Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 10 ‘A Cheesy Situation’

I want to start this off by stating I refuse to write about any relationship drama between Ronnie and Sam. I refuse. It’s just ridiculous. I’ll write about Ronnie. I’ll write about Sam, but not Ronnie and Sam together. It looks like everyone in that house – Ronnie and Sam excluded – are sick of it and so am I. It’s boring. This is the last I’ll talk of it. Any time it appears in the episode, I’ll be posting a picture of my cat, Speeze, because Speeze is more infinitely more interesting than Ronnie, Sam and their ridiculous relationship.

Pauly and Ronnie discuss deep, philosophical things.

Nah – just kidding. How out of place would that be? I’m sure they’re both very smart men, but there’s a time and place for everything. Naturally they’re talking about Sammi’s return. So far? No drama, really. Just chatting. Maybe it isn’t the end of the world. Naturally, though, no drama in the Sammi/Ronnie mess means drama must exist elsewhere. Ladies and gentleman – the Vinny/Snooki mess.

The trouble begins (well, gets, worse at least).

So, anyone who knows anything about Jersey Shore knows Snooki and Vinny have spent a night or two together. Until now, it really hasn’t been anything more than a smash (or smush – whichever slang term for sex you prefer) here and there, but now Snooki thinks she has feelings for Vinny. The truth is, Snooki is just a girl who wants a boy. She wants to be in love. Vinny is there and available and she’s attracted to that more than she’s attracted to him. Proof? Look at her track record. Only a few nights ago, she was hooking up with other people. I think they have feelings for each other. I also think they’re young and want to have fun. Anyway, Snooki asks Vinny to cuddle with her later (another slang term for sex, I gather) but basically tells him its okay if he meets someone else at the club. He does. Drama ensues.

Ronnie tries to keep the peace - kind of.

The kids all go to a club and drama occurs. Ronnie is trying to woo Sammi, but goes home when she tells him too. The whole thing is refreshingly drama free. Vinny meets a girl who has a good looking friend for his wingman Pauly. They take their girls and go back to the Shore house. Snooki and Sammi decide to head home a short time later because Snooki wants to ‘touch Vinny’. They get home and Snooki finds Vinny with his girl and freaks out a little bit. Ronnie steps in and tries to prevent her from making a mistake and let’s be honest – Snooki going near Vinny’s room would’ve been a mistake. Sure he might’ve been a little aggressive, but in the end, I think he did the right thing. Sammi got involved a little, but not enough to really cause any drama so no picture of Speeze is warranted here. Too bad – I have some good ones. Am I the only one that’s more than a little shocked at how undramatic Sammi’s return to the Shore house has been?

Jenni needs to pee. Gross stuff happens.

I like Jenni. She’s trashy but she’s so honest about it. When she has to pee, she pees – even if it’s on the side of the road or behind a bar. I like the fact that she is who she is. Deena probably isn’t quite as happy about that though as Jenni, while walking home from the bar with Deena, decided to duck between two parked cars and relieve herself. The problem? She peed on Deena’s foot. I have to ask the question we all want answered though – why was Deena hovering over Jenni while she peed in the first place?

Vinny tries talking to drunk Snooki. It goes as well as you'd expect.

Back at the Shore house, Snooki is in bed sobbing while Sammi and Jenni try comforting her. Vinny shows his entertainment for the evening to the door and everyone immediately starts asking him what he’s going to do about Snooki and giving him a hard time about making her cry. He goes to try to talk to her, but decides it would be better to wait until the next day. I can’t imagine why.

Deena is behind the wheel. Look out!

The next day, the Jersey Shore kids decide to do a little bowling. Snooki stays behind to wallow in self pity and recuperate from the night before. On the way, Jenni, Pauly and Vinny fear death as Deena gets behind the wall and proves she’s a terrible driver. Behind them, Ronnie can’t help but comment on Deena’s terrible motoring skills. They all arrive in one piece, though. Somehow.

Vinny gets to hear about Snooki again.

Sammi confronts Vinny and asks him what’s going on with him and Snooki. He says he loves her and will talk to her. He doesn’t want her crying over him, but he also doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her. It’s a complicated situation. Vinny’s clearly a good guy with a good heart. Snooki would be lucky to have a guy like him and he’d be lucky to have a little firecracker like her. The conversation ends. Everyone heads home. Uneventful? Yeah, a little bit. I’m actually starting to miss the drama.

Snooki and Jenni have a heart to heart.

Jenni is a smart woman. She doesn’t get nearly enough credit for that. When Snooki tells Jenni about her possible feelings for Vinny, Jenni is honest; telling Snooki she thinks its more of a convenience thing. Vinny’s her roommate. He’s there and available. If that weren’t the case, her feelings might be different. I think Jenni makes a valid point and one Snooki seems to take to heart. Snooki goes back to bed but chases Vinny away when he tries to talk to her. She’s embarrassed and has reason to be, but her behavior is nothing unforgivable. Lots of girls have been there.

You want us to clean what?

