Home Improvement Ideas to Raise the Resale Value of Your Home

Nowadays, there’s stiff competition in the real estate industry. Homeowners are now seeking ways to sell their properties faster and fetch the best value. One great way of doing this is by undertaking various home improvements. These can range from painting to updating your lighting fixtures.

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Check out home improvement ideas to increase the value of your home:

  1. Remodeling

Remodeling is an excellent way of sprucing the look of our home. The kitchen and the bathroom are of prime concern to most buyers. They are usually the first spots to get inspected. So, engage a professional and have them make a few changes.

For the bathroom, consider ways of de-cluttering to create the illusion of space.

Have the expert suggest the best colors, tiles, and bathroom accessories. Fit the right furniture and lighting fixtures to make the space cozier. Whatever other changes you wish to make, be sure to give it a modern touch.

On the other hand, a kitchen makeover may involve fixing contemporary cabinets, countertops, kitchen islands, and sinks. Ensure that the kitchen floor is well maintained and the faucets and in perfect condition and not leaking.

  1. Landscaping

Decorating your patio will enhance the curb appeal and raise the value of your home. Some experts estimate that you can get over a 150% return on your investment by doing simple upgrades to your backyard. A lovely yard will make your home more engaging and inviting. Trim bushes, plant new multicolored flowers and add some decorative flower pots.

Also, fit the right outdoor furniture to create the right ambiance for relaxation. You can as well upgrade an existing deck by fixing a roof. Moreover, invest in an outdoor barbecue appliance and a furnace.

  1. Create more storage space

A cluttered home looks chaotic and unwelcoming. Consider smart storage ideas that can help de-clutter and keep the house neat. Fix additional storage shelves and cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Also, fit storage bins and boxes that can hold more stuff in the house.

  1. Clean & Declutter

A clean home appeals to all buyers. Cleaning doesn’t cost much but can result in a higher price for your property. Discard all unnecessary items to make your home more spacious. Clean thoroughly, and pay more attention to the hidden areas like heating vents and baseboards. Remove all the grout and stains, and consider a professional cleaner for best results.

  1. Repainting walls

Paint brightens your home giving it a new fresher look. First of all, patch up holes in your walls before applying a fresh coat. Paint both the interiors and the exteriors and apply a primer coat for a smooth finish.

Choose your colors wisely. Not all buyers love bright hues; instead, go for natural colors; they will create the illusion of space. They also provide an excellent background for your furniture, creating the best home image.

The condition of your walls also matters; if there are dents and cracks, an eggshell finish paint would be ideal. Be keen on the kitchen and bathrooms; they are critical determinants to buyers looking or properties. For excellent results, fix new curtains and sheers to complement your new wall color.

  1. Update lighting fixtures

You can modify the look of your home by fitting the right lighting fixtures. Opt for energy-saving lights; an energy-efficient home will likely attract serious buyers. Install modern lights paying attention to the purpose of every room. For instance, place kitchen fixtures over cabinets and working space.

The lights in your kitchen should illuminate all the working areas and storage spaces. Consider a beautiful pendant light over the kitchen table or island. Similarly, fit ample lighting for your drawing-room, and shadow-free light for the bathroom and soft lighting for the bedrooms. The idea here is to buy your fixtures depending on the location and amount of light required.

  1. Fit modern appliances

These are a unique way to fascinate any buyer who values comfort. Some buyers don’t move in with their appliances and have to acquire new ones upon moving in. Offering state-of-the-art kitchen appliances saves a buyer a lot of money and time shopping. It will also draw many buyers and enhance the value of your home.


The list of home improvements to try out when selling your home are endless. Some are very costly, while others are reasonable.

Although most home improvements will increase your property value, be keen on the cost of materials. You don’t have to spend more than what the market value gives you. Whatever options you go for, choose contemporary fittings and accessories, and give your home an overhaul.