Man Candy Monday: Ian Somerhalder

Man Candy Monday: Ian Somerhalder

Who is Ian Somerhalder? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: Ian Joseph Somerhalder
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Age: 32
  • Born: December 8, 1978 in Covington, Louisiana
  • Profession: Actor, Model, Producer
  • Status: In a relationship with actress Nina Dobrev.
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

1997: The Big Easy (IQ) – television series, episode The Black Bag
1999: Now and Again (Brian) – television series, episode A Girl’s Life
2000: Young Americans (Hamilton Fleming) – television series, 8 total episodes
2001: Anatomy of a Hate Crime (Russell Henderson) – made for TV movie
2001: Life As a House (Josh) – feature film
2002: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Tony Del Nagro) – television series, episode Revenge is Best Served Cold
2002: Changing Hearts (Jason Kelly) – feature film
2002: The Rules of Attraction (Paul Denton) – feature film
2003: Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit (Charlie Baker) television series, episode Dominance
2003: CSI: Miami (Ricky Murdoch) television series, episode, The Best Defense
2004: In Enemy Hands (U.S.S. Swordfish: Danny Miller) feature film
2004: The Old Man and the Studio (Matt) short film
2004: Fearless (Jordan Gracie) made for TV movie
2004: Smallville (Adam Knight) television series, 7 episodes in total
2004-2010: Lost (Boone Carlyle) television series, 27 episodes
2006: Pulse (Dexter) feature film
2006: The Sensation of Sight (Drifter) feature film
2007: Marco Polo (Marco Polo) made for TV movie
2007: Tell Me You Love Me (Nick) television series, 6 episodes in total
2008: The Lost Samaritan (William Archer) feature film
2008: Lost City Raiders (Jack Kubiak) feature film
2009: Fireball (Lee Cooper) made for TV movie
2009: Wake (Tyler) feature film
2009: The Tournament (Miles Slade) feature film
2009-2011 (continuing): The Vampire Diaries (Damon Salvatore) television series
2010: How to Make Love to a Woman (Daniel Meltzer) feature film
2012: Cradlewood (Josh) feature film – pre-production

A bit more about the lovely and talented Ian Somerhalder.

Ian Somerhalder was a natural choice for a profile on Man Candy Monday. He is absolutely gorgeous. Those gorgeous blue eyes of his are only the start. Those lips! Those cheekbones! The guy is pretty much as close to the perfect as a man can get. He started his career as a model at only ten years old working for big name designers such as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Guess and Versace . In fact, Ian was the face of Guess for two consecutive Fall seasons. Ian didn’t finish high school, choosing instead to follow his dream in Europe. A lot has changed for Ian since those days though.

Ian as Boone on ABC's Lost.

Despite his incredible looks, Ian is reluctant to talk about his days as a model now, fearing he will be seen as just another pretty face in a sea full of pretty faces in Hollywood. He wants to be seen as a serious actor and many of his career choices reflect that. While many people first took notice of Ian as Boone on the hit series Lost some of us remember him as Paul Denton in The Rules of Attraction (great movie, by the way) or from even earlier as Josh in Life as a House.

Ian and Paul Wesley. ( promo shot for The Vampire Diaries)

It’s really Ian’s role on CW’s teen vampire drama, The Vampire Diaries, that has really garnered Ian’s hotness the attention it truly deserves, but Ian’s role on the show stands out for reasons beyond his gorgeousness. With his role as Damon Salvatore, Ian really has the chance to show off his acting chops to a far wider audience. He plays the tortured and brooding bad boy vampire perfectly. While other actors may take the material and go over the top with it, Ian understands how much more powerful an understated performance can be. When Damon’s heart breaks, your heart breaks. That isn’t the writing (although the show is incredibly well written) but Ian’s performance that really makes Damon what he is – a complex and intriguing character that the viewer truly enjoys watching grown and develop.

Ian and one of his furry friends.

To be honest, Ian is mostly appealing to me because he uses his position in the spotlight to shed light on matters that are close to his heart. If you follow Ian on Twitter, you’re likely aware that he is passionate about animal rights and the environment. For that reason, he launched The Ian Somerhalder Foundation(or the ISF) on his 32nd birthday. A recognized charitable organization, the ISF hopes to shed light on animal right and environmental issues around the world. Donations to the ISF help provide proper medical care for stray animals in need across the country.

Ian's appearance on Larry King Live.

Intelligent, passionate, talented and unnaturally beautiful, Ian Somerhalder is what Man Candy Monday is all about. He supports what he believes in, makes smart choices in his career and always stays true to himself. But since this article is about Man Candy, why don’t we get on to the pictures? Clicking on the gallery below will take you to the full size image. Please enjoy and make sure you come back next week when Man Candy Monday will feature Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles. Also, remember to send your suggestions to me via Twitter or through the comments section on this page for men you would like to see featured in future Man Candy Monday profiles. I’ll do my best to oblige. Now – on to the Ian.