100 Hilarious Bored Memes To Entertain Your Weary Self

The word ‘bore’ is that mental state, where you are just tired, annoyed and distressed of everything happening at your space. Nothing looks exciting and literally not a single object,”living or non-living” catches your interest. You don’t even want to sleep. How boring is that!

I feel like my article will be one hell of a bore if I continue this definition.

The only lively term I can derive from this word ‘bore’, is the Bored Memes.

So, Let us get to the hilarious side of this weariness.

Not sure if Boring or Furry.
Apparently, this cartoon character is so bored that he cannot even discriminate whether he is bored or just furry. Moreover, his eyes just add up to my statement.
If My ceiling fan could hold my weight I would never be bored again.
I doubt if it is really a meme. I mean, it seems like some suicidal thought to me. Anyways, may be the boredom contrived this very thought. How cruel!

But, of course, every situation in life is temporary and suicide is never the solution 🙂

I may be boring but i am never bored.

Personally loving this one now. “I am not the one who get into troubles, I am the one who give troubles”. The free soul in me literally love these kinds of sayings. It means that one just love themselves too much to take anything to their heart and disturb their peace of mind.

But hello, are you seriously never bored!

I’m so bored, I wish i was hungry.We always wish an easy solution to all our problems. However, this boredom is something  that does not have an easy solution. It would be even safe to say, it does not even have a solution. Furthermore, boredom screws the life out of you. Hunger is easy, you can just gulp down you favorite food and get away with it. So, you would rather be hungry.

But please do not cry, we got you covered 😉

I’m getting really bored and impatient and i don’t do bored and impatient.

Uniquely, this is the most epic kind of boredom. The kind, where your ego just does not let your boredom sink in. You cannot be impatient because you are not meant to be impatient. That is just not you!

Le me bored in class, press pen down the table.

Never-mind, we all do this kind of stuffs when we are bored, don’t we? I believe this is the most we can do in the classroom when the boredom hits. We all can feel you brother. We all have been there.

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I’m bored. I am not having any fun.Correspondingly, this sentence can be termed as reverse psychology. I am bored because there is no fun and now that i am bored, i will not have any fun! Yes, these words sums up everything boredom feels.

Ever been so bored in class that you made fucking pancakes.Yes, I have been there and i guarantee you all have been there too. Were your pancakes good? Mine were fab!

If you’re feeling bored, find a group photo of 4 girls on Instagram and then comment, “You 3 look great!” Wait and grab popcorn. That’s the evilest thing I can imagine.

If you just cannot help yourself from your boredom, then, this is something you can do for your fun. At least you can laugh at others by doing a prank maybe.

Born at 7:00 AM, Bored at 7:01 AM.I get you child. I totally get you. May be you can already feel the sad vibes of the world you are brought into. By the way, i have literally no idea, what on earth would make you happy. I cannot even tell you to read my memes.

Not a single fuck was given that day. As a matter of fact, we all need attention. We want to be looked at, admired and moreover, be loved. Be it anyone! When we don’t get the desired spotlight, we get deceptive and finally tend to become bored.

Bored? Knit all the things.

Now, this particular thing in the picture exactly knows what to do when you get bored. Knit everything. Yeah right! So that you can become more bored right?

Bored at work like a boss.Have you guys ever wondered, how would a boss react when he gets bored? I mean you are your own boss right? I’ll tell you what a boss does. He just combines all the metal paper clips into a machine like thing. Or is it an insect? God knows.

Boring..Poor pug is so bored that he has literally given up on everything. He does not want to wake up and do life. He is just too borreeeeed!

So I sez to da brod, less lip more nip, amirite?

Excuse me for the caption, I am just putting up with the kid’s expression. Just look at his face! Well maybe he just wants his food, that’s all I can think of right now.

Are you bored? Draw eyebrows on your dog and laugh until his next bath.Basically, if you have got a dog in your house and you are still bored then you can try this thing. Draw eyebrows on your dog and laugh like an idiot. This should definitely help.

When I’m bored, i send a text to a random number saying, “I hid the body, now what?You could have done this, but, just look at the consequence it has invited. So even if you tend to get too boring, do not try this. Better be bored than behind the bars.

Whatever! Did not want to play anyway.I personally feel that, cat is that one creature which directly gives a damn to the human. I mean just look at their expressions, so much grin and attitude that look has. So now, this very cat is bored, maybe because nobody asked them for a play. And, since we all know that cats do possess a different kind of attitude, it has pronounced that it never wanted to play anyway.

What if i told you, only boring people get bored.
See, this might be true to some extent, but does that mean, people who are fun, never get bored! In this case, we might as well say that bore is an attribute used for boring people.
What if cats have their own internet and it;s full of pictures of us.
Cats, in the first place, intimidate me so much that I feel that I have no right to talk about them. Additionally, about the saying given in the picture, I doubt if its wrong. Because, precisely speaking, I do not trust the cats, just like I don’t trust the humans.
Well, I am not that bored that i would clean my room.
Shout out to every mother in the world who think that cleaning our rooms would take away our fatigue. Furthermore, when we tell you that we are bored, we expect you to be little more patient and bear with us. Do not, for God’s sake expect us to clean the entire place.
Too bored to sleep and too sleepy to human.
I do not want to sleep, neither do i want to function the human. I just want to lay upside on the couch and vent on how much weary I feel.
This is my favorite game when u get bored in class.
This very game can be a nominee for the,”one of the most played games while being tedious in the class”
This is my excited face, I’m really jumping for joy here.
Cats again! His grin says it all. He might be assuming that, you have made this hopeless situation for him. His anger, exhaustion and his attitude announce this. Of course, he wanted your fair amount of time to help him with his tire, but oh well!
Stop trying to make fetch happen, it’s not going to happen.
We, being the humans, have never yet been able to understand ourselves, it is possible for us to understand the other species?

