Nootropics for Memory: A Miracle in a Bottle or Total Farce?

You may increasingly see advertisements for nootropics to increase your brainpower. And, this probably leaves you wondering if supplements can possibly improve your cognitive abilities.

Is it too simple to be true? Read on to learn about nootropics for memory and other functions!

Nootropics Overview

Let’s start by explaining this term. Nootropics refer to any substances that improve cognitive capacity regarding attention, learning, mental clarity, memory, motivation, motor functions, emotional control, and creativity. Many of these amazing substances occur naturally in both plant and animal life.

Best Nootropics for Memory and Other Brain Functions

You can purchase supplements for all sorts of purposes. Which pills carry nootropic properties?

Let’s take a look at some of the best nootropic substances, so you know what’s look for in the ingredients!

Green Coffee 

Coffee naturally contains caffeine. This stimulant provides nootropic properties as it improves mood, memory, and reaction time.

The fruit of the coffee protects the beans as they grow. This portion contains its own nootropic benefits as well.

Green coffee grows in countries like Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam. This variety carries extra nootropic properties.

The green coffee extract is one of the best nootropics for memory and learning.

You may want to use green coffee for depression as well. A daily supplement may boost activity in portions of the brain that regulates emotions. Taking it will also help your brain better adapt to and deal with stress.

This super extract can also protect the brain against aging. It does so by eliminating free radicals that damage cells and by increasing the rate of cell recovery.


Do you want to calm your anxiety, improve your focus, and get in a better mood? Taking a daily supplement might help!

N-Acetylcysteine comes from a natural amino acid produced by humans, called L-cysteine. Since your body already makes it, many people feel more comfortable taking this supplement over supplements that come from other sources.

When separate from L-Cysteine, this enzyme increases the production of the glutathione in the liver. This antioxidant protects the body and brain against cell damage and works on mood centers in the brain to produce desirable changes to mood.


Due to the health benefits, you will find this bright yellow spice from the turmeric plant in a number of products, like health drinks such as golden milks. But, if you cannot stomach its powerful and distinct taste, you might want to settle for it in supplement form.

Spicing up your life with turmeric means protecting your brain cells from degeneration, which may help protect your memories. Tumeric also carries strong anti-inflammatory properties making it useful in alleviating symptoms of a number of health conditions.


Mushrooms taste delicious but also carry a plethora of health benefits. In the wonderful world of fungi, you can find a number of nootropics.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long used Lion’s Mane, a mushroom fairly new to the Western world. This white mushroom grows on maple, oak, and birch trees and appears almost furlike, similarly to the mane of a lion.

Lion’s Mane lowers the amount of amyloid-beta in the brain. Scientists find associations between high amounts of amyloid-beta and Alzheimer’s Disease, meaning that the mushroom may protect you from developing it.

It also helps rewire neural pathways in the brain. This improves cognition and memory.

Cordyceps, Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail mushrooms also carry brain-boosting benefits. If you do not enjoy the taste or texture of these fungi, you can take them in supplement form.

Alpha-glycerophosphocholine (Alpha-GPC)

Alpha-GPC is a compound naturally found in the brain and many food sources. It provides a healthy dose of choline, an acetylcholine precursor.

When taken in higher doses, this compound carries strong nootropic properties. It enhances many cognitive functions and may even protect the brain from dementia.

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

Your body builds tryptophan from 5-HTP. This is the building block of serotonin, so taking it in supplement form boosts the production of this neurotransmitter.

Seratonin works in the emotional center of the brain to improve mood and give you a feeling of happiness. This makes it great for battling depression.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

Native to China, ginkgo leaves come from the maidenhair tree. When taken in supplement form, they offer a number of health benefits due to the terpenes and flavinoids contained within the plant.

As it improves circulation to the brain, ginkgo helps improve recall and reasoning. It may also protect against dementia.

Maximize the Nootropic Benefits of Supplements

Everybody who cares about living a high-quality life should take measures to enhance and protect their cognitive abilities. Learning how to get the most out of your nootropic supplements will help!

Choose Quality Supplements

Though labels may read similarly, not all supplements are created equal. Focus on finding the best balance between quality and cost. Choose a reputable brand of bioceuticals when buying nootropics for focus and memory.

Read the Ingredients

Some brands will advertise a wonderful nootropic, but use mostly cheap fillers in the pill. Read the ingredient list carefully.

You want the first ingredient to be the supplement you hope to take. If you see other ingredients, make sure your nootropic comes in at a high percentage and research the rest for safety, as the FDA does not regulate supplements.

Take Them Daily

In order to reap the full benefits of nootropics, keep the levels high in your system. If you only take them sporadically, then your blood may not contain enough to really benefit your brain. Take your supplement each day, as directed on the bottle.

Nootropic Supplements Work

Whether you want to take nootropics for memory, learning, focus, or other mental functions, they may truly improve the quality of your life. Choose supplements from this guide to help you boost your brain best.

Once you improve your cognition, you may find yourself craving new information to learn. Choose to read further about health, travel, beauty, lifestyle, and more on our website!