How to apply minimalism at home with your kids

According to Richard Halloway, three attributes give us joy, vividness, and power. These attributes are singleness, clarity, and simplicity or minimalism. It is not even debatable that a minimalist life comes with so many benefits to people of all ages.

Many parents believe that minimalism with kids at home is unattainable. It is interesting that they do so since minimalism and having kids are not mutually exclusive. If you have been thinking about ways to be minimalist with your kids at home, you just picked the right post. We will provide you with tips to achieve your aim.

Is it possible to apply minimalism at home with your kids?

There is just one answer to this question, “Yes!!!” However, there is a catch. You need to put in some extra thought, patience, and effort. We understand that the journey might be twisted especially if you are just new to the idea. Hence, we have put together a few tips below to help you.

Explain the decision

It is a wonder that many parents don’t provide their kids with any explanation because they think kids won’t understand. If you fall into this category, then you have been doing it wrong. Kids have brains and can think. This means that when you explain stuff to them, they will understand.

What matters is how you pass the message across. You need to tell your kids what a minimalist lifestyle means. After doing this, you should let them know the reasons why you are making this decision. Make them know that your decision wouldn’t starve them of necessities. What it means is that you would scrutinize every purchase henceforth.

Minimize your current possessions

You should do this in two steps. The first step requires you to check through your personal belongings and get rid of the excesses. After doing this, then you can minimize the shared belongings in your household.

Think about it, asking your kids to adopt a minimalist lifestyle without doing the same is tantamount to being unfair. When you start with your belongings, you are setting an example. This way, it is easier for them to respond when you ask them to do the same.

Asides from being minimalist, getting rid of the clutter improves your overall life. It presents you and your kids with valuable lessons that make navigating through life a lot easier.

Pay attention to the positives

The more of a minimalist lifestyle you adopt, the more benefits you will enjoy. It is very easy to lose the positives as you progress into this new phase with your kids. You must call the attention of your kids to every success and benefit along the way.

Sometimes, we overlook these positives because we were able to achieve them easily. You should know that your kids need the encouragement to see more reasons why they should continue the journey. As such, give them kudos when their rooms are tidier or they don’t spend as much time cleaning.

Pointing out these positives makes applying minimalism worth it. Let’s not forget the feeling of satisfaction that comes with every success you achieve. Enjoy each success before climbing over the next hurdle.

Treat your kids to fun experiences

Minimalism gives you more time on your hands while helping you to spend less. What does this mean for a parent like you? Now, you have extra disposable income as well as time to use it judiciously.

Make use of both to treat your kids and other family members to fun experiences. Doing this helps you to create amazing memories that will linger in their minds for the rest of their lives. There are several things that you can do with your extra disposable income and time. Examples include taking a road trip, visiting the amusement park, or even going to the zoo.

You’d be using one stone to kill several birds when you do this. For example, while creating fun memories, you’d also be teaching your kids a lot of stuff depending on the activity. A huge benefit of this is that it shows your kids more why applying minimalism is great for them.

Be meticulous with your purchases

Now, we are not saying that you should become miserly. However, it is important that you watch what you buy for your kids. Minimalism requires you to be more careful with spending your money.

One inevitable thing is that kids will outgrow clothes, school supplies, sporting goods, and toys.  Of course, they don’t stop developing or growing so you have to make purchases frequently. One way to be more meticulous about your purchases is asking yourself what you need instead of what you want.

Teach your kids that they should cater to what they need first. This will help them as they grow into this lifestyle. Another way to be meticulous with your purchases is to choose where you shop carefully. Puratium can help you with great ideas of places and products to consider.

Benefits of Minimalism

One thing you should know about minimalism is that it is countercultural. There is so much joy you and your kids can derive from making this decision and adopting this lifestyle. Here are a few of them:

You spend less

When you begin to spend on just the essentials, you cut down on your expenses drastically. This helps you improve your saving culture. It also helps your kids to develop admirable financial qualities.

More freedom

When you adopt the minimalist lifestyle, you begin to enjoy a certain level of refreshing freedom. This is mostly because you rid your home of unnecessary material possessions. The ripple effect of this is a sense of independence.

Easier cleaning

Minimalism helps you to reduce the clutter to the barest minimum. This makes it easier to clean your home. Now, your kids don’t have to be lazy about cleaning since they can complete the task very quickly.


Applying minimalism is a great idea and we have shown you how to invite your kids into this lifestyle. We also gave you a few benefits of leading a minimalist lifestyle. Do you have any questions? Drop them in the comments section below.