Clearly, no!

Neither do we understand their language, nor can we understand their emotions. We can just predict, and this picture predicts that the doggy does not want to get doing! And it is pretty obvious too!

Seriously you can never make someone else work for you if they do not want to work in the first place.

Step one : Turn on water
Step two : Run like hell

Turn on the water and run like hell. Yeah right, only you can do this, you catty!


I know my dear sponge bob, we have all been there, its OK.

So you’re telling me, you smoke a plant that makes you hungry, for fun?

Strange right? And you know what’s more strange, that very plant can even kill you and still people can get so addictive. Well, a bizarre thing even I cannot figure out dear kid. I do give the same expressions.

So bored! Decided to make a meme.

Does this mean that, memes are created by boring people? ‘Laugh out loud’

Normal Eiffel Tower pictures are boring.

Comparatively, this picture is very exciting, but, please watch out. Do not mess up with your excretory system, trying to get a funny picture 😉

Nigga you must be BORED.
Yes dear, you are absolutely correct, but so are you right?
Much office, too computer, such bored.
To all the office workers in the world, do take a break, have less computers and more life. Even the dog is questioning you.
When I’m bored, i send a text to a random number saying,”I hid the body, now what?”
Try it, and do let me know how it goes. I am not going to do this because, (scroll upwards to find out)

Meowed until human woke up, didn’t need anything just bored.
Only a cat can do this. No comments!
Come to the party, they said, you’ll have a good time, they said.

As a matter of fact, there must have been an event like this in everyone’s life. You go to a social gathering to get over your boredom and you end up feeling more exhausted!

Meanwhile at the mattress factory.

Now this seems fun to me. I wish i could work in a mattress factory so that even when i get irked, i would do this kind of stuffs. Looks satisfying.

Help me please, I am bored.

You look very cute. I so wish I could help.

Listen, I know it’s still November, but can i have the sparkly green giant car toy now. I am bored.
Bored of being bored, because being bored is boring.

You know what mentally stable people do when they get bored? They keep going. Neither do they surrender, nor do they give up. Pull yourself up and get going.

I got bored at work today so i started working to help pass the time.

Oh boy! I have been there too and I guess we all have been there, not once, but many a times in our lives. So bored that you have actually started to work to pass the time is the most intense form of fatigue. So annoying!

I am so bored right now. 

I don’t know about others but I have realized that, we humans are not the only species that get bored. Each and every living being tend to get weary at some point. I wish i could help this one too. Well, even if i could have, God knows what kind of help I would have done to entertain them!

When you find a dank meme to send to your friends.

Well, any meme is worth sharing to a friend. However, if you find some dank meme, send it by pulling up your specs. This way, the meme becomes ten times more funny.

Shut up liver, You are fine!

Dear liver, you could rather shut up, because clearly, no one is going to listen anyway!

You do not need my health history. This is just a dental visit.Every time I get to hear these kind of statements from my doctor, I get really pleased. I mean, there is someone who wants to know about your health and your well being, isn’t that great? But, this sponge bob is damn frustrated. Maybe, because he is really really fatigued and turned off. He is straight out saying, don’t act my mom, doctor!

*Playing #Pubg*
When your whole squad in the car and someone starts firing.

This is a really funny meme by the way. And the expressions clearly resemble people playing pubg.

Moreover, please do not forget to see the name of person sharing the meme, single haqse!

My face when someone tells me what I did when I was drunk.

Man! this is the exact face I make when someone says the same to me. See, do not explain to me what I did when I was drunk, because that was not me! I cannot bear with someone else’s actions. There are two different sides to every human out there, the drunk self and the sober self. Get to the respective sides and please do not mix the two of them.

Breaking news, I am bored!

This geeky official dog is bored. Wow, such an exciting breaking news.

When I get bored, I call in sick to places I don’t work. Tomorrow I am getting written up at Walmart. 

You can actually do this if you are ready to bear with the consequences. If you so bored that you are ready to take up literally any aftermath that this very activity brings to you then I shout, Go for it!

How fascinating, Please tell me more.
When you are so so spiritless and turned off that your ears stop to work, you do this. Just wide open your eyes and ask them to tell you more because, background sound is better than silence.

Here are more exciting memes that you all can go through. 

See, we all are human and we all get bored many a times in our lives. The trick is how you get through it. However, one has to always keep in mind that everything in life is temporary, even the weary phase in your life. And this does not have a permanent solution too. You find solution as the problem arise.

Of course you can read memes but I will tell you a few more ideas on how you can get over your weariness.

Read your favorite book.
Plant your garden. 
Go out and get some fresh air.
Go to the gym.
Do some yoga, or maybe dance classes if you are interested.
Go do some shopping.
Call your friends and ask them out.

and if all of these don’t help then try to sleep it off.

And if all of these don’t help, then please read my bored memes, and if even this does not help then let me know in the comments.