Here’s What Can Happen If You Don’t Apply for a Work Visa

If you’ve ever considered working abroad, you’ve probably become aware that most countries require you to have a Visa. However, what exactly happens if you don’t apply for one, and try to sneak around the laws? Well, for each country, the penalties are different, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today.

In Australia

Australia has some of the best beaches in the world and is known for its sunshine and happy locals. However, it also takes its visa laws very seriously, and if you are found breaching them, you could be fined up to 10,000 Australian dollars. You can also be forced to leave the country, and may not be allowed back in the future. The laws affect not only the expat but also the employers that hire an illegal worker, as they can also be fined up to $10,000. Each Visa has special conditions, including how many hours you are allowed to work each week.

In Mexico

Before you apply for a work visa in Mexico, you must have a job offer from an employer. This ensures that it is harder for individuals to work without one. The employer must outline their intentions and provide relevant forms. If you do slip the system, you’ll be sent back home with a hefty fine to pay along the way.

In America

In America, once you’ve obtained a work visa, you also need to apply for a permit to allow you to work. This is then shown to employers, so they are aware you are eligible to work. If you’re found working without taking the right precautions, you could be sent packing and won’t be allowed back again.

In the UK

In the UK, there is much to explore, with a rich history and beautiful locations, it’s a popular choice for many expats. To work, you’ll need a work visa, and also need a work and residency permit if you plan to stay for over six months. If you’re an employer that has hired an illegal worker, you can be fined up to £20,000 per worker. For the expat, you may be threatened with up to 6 months in prison.

In Thailand

Found working without the proper paperwork in Thailand? You can face up to 5 years imprisonment and a fine of up to 100,000 Bhat. If you do have a permit, but work somewhere that isn’t outlined in it; you could also face a 20,000 Bhat fine. Not only that but if Police require to see your permit and you don’t have it on you, you could also be fined another 10,000 Bhat.

The same goes for employees that hire these individuals, with fines of up to 100,000 Bhat per worker. Why risk it? Check out these easiest countries for a work visa.

In France

France is full of great wine and food, and it’s almost impossible to get away with illegal working. If you’re found engaging in paid work without the proper work visa, you can be imprisoned and have to await a trial. Furthermore, you can be deported back to your home country and banned from ever entering again.

In Vietnam:

Thinking of starting a new life in Vietnam? Vietnam also takes its visa laws very seriously, and if you’re found working without a permit, you’ll be immediately expelled from the country. You’ll have limited time to pack your belongings and will be unable to return.

For employers that hire these individuals, the fines are extensive and vary depending on how many workers are involved. A fine of up to 45,000,000 if the violation involves 01 – 10 workers; up to 60,000,000 if the violation involves 11 – 20 workers and up to 75,000,000 if the violation involves more than 20 workers.

The point we can take away from all of this is that it isn’t worth ignoring the laws to work in another country. With some places offering up hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences, it’s vital to stick to the rules and go through the proper channels. When you’re applying for your Visa, make sure it ticks all the requirements that you need, and whatever you do, don’t overstay your time frame.

If you’re looking for work overbroad, there are also some countries that are harder to get into than others. Places Like Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, and Iran, are probably places that you should take off of your list. The processes are extensive and may take up to three months before you get any confirmation. If you’re worried about applying for a Visa, try to look at some of the easiest countries to get one. These include Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and Norway.

Good luck, and remember it’s always better to be safe than sorry!