the cream would outweigh any positive ageing effect it may have on my skin!

Stem Cell Regeneration Ant Wrinkle Creams

Another cream with a huge celebrity following is produced by Tranquility Skincare. Their product Swiss Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenation Serum is used by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore.

They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away but now it seems that an apple a day will keep the wrinkles at bay! The product has been taken up by the A-listers so much that it has appeared in Vogue magazine and won the 2008 Innovation Prize for the Best Active Ingredient in Europe. The serum contains a rare Swiss Apple called the Uttwiler Spatlauber which is being branded the ‘super apple’ as it is so rare that only 20 trees are in existence. The apples have a four month longer shelf life and boast self renewal powers that will apparently rejuvenate old, sagging skin. The best news of all is that it will only set you back £30 so if you think these apples are going to be your saviour then they are an affordable option to try!

The S Lift (Short Scar Face lift)

OK, so you didn’t really believe that celebs were secretly getting younger but staying away from the scalpel altogether did you! The stars are still getting cosmetic procedures they are just finding ones which can go under the radar and be less noticeable.

The S Lift is being described as the mini face lift. This new type of lift makes scarring a thing of the past as the incisions are smaller, hidden better and there is a shorter recovery time after the surgery. The evidence has been removed and celebs can go on pretending like they have had no work done at all! This procedure will set you back at around 3k for an instant result but doesn’t last as long as a traditional face lift.

Abdominal Etching

It seems the industry are realizing that traditional cosmetic procedures are long, painful and take a lot of recovery time to allow the bruising and scarring to settle hence, quick cosmetic procedures are on the up, especially among the celebs. Ever wanted an envious flat tummy with some six pack definition like Madonna? Forget Pilate’s and all the stress of working out because celebs are cutting corners and getting some abdominal etching for a fast fix.


The procedure removes any excess fat and skin to give a flatter, tighter stomach area, with stronger muscle definition. The surgeon quite literally etches in a six pack. This has to take laziness to new heights surely! Think I would rather just sweat it out at the gym!

Leech Therapy

Well I thought I had heard it all until I heard this! You would think that celebs have all their time taken up enough as it is what with all of the applying of creams everywhere and going off for cosmetic procedures every time a bit of skin dares to move but would you believe it – leeches are now being use din beauty therapy.

Yes, you read right. Demi Moore is among the celebrities admitting to having the bizarre new treatment. She swears by this as a way of staying healthy and looking great at 45 as it detoxifies the blood. So if jumping in to a bath of turpentine and allowing leeches to suck on your blood sounds brilliant to you then you can be glowing in no time! This has to be one of the most extreme alternative beauty therapies out there. Be prepared to get waxed though as the little biters do not like body hair!

Preparation H

The cream Preparation H has remained one of the most under the radar ways and perhaps best kept beauty secrets of celebrity’s to date. To be honest though, I dont think I would be too pleased to tell the world that I regularly use hemorrhoid cream under my eyes to treat my eye bags especially if I was an A-list star.

So, supermodels and celebrities a like swear by this simple cream claiming it gives them an instant lift when they are bothered by eye bags. Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore (apparently she spends her whole life trying to be young) are advocates of this cream. Hmm, I’m not sure I wanna be rubbing hemorrhoid cream under my eyes though and be warned, there have been tales of bad skin reactions in people who have tried this trend. Also, the formula has been changed and Bio-Dyne (the bit that claimed to help) has been removed so apparently its now useless!

24 Carat Gold Face masks

Claimed to be the ultimate skin rejuvenating treatment, celebrities are also receiving 24 carat gold face masks. That’s right, if it’s precious in some way or extremely expensive (or preferably both) the stars will find someway to smother it on their faces!

A Japanese company call EMO first introduced this concept but it is now becoming more widely spread in Spa’s across the world for a fee of $250. The gold is applied in a sort of collagen mask that is supposed to moisturise and firm the skin. The gold helps the skin regenerate quicker and fuller and leaves your face more firmer in just one hour. Whats next diamond body scrubs?

Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Call me crazy after all the treatments mentioned above but I think this treatment is a step too far for me! I think I would be much more up for putting caviar on my face. London salons have started using a new hair treatment which is mixed with bull semen.

The hair product is called Hari’s and is a mixture of bull semen and a rare plant from Iran which is supposed to repair the hair especially that which has been damaged from excessive heat styling. The protein is believed to be miraculous at strengthening and repairing hair. This 45-minute treatment ranges from £55 to £85 and uses semen from Aberdeen Angus bulls.

Snake Venom Facial

You wouldn’t dream of getting anywhere close to a venomous snake for fear of getting seriously hurt or dying yet, we would probably consider put a snake’s venom on our face voluntarily. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Debra Mesingk argue that it does wonders for their face.

Actually, the beauty of this treatment is that no actual snakes are involved..phew!! The serum simply mimics the effects of venom i.e. relaxes the face the same way venom will relax its prey. The skins elasticity is improved which then allows a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and helps bond skin cells. A bit like Botox but without a needle or snake bite in site. The treatment will set you back around $185 though..ouch!

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