Most Fashionable Gift Ideas For Men In 2022 

Gift giving is not only for the Holidays. You’ve got birthdays, promotions, anniversaries – you name it! And while some people excel at finding the perfect present for anyone, others sometimes struggle.

Shopping for someone can be tricky whether you know them well or not. A gift needs to be not only practical, but it should also show the person that you care. And we’re going to go out on a limb and say that shopping for guys adds another level of stress since they’re often more closed off and mutter “I don’t need anything” under their breath a lot.

Luckily, you can rarely go wrong with a fashionable gift, and we’ve selected a few any guy will like!

T-shirt subscription 

One of the most practical and stylish gifts you can give a guy is a t-shirt subscription. This way, he doesn’t have to worry about shopping or ever running out of these comfy wardrobe staples!

Choose a brand that delivers high-quality tees and pick your preferred delivery plan. Most of these services include various styles, including a pack of black t shirts, crewnecks, V-necks, Polos, and more, so they will satisfy even the pickiest guy!

Wallet with RFID blocking technology

This wallet is an excellent affordable gift for any guy in your life. There are plenty of choices on the market, so we’re sure you will find one your man will like.

An RFID wallet has an RFID blocking shield material that prevents personal information theft from credit and other cards.

We recommend choosing genuine leather and going for elegance and minimalism instead of something too bold or bright to stay on the safe side.

Grooming and Dopp kits

Grooming is essential to a fashionable man’s life, and cheap tools won’t do! Give him a stylish and luxurious barbershop kit with razors, beard trimmers, nail clippers, and other essentials he’ll be thrilled to use at home.

Make sure you pack it in a lovely, high-quality necessaire or simply add a Dopp kit to the gift. A Dopp kit is a small-ish bag for keeping toiletries, and there are plenty of stylish options on the market. A leather or vegan leather one with a water-resistant lining will do the trick!

Luxurious robe

What shouts “luxury” louder than a beautiful, plush robe! We’re convinced that every guy would love to receive a beautiful Turkish or Egyptian cotton robe that he can lounge in on weekends.

Choose a classic, timeless color like white, beige, muted maroon, or charcoal, and watch his eyes light up!

Stylish smartphone case

Everyone needs a phone case upgrade! You only need to know which phone the guy has, and then it’s one of the easiest gifts to choose.

Pick an elegant and stylish case from premium leather or high-quality anti-drop material. Go for simple, timeless colors instead of loud graphics or bold shades.

Fancy Slippers

Slippers are a fantastic gift, whether it’s mocassins, UGGs, or Yeezy sliders. You don’t even have to be super precise about the size (though it would help to know it), and we can assure you that every guy always needs a pair.

Choose either house slippers or the type they can wear outside, like Birkenstocks (Arizona or Cloggs). Skip Crocs, though. You know why.

Monogram Socks

Another simple and not-too-expensive gift is a pair (or a few pairs) of monogrammed socks. Plenty of online services will personalize and ship socks in a couple of days, so you can surprise the guy even on short notice. Choose classic patterns and colors and forget about gimmicky socks.

Silk tie

Every guy needs a tie, and you can never go wrong with a luxurious silk one. If you have the budget, go for brands like Hugo Boss, but any department store will also have excellent, more affordable alternatives.

Choose something neutral or go with your man’s favorite colors and shades.

Men’s Pajama Set

Ohh, beautiful pajamas elevate sleeping to a whole new level! We love silk pajamas that look like suits (like Barney Stinson’s on the HIMYM show) and are smooth and soft to touch. But other materials like high-quality cotton will work too.

The pajama set can be an addition to the robe or a stand-alone gift.

Stylish Duffle Bag

A duffel bag is an irreplaceable item for the gym or traveling, also making it a great gift. Do a little research and opt for one with more compartments and pockets for the phone, wallet, keys, gym gear, or a few t-shirts for the road.