The European road trip: how to start and where to go

Europe is perfect for a memorable road trip! From the incredible fields of Tuscany and the ascending mountains of the Sierra Nevada to the beaches of the South of France, you can find a European road trip route that will suit your taste and travel style. With routes and itineraries planned out, ideas about where to go, what to see, and accommodation recommendations, if you’ve got wheels, there’s a European road trip plan here for you!

How and where to start your trip

Routing a roadmap

Many people who take road trips like to take the route having the scenic beauty of their chosen destination. You can use a map or GPS to plan a route. Some may even prefer taking back roads rather than highways when they go on road trips. It may take longer to reach your destination on these roads, but the sites would be eye-catching.  Some beautiful destinations in Europe to visit are-

  • Amalfi Coast – Italy
  • Autobahn – Germany
  • Dalmatian Coast – Croatia
  • Provence – Southern France
  • Basque Circuit – Northern Spain
  • Romantic Road – Germany
  • Atlantic Road – Norway

Renting a vehicle

Cars especially suited for road trips are sports or convertible cars. They provide great mileage. SUVs and minivans are also good road trip vehicles if you are traveling in groups or with your family. Also, try to select a budget-friendly vehicle that can give economic mileage, saving your trip cost. You can consider out of the many vehicle options available at BB&L Car rental.

Checking up on your vehicle

If you are planning to drive your car over a long distance for several days, it is a noteworthy idea to let a mechanic check for problems before you leave. Get your oil changed, refill your wiper fluid, and make sure all lights are working. These steps will reduce the chance of becoming deserted or experiencing mechanical issues during your road trip. Many Car Rentals in The Netherlands provide suitable serviced cars ensuring to make your trip convenient.

Plan your stops

It is reasonable to estimate that you will need to take a break from traveling every two or three hours. If there is an interesting city, park, or restaurant that you would like to see on your road trip, schedule a stop accordingly. It would also rejuvenate you for the rest of the trip instead of making it dull. You can plan this out before going on your trip by locating the most engaging places to stop and spend your time with the help of the internet.


You need to focus your attention on the road but the passengers, however, might want some entertainment along the way. Portable DVD players with headphones, MP3 players, books, puzzles, magazines, and travel journals are some excellent ideas for passing the time on a road trip. Thus, while traveling ensures the car you rent has the best entertainment system for you.