Pregnancy Week 8 | 8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pregnancy week 8 is a big time for many expecting Mom’s because after weeks of keeping the baby secret, it’s now time to start thinking about sharing your good news. Of course if you’re typically a fairly social person, there’s a good chance those closest to you have already started figuring out something important is going on. The big things just aren’t happening in your social life. Oh no, there’s a lot more going on that prepping pregnancy announcements. That little baby inside your belly is going through a lot of changes. Let’s talk about what you can expect from pregnancy week 8.


What’s Happening with Your Baby

You know those little flippers on the sides and bottom of your baby we talked about last week? Well this week, there are big things happening with those little flippers. If you were able to see the growing miracle inside your tummy, you’d notice tiny little webbed digits appearing at the ends of those flippers. Those digits are, of course, what will become your baby’s fingers and toes. Right now those fingers and toes are webbed but in time, that webbing will almost completely disappear and you’ll be left with the little piggies that will be going to market and the little fingers that your baby will use to get into absolutely everything.

So your baby has sprouted what will become its fingers and toes which is pretty exciting but there’s a lot more happening with that little bean that is growing into a baby. The biggest change is that the baby doesn’t really look like a bean anymore. Each week it’s beginning to look more and more like the little person you’ll meet when you give birth. Your baby’s face is starting to get more definition in pregnancy week 8. The tiny button nose you’ll love so much is starting to stand out more at the center of your baby’s face and your baby also now has eyelids that nearly cover its entire eye. You’ll even start seeing a tiny bump just below the nose that will develop into Baby’s upper lip.

That tail we talked about last week? Almost entirely gone now. Your baby has grown to about the size of a kidney bean and its tiny heart is starting to beat more strongly and much quicker. While internally the beginnings of your baby’s genitals have begun forming, the external genitals have not yet developed. This means it’s still too early to find out whether you’re going to have a little girl or a little boy. Some women insist they can tell and they may even be right but your doctor won’t be able to confirm or dispel your hunch for a few more weeks.

While your baby’s lungs have been developing for a little while, those developing lungs now connect to breathing tubes that extend into your baby’s throat. Nerve cells are branching out in your baby’s brain and forming the start of neural pathways by connecting to each other. Your baby is also moving around inside your belly but it’s still far too early for you to feel those movements. Don’t expect to feel the first kick just yet. Those little legs it will be kicking with are only really just beginning to develop.


How You’re Feeling

Pregnancy week 8 can be a rough week for a lot of very different reasons. This can be a tough time emotionally because there is a lot of worry at this stage in your pregnancy. A lot of things can go wrong at this point but it’s important to remember a lot of things can go right as well. If you’ve already suffered a miscarriage or have finally gotten pregnant after a long period of trying, you’re likely feeling a lot of anxiety. Talk to your doctor about it. Talk to your friends about it. If you have a partner you’ll be raising your baby with, talk to your partner about it. Talking really can help. Some women talking about fears during early pregnancy is bad luck but anxiety is not good for you or your baby. You need to be eating and sleeping right to make sure your baby is getting everything it needs. Stress and anxiety make that difficult and talking can help.

There is likely a lot going on with you physically as well at this point in your pregnancy. Your breasts are starting to swell. You may not need to invest in a new bra just yet but the time to do so is fast approaching. Your breasts are probably quite tender as well. Consider wearing a sports bra to support your growing breasts and to ease the soreness a little bit. If this is your first baby, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to go up at least one cup size, and possibly two, so keep that in mind and plan for the purchase of new bras. The reason for this is simple. You’re body is preparing for breastfeeding your baby. This is important so while it may be a bit inconvenient, it’s at least a necessary inconvenience.

Now it’s time to talk about the fatigue you’ll be feeling at this stage in your pregnancy. There’s a whole lot going on in your body so it’s only natural that your body is going to need a little rest. Add to that hormonal changes and energy-zapping morning sickness and it’s no wonder you’re a little more sluggish than usual. Most expectant mothers will still be working at this point (if you have a job, of course) so taking a nap when you feel tired might not be an option. If you have other children, it also might be difficult to find time to take a little nap. It’s still important to try though. Take a nap when you get home from work. As a friend or your partner to watch the kids for a little while during the afternoon. You need to take care of yourself and making sure you get enough rest is a big part of that.


What You Should Be Focusing On

Although it’s still too early to be breaking out the camera for baby bump pictures because you still have a little while to go until you’re showing, it is entirely possible that the people closest to you are starting to ask if you have a bun in the oven. Why? You’re skipping on that glass of wine with dinner. You might be feeling nauseated or running to the bathroom more often than usual. You’re probably just a little bit on the moody side and you might be having some weird things going on with food. You might be dining on things you wouldn’t normally eat or turning your nose up at your old favorites. The signs are there and those closest to you may be picking up on them. What does that mean? It’s time to start thinking about when and how you’d like to share your big news.

It’s normal to worry about announcing your pregnancy. Talk with your doctor and your partner (if you’ve already told your partner) about your options and when the time is right for you to share your news. In the end, the decision is really up to you though. Don’t get upset if your partner spills the beans sooner than you’d like though. Well, try not to get upset at least. Remember, your partner is probably just as excited to share the news as you are. With that said, it’s important to reduce stress as much as possible. Consider having a few friends and close family members over for a low key get together early in the evening and share your news then. You need a good night’s sleep so early evening is the best time to call everyone together. If that’s too much for you to handle though, don’t feel like you have to have people over. You can tell them on the phone, tell them over lunch or even tell them via e-mail. It’s totally your choice and no one will be upset with you for not throwing a big event to celebrate the news right away.

Aside from deciding when and how you want to share your news, pregnancy week 8 is also a time for making decisions about your prenatal testing. Find out what your insurance covers if you aren’t sure and figure out your budget for any additional testing you want. It’s a good idea to get as many tests as you can if you’re feeling nervous about your pregnancy. Testing can help set your mind at ease but it can also help you discover any potential issues, plan for them and possibly even resolve them before it’s too late. Prenatal testing is extremely important. Don’t neglect it. Talk to your doctor about what testing options are right for you and really think about what you want to have done.