MT: What’s the Best Way to Grow Runtz Seeds?

MD: Runtz is the strain everyone is talking about today. It gained popularity due to its exquisite taste, aroma, and high THC content. It is no wonder that growers have an overwhelming desire to grow it. We will tell you how to do it in case you want to try to master this bush yourself.

The Best Way to Grow Runtz Seeds: A Guide From AskGrowers

Runtz is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing Gelato and Zkittlez strains. It is half Indica and half Sativa.

This strain is quite demanding in terms of environmental conditions, so its cultivation is not easy and is not recommended for those who do it for the first time. But if you still decide – we will tell you how to achieve excellent results by growing Runtz seeds for sale.

Why is Runtz so Popular?

Runtz seeds are a sensation in the cannabis niche. Many smokers and growers who cultivate marijuana for sale are happy to get this strain. It is really worth it. Its aroma and taste are fantastic; it is unique and cannot be confused with anything. Think about sweets you ate as a child, with a rich fruity fragrance and a touch of cream.

Outwardly, this cannabis bush looks no less enchanting. He inherited his deep purple hue from his parents Zkittlez and Gelato. This color is due to the high concentration of anthocyanin terpenes in both the parent and Runtz strains.

Users are delighted with its aromatic and gustatory qualities, but its effects deserve even more attention. You will experience an unprecedented euphoria, which disposes to creativity, communication, and contemplation – of yourself and the phenomena around you. It is very pleasant to feel the bliss that relaxes and makes you happy. Runtz completely deprives the smoker of anxiety, offering instead an excellent mood. However, you will not want to leave the house. Therefore, the strain is great for a lazy and relaxed rest or diving into your favorite hobby.

In medicine, this strain is also useful. Runtz is said to help relieve symptoms of depression, relieve anxiety, reduce pain, and effectively help with insomnia.

White Runtz vs Pink Runtz

White Runtz is one of the Gelato x Zkittles crossing phenotypes. It differs from the original Runtz in appearance – the strain gets its name from the sheer amount of silvery white trichomes that are so densely dotted that they give the impression of being white.

If you are looking for a very strong high from cannabis, then you can try planting White Runtz seeds, because it is just the phenotype with one of the most potent effects.

At the same time, another phenotype – Pink Runtz – has a stronger smell and a pronounced exotic taste. Those who appreciate the richness of taste and aroma in cannabis can try pink Runtz seeds.

Therefore, choosing between white and pink is primarily based on your own expectations of the final product. If you want to combine high potential and rich aroma, you can opt for the original Runtz, which successfully combines these qualities.

Peculiarities of Runtz Growing

For maximum yield, this strain is best planted outdoors in a warm and humid climate. However, it also adapts very well to the conditions of the room. You can get 18 ounces per plant outdoors, and 16 ounces indoors.

The plant has dense cola and a huge amount of very resinous trichomes.

Indoor plants reach a maximum height of 130 cm and produce a solid 450–500 g/m². The plants grown in nature reach a maximum height of 180 cm and yield up to 450 g/plant.

Runtz has a 70-day flowering period and is ready to harvest 80 days after flowering.

Tips for Growing Runtz

Runtz requires a special approach and attention, so you must prepare for the plant’s careful care. A grower who wants to harvest a decent crop of this rare strain should try to fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Quality soil.

The soil in which Runtz grows must be organic and rich in nutrients. Strain is very sensitive to the quality of the soil and the slightest problems with it can derail the crop.

  1. Regular watering and fertilization.

You should water Runtz as often as possible and monitor the plant. It does not remain in dry soil and does not receive excessive amounts of water. Seeds begin to grow quickly and growers advise giving them plenty of nutrients, especially nitrogen. However, take care the leaves do not get nutrient burns.

  1. Regular light cycle

Runtz is photoperiod seeds, meaning they are light-dependent. To begin to bloom, it needs a change in lighting. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor the light cycle after planting the seeds.

  1. Topping

In order to get a high-quality yield, use topping, a plant care method in which you need to cut and discard part of the plant. This is necessary to maintain the health of the plant and a quality crop.

  1. Trellis net.

Growers have noticed that the use of a trellis net in the process of growing the Runtz cannabis strain significantly increases yields.

Trellis net is a common garden tool that is commonly used to support vines. To create them, you can use wireframe screens or grids with a lattice pattern.

Trellis net is very helpful in growing cannabis because it has a number of advantages:

– maximizes space for growing;

– creates conditions for the penetration of sunlight;

– helps plants grow in the right direction – outward;

– allows plants to stand properly;

– protects against harmful insects and undesirable soil components – rot, mold, spores.