How to Stay In Touch With Your Friends

Friends are an essential factor in our lives as they are our backbone when we feel weak or overburdened with stress in life. Friendship is great because we know that we have someone to call and they will be right there when we need them. But when our friends move to a far-away location, our friendship is tested.

Living in different geographical locations can lead to a strain on the friendship. But, because we value our friendship with every fiber of our being, we have to find effective ways to stay in touch regardless of the distance.

1. Communicate everyday

The innovation of technology makes it possible for us to communicate daily with our far-away friends. There are multiple ways to reach out, anytime of the day and night.

  • Phone call – let’s make it a point to call our friends every day. It could be a quick less-than-a-minute call just asking how things are going. We can do it while we eat, or while we ride the taxi to work.

We can even call while we prepare for the day, or when we are going home at night. Of course, we need to know the proper times to call, so let’s not forget to get each other’s schedules to avoid interruption.

  • Chat – chatting is a great way to communicate with our long distance friends. Sending selfies is a great way to update each other with the daily happenings from both ends.
  • Video call – video calling is great to ensure that though far away, we can still talk face to face with our treasured friends.
  • Text messages – it won’t take a minute to send a simple text message daily to let our friends know that we are here for them.
  • Email – sending emails is another way to communicate with our sourly missed friends on a daily basis.

2. Meet halfway

Do not wait for special occasions or bad events to meet up with friends. Though distance is not an issue, you can always compromise if either of you cannot make it all the way to the others place. You can meet halfway, and have fun travelling at the same time.

Meeting in the middle is a good statement of friendship commitment, and it will be like having a vacation in the chosen place of meeting.

3. Commit to being present in special occasions

It is during special occasions that the presence of friends will be greatly missed as they are needed to share joy. It is best to make a pact with your friends to always be there in priceless moments in both your lives. They may not be able to attend all special events, but at least they can make an effort to be there.

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Christening
  • Children’s birthday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

4. Be there when it counts

There will always be a time in life when you may feel hurt, down, and maybe lose the will to live. Regardless of if you are experiencing a huge loss like a breakup, job loss, failed investment, or any other heartbreaking and depressing reality, you need to be there for your friends.

Friendship is about knowing that when you reach rock bottom, your friends will drop everything and come to your aid. It’s about being there when it truly counts.

5. Send surprise packages

It is a cute idea to send your friends surprise packages once in a while. When you go to a mall or pass by a store, look for a simple item that reminds you of your friends, pack them and send them. Just out of the blue.

Imagine what your friends will feel when they receive the packages. It doesn’t matter if your friends fail to do the same thing. Sending packages goes a long way to let your dear friends know that they are always in your mind and heart.

6. Stay in touch with each other’s families

Your friendship is not limited to one another. You also become part of each other’s family. When your friends need to move away to a better place, you must not cut-off communication with their families.

Always keep the good relationship going, and stay in touch with each other’s families no matter the distance.

7. Random visits

No matter how busy your friends are, you can still visit them when you have free time. Random visits are perfect, especially when the other party does not know you are coming. Always keep spontaneity as an exciting part of your long distance friendship.

Of course, you need to know first if your friends are available at the days that you plan to go over and surprise them to ensure a happy outcome.

8. Buy souvenirs or props for keeping in touch

Sometimes, you may get too caught up with your daily life that you may not find the time to call or message long distance friends. Thankfully, the friendship lamps UK is offering are perfect for geographically difficult friendships. Without needing to say a word, you can let out friends know that you are thinking about them.

All you have to do is touch the friendship lamp and your friends will know that you haven’t forgotten them.

Final say

Friends are more than our companions and serve a bigger role beyond that of mere people whom we confide in. Friends help us deal with whatever life throws at us. With friends, you are able to handle stress, and having friends promotes healthy brain.

You can rebound from the cruelty of the world with friends by our side, literally or figuratively. However, this all depends on your willingness to put in the work to maintain the friendship. Even if your friends are far from you, you must always keep in touch. Distance is never an excuse not to reach out regularly.