There was more toilet drama in last night’s episode but thankfully – for both the house mates and my sensitive stomach – help was on the way. First though, Sammi, Deena, Ronnie and Pauly sit down to discuss who should clean the plugged up, disgusting toilet. Not Sammi and Deena – that’s for sure. Ronnie decides he’s going to take a crack at it.

The Bathroom Situation.

A plugged up toilet really brings the boys together as they all gather to see what’s going on. Judging from the reactions, it’s nothing good. Ronnie is pretty sure the toilet has been used again since it became too plugged up to use and throws in the towel on the whole toilet fixing adventure. Jenni takes matters into her own hands – she calls Danny (the landlord).

Jenni and the duck call for some much needed help.

Danny isn’t terribly pleased the kids have let the toilet situation go for two weeks and tells Jenni they’ll have to deal with it for the night. Apparently, she called on a Sunday and not only will he not tackle a toilet on a Sunday but no plumbers will either. Sucks to be them, it would appear. It could be worse though. Danny does promise to send someone over the next morning.

Help arrives!

The plumbers arrive the next morning and, not surprisingly at all, Snooki has a crush on one of them. She warns them the bathroom is disgusting and she is most definitely right. They tackle the job like the brave men they are but neither of them seems terribly excited about it. That just isn’t a job I could do. Just seeing them working on the toilet makes me feel ill. Snooki thinks they’re hot. Does this surprise anyone?

The cause of the clog is uncovered. Vinny is suspect number one.

The plumbers get to the bottom of the toilet problem (no pun intended) and while I thought I heard them say ‘panties’ were flushed down the toilet, it turns out it was in fact a wife beater (men’s undershirt for those not familiar with the term) – a size small wife beater. Clearly not Ronnie’s or Pauly’s as those guys are huge. Mike is far too much of a neat freak to do something like that and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a wife beater on the show. Vinny denies it was him, but by the process of elimination, it can only be him.

Pauly has a theory.

I love Pauly. That’s about all I can say about his theory regarding Vinny’s wife beater ending up in the toilet. While Jenni’s is more logical (it was knocked into the toilet when Vinny got out of the shower and Vinny flushed it, not wanting to reach into the toilet to retrieve it), Pauly’s is definitely more entertaining. I love him like puppies.

Snooki 'cleans' the toilet.

With the toilet unclogged and Vinny all but convicted of the crime, the issue becomes who gets to clean the toilet. Snooki, feeling bad that she’s never so much as touched a dish in the Shore house, decides she’ll take bathroom duty. Comedy ensues. I love Snooki more than she loves pickles – that adorable little munchkin.

Team Sober!

What? An entire scene when Ronnie and Sammi are together without any drama erupting. Looks like I’ll have to save my cat pictures for another episode.  Seriously though – way to go, Team Sober. Snooki, Sammi and Ronnie decide to do things a little different, skip the club and just hang out without the influence of alcohol. Snooki is still embarrassed about her behavior with Vinny and is tired of waking up hung over. They have a nice dinner and decide that Mike’s prank on Snooki and Deena has gone unpunished long enough. Enter the Cheese Bed.

Cheesing the Bed: Putting a plan into action.

Everyone knows Mike loves pranks, but I can’t help but wonder if he’s going to be able to take what he has coming to him. While everyone else is having fun at the club, Team Sober is at the Shore house putting grated cheese, cheese slices and cottage cheese in Mike’s bed. When everyone returns from the club, lo and behold, Mike has a girl with him. That doesn’t really go well. We learn later that Mike thought the girl he brought home smelled like cheese and kicked her out, but not before getting a little oral action from her. Jenni tells Mike he can still get an STD that way and he seems shocked. Really Mike? You didn’t know that? That’s pretty disturbing actually. Regardless, Jenni sets out to educate him.

Jenni takes Mike to school.

Jenni makes a call to the health clinic and learns what she – and pretty much everyone else watching – already knew. You can get STDs through unprotected oral sex. Mike looks concerned but tries to hide it. It I were him, I’d be running to the clinic for some tests. I’d also consider being a little more discerning with the people I had sex with. Come on, Mike. You can’t possibly be that uneducated. Wrap it up before you take it for a swim unless you want your junk to fall off.

Snooki apologized to Vinny.

Thursday’s Jersey Shore ended on a sweet note with Snooki apologizing to Vinny for her drunken behavior. See, folks? This is how it’s done. You do something stupid, you apologize, you move on. Neat and tidy. Will it stay that way between Vinny and Snooki? No, probably not. They have feelings for each other they’re ignoring. That never works out. The same can be said for Sammi and Ronnie. I predict fireworks coming up. I have the cat pictures all ready to go for next time.

What did you all think of Thursday’s Jersey Shore? Do you think things are going to remain calm between Ronnie and Sammi or is there another blow up in the works? How about Snooki and Vinny? Are there feelings there or is it just wishful thinking on my part? How do you feel about Sammi coming back? Sound off in the comments section below and come back next week for my full recap of Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 11. And hey – don’t forget to share this recap on Facebook and Twitter – sharing is caring!