Implications of having a criminal record

Having a criminal record in Canada is a complicated affair because there are a lot of implications that come with this situation. The person that has a criminal record will not have access to many things that are available for the rest of the country’s citizens. Some might be prohibited by law while others are just a social consequence of their situation, such as getting a job. If you have a criminal record, getting a job becomes a very challenging endeavor, because entrepreneurs are wary of hiring ex-convicts. That is the situation everywhere, so it’s not unique to Canada. However, it is the situation in Canada nevertheless, and those with a criminal record have to face this harsh reality.

Criminal record check

Many people get a criminal record check as the criminal record weighs heavily when it comes to important relations and transactions such as shaking hands on a deal or getting hired, as previously mentioned. A criminal record check is an official affirmation that the person inquiring has or does not have a criminal record.

Crossing the border

Crossing the border in the United States is something that many Canadians aspire to do. There are many reasons for which someone would like to go the United States. Many want to search for a job there or have already made preparations for starting a job in the US. Others have relatives or friends that they want to visit or live with. No matter the reason however, a criminal record will get in the way of them being able of crossing the border into the US legally.

Getting a US waiver

Canadians with a criminal record or that have been denied entry into the US for multiple reasons need a us waiver application form i 192. This is needed in order to be able to successfully cross over into the US. If you are able to enter the US legally, then you probably don’t need a US waiver. However the best course of action is to inquire so that you don’t find yourself in the middle of a confusion detrimental to you.

Getting a pardon

Getting a National Pardon is a solution that most people are looking towards after completing a sentence. A pardon can help a convicted criminal regain the ability of entering the United States if this right had been previously taken from them due to one or more reasons.

If you think that for whatever reasons you might not be legally allowed into the United States or a waiver or pardon would help your situation, inquire whether or not you actually need one before pursuing one of these solutions.