4 Date Ideas That Will Keep The Fall Blues At Bay

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Fall is finally here, and while it may feel as though dating season has come to an end you couldn’t be more wrong! Here, we’ve come up with four different types of dates you and your other half can go on to keep those fall blues at bay.

Firstly, here are some reasons why fall is the most romantic season of all…

While spring is all about freshness, summer centers around heat and winter focuses on festivities, fall is about coziness and creativity. If weather permits, you can get out and explore the beautiful world as it transforms from summer to winter, and if it doesn’t, it’s a chance to get cozy.

This season may be even better for those of us who are looking for love, as fall is just inherently romantic. If you’re looking for someone to share this fall – and hopefully many more seasons to come – with, then this is definitely the time to talk to whoever it is you have a crush or to log into a dating app like Badoo, which you can download here for Android phones. Chances are, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t want someone to stay warm with on cold evenings.

1. Frolic in the Fields

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As the cold rolls in across the land and the grey skies loom above us, the thought of going outside for any reason other than to get food seems preposterous. However, if you choose your outside expedition carefully, an autumn adventure could be your new favourite date go-to. For instance, you and your s/o could go apple picking if there happens to be orchard nearby. Alternatively, pumpkin patches are a great place to get nostalgic over some hot chocolates. If you’re lucky, you may even live near a corn maze, where you can take your sweetheart and play a game of hide and seek or tag. All of these destinations are destined to turn any date into a sweet, romantic and fun venture.

2. Get Cosy

Of course, if the weather is bordering on horrendous chances are even an apple orchard or getting lost in a corn maze won’t make the day any fun. On a particularly windy or rainy day, it might be a better idea to stay inside and get cosy. Start by making some nice, hot, homey drinks such as hot chocolate of this delicious chai spices apple cider from The Kitchn. Next, it’s time to pull out every blanket you own and either cuddle up or build a fort that the two of you can hide from the horrible weather in. If your blanket supply is running low this fall, there’s no reason why you can’t just stay in bed under the duvet all day watching Netflix. That sure sounds like a great date to us!

3. Take A Tour

By far one of the best parts of fall is the beautiful colors produced by the falling leaves. A great date idea is to take a drive down some of the streets and avenues in your local area, taking in all of the precious beauty that only reveals itself for a couple of months every year. Still, you may need to have a destination in mind if you’re going out in the first place, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. If Halloween is approaching, then the obvious choice is a haunted house. After all, there’s no better opportunity to jump into your s/o’s arms than at a scary, haunted home. If you’re not into that, you could maybe try a brewery tour or find a local festival/fair.

4. Have a Cook-Off

Speaking of food, there’s nothing better than a hot meal on a cold fall night. Even if you’re both absolutely awful at cooking, it may be fun to have a cook-off. In fact, it will probably be even more fun if the both of you have no idea what you’re doing. Some red hot chilli, a traditional roast or fajitas are just some of the dishes you could try. Of course, if you’re not feeling overly confident in your cooking abilities you can always make something together. Baking is a tried and tested dating idea, so why not bake some cookies, an apple pie or some brownies together. Once you’re done, you can always return to your duvet fort and cuddle the fall evening away.

There you have it! Let us know if these date ideas sound great to you, and let us know if you have any other ideas in the comments down below.