Malu Trevejo: The Rising Young Artist, Net Worth, Age & Bio

Full Name Maria Luisa “Malu” Trevejo
Birthdate October 15, 2002
Birthplace Havana, Cuba
Age 16
Father Unknown
Mother Denia Petterson
Career / Profession Singer, Dancer, Songwriter, Instagram star
Weight 44 kgs (98 lbs)
Height 5” 5’
Net Worth Est. $1 million


Malu Trevejo
Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo, born as Maria Luisa Trevejo was born in Havana, Cuba. She is a Cuban, Spanish, American citizen popular for being a dancer, singer, songwriter, and Internet sensation. She is living in Miami, United States. Malu rose to fame as her Instagram hit 7 million followers and had 2.5 million fans on Many were impressed by her voice, and this is where she followed her dreams to become an artist.

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After she has released her debut single, HRVY caught his attention. Thus, HRVY invited her for a collaboration which gained over 40 million views.

Early Childhood Life of Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo was born in Havana, Cuba on October 15, 2002. She is born to a Cuban mother, Denia Petterson, and a Spanish father. Malu never publicized her father, even his name. After her birth, her parents and Malu moved to Madrid, Spain where they lived for 12 years. Unfortunately, his father divorced his mother. Thus, she and her mother relocated to Miami, where she started her music career.

She tried to visit and enroll in schools. However, her classmates and schoolmates bullied for her frame and accent, which made her isolated from them. That is why she prefers to enroll in a homeschool program where she is now.

Malu Trevejo’s Social Media and Career

We all know Malu got famous through social media. She posts her videos singing and dancing at Instagram and Her manager discovered her through her Instagram account. The manager saw a video of her dancing, which invited her to sign with the Universal Music Latin.

Other than posting her singing and dancing talents on Instagram, she uploads photos and videos of poses with various outfits. She has a style, and she can show off the current trends and fashion. More so, she has a perfect body frame which adds to the texture of how gorgeous she looks. It helped boost her follower count.

Malu Trevejo is Verified by Genius
Malu Trevejo is Verified by Genius

After which, she made an account on She posts videos lip-syncing her favorite songs. With her talent, she became a popular figure on If you want to view her posted videos, you can follow her at malutrevejoo123 on

With the success of her social media platforms, Trevejo decided to create a YouTube account. Expectedly, it turns out to be another success. In her YouTube channel, Malu Trevejo shares advice to her teen fans, post makeup tutorials and dance videos. You can follow her accounts if you want to be updated of her life.

Aside from her popularity in the social media platform, Trevejo shows her gift and talent through her singing and dancing. Nonetheless, this career path of hers is also flourishing.

Today, Malu boasts her amazingly popular singles. Her first released single was “Luna Llena” with The Fliptones production. After seven weeks of release, the posted video on YouTube had 33 million views. Her fans quickly recognize Malu Trevejo as she took part in the Pandora Radio’s Latin Artist to Watch.

As she hoped to release her first album, she revealed that it would be Spanglish. A combination of English and Spanish songs. Thus, to make her dreams come true, she signed a recording contract with In-Tu Linea. Recently, she released an EP with four tracks entitled “Una Vez más.” Her collaboration with the pop singer was ‘Hasta Luego.’ In total, she has 11 singles. Surely, she will write and produce more songs in the future.

At a very young age, Malu Trevejo has the hearts of the people and has become a constant source of inspiration

Physical Features of Malu Trevejo

Malu stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall and weighs 98 pounds. Her body measurement makes her look beautiful and sexy. If you are not familiar with her physical features, she has dark brown-colored eyes with a hair dyed with a blonde color.

Malu Trevejo and her mom
Malu Trevejo and her mom

Malu Trevejo’s Personal Life

We all know she is an Internet sensation, and she is active in every social media platform. However, even if she always update her fans about her personal and professional life. There are things she wants to keep in private, and we respect that.

If you are looking for a piece of information about who she is dating, it is unfortunate of you. Before, Malu was reported to be dating the Baton Rouge rapper, Youngboy. He was her first boyfriend. However, they did not last long. They parted ways when Malu said she is not ready to have an intimate relationship with him and accused him of cheating.

She made confusion to her fans when she posted a photo with a guy on her Instagram. Although the post does not have a caption, is she telling us that she’s making her dating life private? Is she dating the guy? After a while, a piece of news broke to confirm she is dating Danny Alfonso, her co-Instagram star.

Are they committed to each other? We may not know whether Trevejo is ready for an intimate relationship. Nonetheless, we should respect her relationships. We expect her fans to be curious with her personal life, especially her dating life. Even though the public always demands some information about her own life, Malu still manages to keep most of the details out of sight.

Net Worth of Malu Trevejo: How much does she earn?

The upsurge of Malu’s career gave her several opportunities. She became an Instagram sensation, and through her account, she endorses brands. Through this, Malu gained contracts and modeling consignments. Moreover, she also has a YouTube channel, where she earned a recording contract.

As a rising star at a very young age, she is handling it well. She was able to balance her career as an artist and as a social media personality. Now, she owns both from her online activities and her career as an artist.

There is still no statement regarding her official net worth. However, it is roughly estimated that her net worth is approximately $1 million. Now, that’s an impressive income from a very young artist.

Facts about Malu Trevejo

  • Malu finds Shakira her source of inspiration in her passion for dancing and singing. She likes her family set up a show where she can be the star.
  • The songs released by Malu Trevejo are mostly bilingual. She states that her culture significantly affects this, and this is to make her friends and family relate to her songs.
  • As her family is from Spain and Cuba, it influenced the way she makes her beat and lyrics. She proudly said that both countries are rich with beautiful music with sexy beat and lyrics.
  • Malu defines her style as Latin Urban Pop. She recognizes her music as a Latin sound, even her English tracks.
  • In her short career, she has already collaborated with established artists. Her collaborations with HRVY, Gente de Zona, and Jeon is a significant turn in her career. It means
  • Despite her fame and rising career, she wants everyone to know that she is a shy girl.

Some Questions People May Ask about Malu Trevejo

What does the name “Malu” mean?

The name Malu is a Hawaiian name for a girl, which means “peace.”

Does Malu Trevejo have tattoos?

Yes, Malu has six tattoos, and 5 of them are visible! She has a surrealist design placed on the center of her chest. On her upper shoulder, she had her Arabic name put. Her wrist is the most tattooed body part; she has a paw print, treble chef, and rose on her wrist. The most prominent tattoo she had is the poem placed on her upper arm.

Is Malu Trevejo dating?

>Malu is no longer in a relationship. She was with NBA Youngboy but called it quits as she was not ready to commit in an intimate relationship with him.
Is NBA Youngboy jailed in 2017?

Yes, he was in jail from December 2016 to August 2017 for the attempt of first-degree murder. After which, he was sentenced again due to his involvement in a drive-by shooting incident. Guess it is better that Malu called it quits with him.

Does Malu Trevejo have haters?

Yes, all celebrities have haters. According to one of her haters, Malu is an attention seeker. They claim that Malu gained recognition because of their feud video posted online. Many Bregoli fans associate Trevejo as Danielle Bregoli’s rival.

We may see Malu Trevejo as a successful rising artist. But, like any other celebrities and immigrants, there is no discount on the struggles they face. She went through bullying because she has a thick accent in English. Her perseverance and motivation brought her to where she is now. She just turned a blind eye to her haters to get going.

Malu Trevejo is living the American dream. The bilingual crossover in her music puts a twist in the Music Industry.