Hiring a Boat: The UK’s Latest Staycation Trend

As an island nation, the UK has a lot of coastlines. According to Ordnance Survey, the British mainland has 17,819km of coast. If you factor in all the islands, there are 31,368km of coastline to explore. This does not even account for the hundreds of rivers, lakes, canals and other waterways that criss-cross the country. One of the best ways to take in the coastal areas and other waterways of Great Britain is by boat. With staycations on the rise in 2021, many people are choosing to head to www.borrowaboat.com to begin sailing Britain’s oceans and waterways for a unique holiday experience.

Trending in the United States

Sailing as a pastime has been trending in the US throughout 2020 and early 2021. Boat sales skyrocketed in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 9% taking sales to a 13-year high of $47 billion. Many of these sales were first-time buyers, which bodes well for continued industry growth. Many boat dealers are now struggling to maintain inventory as sales continue to soar.

Borrow a Boat’s recent launch of its US site will help many who are as yet unable to purchase their own craft outright to experience the thrill of sailing the open waters. While the UK boat market may not yet have reached quite such dizzying heights, there is a definite increase in interest in sailing holidays as a large percentage of the population plans staycations in summer 2021.

Boat Rental

Owning a boat and having the freedom to take to the seas at a whim is a dream of many. However, it can be cost-prohibitive in the short-term. Boat rental is taking off across the UK as a popular alternative, with many families and households choosing to rent both on a direct to customer basis and as charters. Mid-sized boats between 28 feet and 45 feet in length are the most popular choice, followed by smaller boats at less than 28 feet. Rental for boats larger than 45 feet in length is still strong and day cruise rentals are also increasing in popularity.

Cowes Week Regatta

One of the biggest annual UK events for sailing enthusiasts is the Cowes Week Regatta. Held almost every year at Cowes on the Isle of Wight since 1826, the Regatta today brings together up to 1,000 boats competing across a range of events with 40 different handicaps. Boat rental is available at Cowes Week for those that do not have their own craft but would like to enter.


Cornwall has the longest stretch of coastline of all the English counties, with 1,086km to explore. Falmouth has the world’s third largest natural deep water harbour and makes an ideal starting point for any sailing adventure. The area is steeped in maritime history and there are schools offering sailing lessons for newcomers to the sport. Falmouth is also a renowned surfing spot for those that want to combine their sailing trip with more adventurous watersports.


Often referred to as God’s Own County, Yorkshire has some stunning coastline leading to some of the most spectacular countryside scenery in the world. There are also multiple managed lakes throughout the northern county, offering opportunities for a different type of sailing in calmer waters. There are various sailing clubs dotted along the Yorkshire coast for those that like to get involved with others and many exquisite places to visit. These include Whitby, famously the home of Count Dracula. Any exploration of Whitby’s twisting alleyways and gothic architecture confirms why Bram Stoker chose such as region as the landing place for his fictional vampire.

Weymouth, Dorset

The sailing in Weymouth, Dorset is so good that the region was chosen as the venue for the sailing events that took place during the 2012 Olympic Games. Spectators of the Games will recognise the sweeping views and unique geology of the area as they take to the waters, whether that is as a pupil learning to sail at one of the many schools or through a private yacht charter, speed boat rental or sea tour of the region.

The Lake District

The Lake District in Cumbria is one of the most popular choices for a UK staycation. Lake Windermere is England’s largest natural lake and is surrounded by other lakes, making this a great choice for any sailing vacation. Windermere has sailing schools, watersports courses and even luxury yachting experiences that include four-course meals with fine wines on-board.

Abersoch, Wales

Abersoch in North Wales is home to internationally recognised prime sailing waters off the western coast. Located on the Llyn Peninsula in the shadow of Mount Snowdon, this beach resort is a highly popular choice for sailors of all levels of experience. There are also numerous watersports available in the area, making it worth anchoring up for a day or two and experiencing everything Abersoch has to offer.

Boat rental provides a unique way for locals and visitors alike to gain a new perspective on the Great British Coastline. Beautiful beaches backing onto quaint seaside towns and rugged countryside adorn the UK coastline from north to south, with hundreds of potential mooring spots for overnight stays or simply stopping off for a bite to eat at one of the many waterfront cafes and bars.