Helen Doron English Makes English Easy for Kids

Learning English as a second language often becomes a mission-unattainable for kids at early ages. This challenge can be attributed to the traditional methods that are seemingly not engaging, creative or enjoyable. Helen Doron English, since its inception over 30 years ago, has implemented innovative methods of teaching English to children up to 19 years of age. These methods seek to mimic the way kids learn their native languages.

Throughout the years, the English lessons proved to be efficient and effective as Helen Doron had envisioned. This is seen in the way kids love learning at Helen Doron English on a yearly basis. Their parents are also impressed with the creative and engaging lessons offered. This is because the school employs only the highly qualified teachers that share the same vision of creative and fun lessons. Furthermore, it has hundreds of franchises across the world that makes learning quite simple.

What attracts kids to Helen Doron English?

Kids are content with the entertaining lessons. The more fun the lessons are, it is the more they keep participating and will not forget easily what is being taught. With the teaching methodologies, kids learn the English language through games, songs and pictures. This helps them learn the language better than they would, had they enrolled in traditional schools. In most cases, these kids are not even aware if they are learning. What clicks in mind is the fun they have.

Moreover, kids are grouped into manageable groups of up to 8 where they get to engage with each other. They get to play with other children, which then encourages them to keep coming for more fun – lessons. The teacher manages to work with the kids effectively, which then help other kids to see their progress.

How do kids access Helen Doron English lessons?

Helen Doron had a worldwide vision of educating the English as a second language to all kids. For this reason, she made this possible by encouraging aspiring teachers to open franchises. To date, there are hundreds of learning centers in the world and the numbers keep rolling. These franchises and learning centers are not only fulfilling and rewarding to teachers, but are fun and engaging to all kids. Teaching methods are designed to retain the existing students and to lure new students from various communities.

The school has a dedicated support team that helps teachers to equip kids with creative lessons. It is through these franchises that kids all over the world keep benefiting from the unique and easy English lessons.

What if there is no franchise store in your country?

It is not the end of the world if there are no franchises in your country. The lessons are still available online. These lessons are equally fun, education and engaging. But you have to take part in teaching the kid to be familiar with the user interface. The following methods can be followed when enrolling kids in Helen Doron English lessons:

  • Helen Doron Stream → An Android-powered smartphone can be used to stream digital learning materials for kids. The app can be downloaded from Google Play. For Apple users, the app is imminent.
  • Kangi Club → This is an online portal of games designed for kids between 3 and 12 years. The enrolled kids will be issued with passwords to access the portal at any time.
  • Helen Doron Song Club → It’s a YouTube channel wherein the songs and videos are uploaded for children aged between 0 and 6 years.
  • Helen Doron Radio → kids can listen to improve their English knowledge. The lessons are interesting and educational. The app is available in iStore and Google Play stores.
  • Flupe → This is an English Words app designed for kids aged from 2 to 5 years. There is an option where those aged between 4 and 9 can learn to read and write.

It is this broad range of online activities and teaching methodologies that keep the kids coming to Helen Doron English lessons. They may no longer see the need to attend the less-entertaining lessons offered by their government schools.