Man Candy Monday: Cress Williams

Man Candy Monday: Cress Williams (source:

Who is Cress Williams? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: Cress Williams
  • Nicknames: Cress
  • Height: 6’5″
  • Age: 43
  • Born: July 27, 1968 in Heidelberg, Germany
  • Profession: Actor
  • Status: Married to actress Simbi Khali
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

1993-1994: Beverly Hills, 90210 (D’Shawn Hardell) – television series, 13 episodes
1993-1998: Living Single (Terrence “Scooter” Williams) – television series, 10 episodes
1994: Hardball (“Spotlight” Davis) – television series, 1 episode “See Spot Rum”
1994: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Talak’talan) – television series, 1 episode “The Jem’Hadar”
1995: The Watcher – television series
1995: If Not For You (Ahmed) – television series, 1 episode “Snap!”
1995: The Doom Generation (Peanut) – feature film
1995: NYPD Blue (Silky) – television series, 2 episodes “One Big Happy Family”, “A Murder with Teeth in It”
1996: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Baron Sunday) – television series, 1 episode “Never on Sunday”
1996: JAG (Captain Overton) – television series, 1 episode “The Brotherhood”
1996: 2 Days in the Valley (Golfer) – feature film
1996: Rolling Thunder (“Grey” Toussaint) – made for TV movie
1996: Rebound: The Legend of Earl “The Goat” Manigault (Kimbrough) – made for TV movie
1997: Home Invasion (Freemont) – made for TV movie
1997: LA Johns (Bill Allen) – made for TV movie
1997: Leaving L.A. (Dudley Adams) – television series, 6 episodes
1997: Pants on Fire (Dream Guy) – short
1998-2008: ER (Officer Reggie Moore) – television series, 14 episodes
1998: Fallen (Detective Joe)
1998: Creature (Tall Man) – made for TV movie
1998: Buddy Farro (Jaleel Jermaine) – television series, 1 episode “Ain’t that a Kick in the Head”
1999: Never Been Kissed (George) – feature film
1999: The Dogwalker (K.C.) – feature film
1999: Becker (Chris Davis) – television series, 1 episode “The Blind Curve”
2000-2001: Nash Bridges (Antwon Babcock) – television series, 22 episodes
2000: Sports Night (Steve Sarris) – television series, 1 episode “Dana Get Your Gun”
2000: G VS E (Virgil Grissom) – television series, 1 episode “Underworld”
2000: Masquerade – made for TV movie
2001-2002: Providence (Dr. Sam Magala) – television series, 8 episodes
2001: Pursuit of Happiness (Ace) – feature film
2001: Philly (Calvin Burney) – television series, 1 episode “Loving Sons”
2002: Couples (Marcus) – made for TV movie
2002: Presidio Med (Richard Clayton) – television series, 1 episode “This Baby’s Gonna Fly”
2002: The District (Dr. Carson) – television series, 1 episode “Drug Money”
2003: Touched By an Angel (Riley) – television series, 1 episode “And a Nightingale Sang”
2003: Watching Ellie (Dexter) – television series, 1 episode “Buskers”
2003: The Lyon’s Den (Eddie) – television series, 1 episode “Beach House”
2004: Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit (Sam Dufoy) – television series, 1 episode “Careless”
2004: Little Black Book (Phil) -feature film
2004: House (Hospital Attorney) – television series, 1 episode “Maternity”
2005-2006: Veronica Mars (Nathan Woods) – television series, 4 episodes
2005-2006: The West Wing (Lester) – television series, 2 episodes “Election Day”, “Undecideds”
2006-2007: Close to Home (Ed Williams) – television series, 20 episodes
2006-2008: Grey’s Anatomy (Tucker Jones) – television series, 7 episodes
2006: Haskett’s Chance (Hudson Chanticleer) – made for TV movie
2008: Ball Don’t Lie (Dante)
2008: Prison Break (Wyatt) – television series, 9 episodes
2009: Cold Case (Jimmy Clarke) – television series, 1 episode “Jurisprudence”
2010-2011: Friday Night Lights (Ornette Howard) – television series, 10 episodes
2011: Hawthorne – television series, 2 episodes “A Shot In the Dark”, “Price of Admission”
2011-2012: Hart of Dixie (Mayor Lavon Hayes) – television series, 22 episodes

source: Close to Home promos

So it’s been a while, right? A few weeks without Man Candy. I apologize endlessly for this terrible, albeit unavoidable, absence. We’re making up for it today though and we’re making up for it in a big way because this week, our Man Candy Monday winner is none other than gorgeous and talented Hart of Dixie star, Cress Williams.

credit: Adam Kropa/Getty Images

I was thrilled to see Cress Williams’ name among the write-in nominees a few weeks back and was even more thrilled that he won his profile with such a huge percentage of the votes. If you follow my posts over at Girl In Stereo, you probably already know I’m a little obsessed with CW’s Hart of Dixie, which just happens to feature gorgeous Mr. Williams as Mayor Lavon Hayes. What you may not know, however, is that I had very little interest in watching the show until I heard three names – Rachel Bilson, Jaime King and Cress Williams. Cress sealed the deal. I wasn’t sure what role he was going to play or how much screen time he would get but I know his name was on the cast list and I knew that meant I was in. Why? Because I freaking love this man. Let me tell you just how much.


I have had a raging celeb crush on Mr. Cress Williams since his time on Beverly Hills, 90210. Sure I liked Jason Preistley and sure I was convinced I was going to marry Luke Perry one day but the moment Cress appeared on the screen I couldn’t see anyone else. He’s magnetic. He has a way of stealing every scene that he’s in with his effortless charm. At the same time, he is entirely capable of pulling off heart stopping intensity should the role call for it. Cress is an actor – a real actor. I have seen him in about a million things. Browse over his resume. I guarantee you have too.


If I have one complaint about Cress Williams it’s a minor one and it’s not even really his fault. It’s more of a complaint directed at the internet at large. There just isn’t enough information out there about this gorgeous man and there are certainly not enough decent photos. Someone needs to correct this grave injustice. The internet demands – the internet needs – more Cress Williams. Hopefully this Man Candy win will start the wave of Cress Williams love. The man deserves it after all and it’s not like he doesn’t have a loyal fan base. He took the Meet the Candy Candidates poll with 92.92% of your votes. Pretty impressive.

Now it’s time for you to vote for next week’s Man Candy. Head on over to Girl in Stereo by clicking here to see who is nominated on this week’s poll (with a picture of each contestant) or to nominate your favorite Man Candy. Check out a complete list of past Man Candy winners (along with links to their full profiles) by checking out the official Man Candy Monday Archive by clicking here. Okay, enough talk – let’s get to the gallery! Enjoy!

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