Is Muscle Soreness and Pain After A Car Accident Normal?

Whenever a person suffers an injury or gets into a situation where they might’ve been injured, they may start to question anything they feel in their body after the event.

A similar thing might happen to you after you experience any type of car accident. Since it’s hard to say what might happen, you can end up with a lot of injuries.

But the most common question people ask after an accident is, is muscle soreness and pain after a car accident normal? Unfortunately, the answer is not entirely simple because there are many factors at play here.

Let’s get into the details to learn a little more about muscle pain and soreness that you may experience after a car crash.

Different Types of Pain You May Feel

There are various types of pain that you may be feeling after being in a car crash. Considering that pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong, it can mean that your body is experiencing trauma.

While there are different types of pain, here are the four types of physical pain that you should concern yourself with:

Radiating Pain

You are feeling radiating pain if it feels like its traveling around your body. Generally, it starts from the back or neck and then goes down your body.

Aching Pain

Aching is what you may experience when it hurts every time you move.

Sharp Pain

A sharp pain often feels like you are stabbed or someone is poking you with needles. The pain might be severe, but it usually goes away quickly.

Throbbing Pain

If you feel your heartbeat at the pain point, then you are feeling throbbing.


Now that you know the types of pain, it might be useful to address a reasonable period where you might feel pain after a car crash.


What Factors Affect The Normal Recovery Period?

Since there are many types of pain and soreness that you may be feeling in your body, it’s not easy to say precisely how long it will last.

However, certain factors influence the time it takes for you to ultimately get over the pain and soreness you are feeling.

These would be:

Your Health before the Crash

If you were already experiencing leg pain before the crash, and your leg got even more hurt during the crash, then your injuries can be more severe than if you were in perfect health.

Your Age

A person’s age can influence the rate at which their body heals and how well they can shake off the pain. If you are younger, then you may recover faster.


Should You Visit A Medical Care Facility?

Thinking that your pain may go away on its own is not a good thing to do. Since it’s almost impossible to tell how quickly you can recover from muscle pain and soreness, it would be best to seek immediate attention.

Getting medical care urgently can also help you out if you file a claim against the other driver, according to every car accident lawyer in New York. If your lawyer shows that you needed to get medical care urgently, then you won’t have as much trouble getting compensated.

Also, since the pain is an alarm from your body, you should consider listening to it as quick as possible.


Crucial Steps You Should Take To Recover

When you start to feel pain in any part of your body, you might try to reach it and take certain steps to feel relief.

But the complexity of this pain is an issue. That’s why your doctor will recommend exactly what you need to do. If what they say sounds expensive, don’t worry because your lawyer can probably get you compensated for it.

If you are hesitating to get medical care, consider doing these four things:

Drink Plenty of Water

Keep your body adequately hydrated to avoid any improper muscle function, such as muscle cramps. Also, having more fluids in your body can allow you to heal much faster.


Get a Massage

Not every person is a fan of taking off their clothes and getting under the sheets on a table while someone unties their knots. Whether you like it or not, massage therapy can be very beneficial to promote the healing process.


Try Yoga

Yoga isn’t the preferred method of exercise for most people, but it can be amazing in relaxing the stiffness in your muscles.

Along with the stretching, you will also be breathing more deeply. Both of these can allow your muscles to function better and heal faster.


Rest As Much As Possible

Since you are feeling pain and soreness, it’s a no-brainer that you need to get plenty of rest. You need to give your injured muscles time to heal from the damage that was caused during the car accident.