How to Travel Safely With Your Dog

A lot of pet owners are always concerned about traveling with their pets. If it is not possible to leave the pet at home, you must take them with you and it is not easy to travel with a four-legged. But it is not impossible. You can take your dog for fun vacations and make the most of your time with your pet. Here are a few tips to make traveling with the dog fun and safe.


Before you set out on your journey, bring the dog to a veterinarian for a quick check-up and ensure all the vaccinations are updated. You may also need health certifications when traveling by air. To ensure that your dog remains healthy during travel, carry the right supply of probiotics for dogs. Companies like Agatha’s Pet Wellness (you can learn more here: offer carefully formulated options that are not only nutritious but also taste great. Remember to carry bottled water and medications if your dog needs any.

You need to keep in mind that it will not be smooth sailing for the dog. Be prepared for an emergency and keep the number of the nearest veterinary emergency hospital with you. If a situation arises where the dog needs medical attention, you need to be well prepared.


A great way to keep the dog safe for airline travel or in a car is using a crate. It will keep the pet from landing into trouble and will make it easier for you to carry the pet. The crate should be big enough for the dog to be able to stand, lie down, or turn. It should be strong and leak-proof. Make sure there is enough ventilation on both sides and stock it with your dog’s favorite toy and a comfortable mat.

Traveling in a car

If you are traveling by car, you must let the dog get used to it by letting him sit with you. You can also go for short car rides. You can avoid carsickness by ensuring that the dog travels on an empty stomach. But give him water from time to time. Always maintain ventilation in the car and when the dog is in the crate, ensure there is enough fresh air flow in the crate. Never let the dog ride in the car with the head sticking out of the window or at the back in an open truck. Remember to take frequent breaks for potty and exercise. Never leave the dog unattended in the car. If you need to leave the car, ask a family member to be with the dog. 

Flying with your dog 

If traveling by plane, you need to visit the veterinarian before the trip. You will need a certification of health no more than 10 days before they travel. You will also have to provide rabies and vaccination certificates. Remember that the dog is not younger than 8 weeks old when flying. All airlines make it clear that it is your responsibility to verify the ability of your dog to fly. If you are unsure, ask the veterinarian if your dog is in a good condition to fly or if you should sedate the dog for the trip. Different airlines will have various services and regulations when carrying pets. You must check with them and adhere to the same. Whenever you make your reservations, you also need to make reservations for your dog.

Best practices when traveling with a dog

Carry toys and games– You must carry toys and games to ensure that the dog does not get bored on the journey. Carry a few favorites with you at all times.

Plan breaks for the bathroom– Before leaving home, you need to teach the dog to relieve himself on different surfaces and not just grass. When your dog has the ability to potty on different terrains, it will not make him feel discomfort when you are on the road. Also carry fews bags to clean up afterward. 

Carry water and food- Only you are aware of what your dog loves to eat. You can also check with the veterinarian about giving your dog water and food while away from home. You need to ensure that the dog does not get an upset stomach. If the dog already has an upset stomach, you need to carry medication with you. You can purchase dog food at the destination but it is important to pack some in case you do not find the right quality. Instead of carrying the bulky bowls for your dog, buy collapsible ones and let the dog get used to them before you travel.

These tips will make it easy and convenient for you to travel with your dog. Whether you are traveling by road or air, take all the necessary precautions for the safety of your four-legged.