Podcasts to Listen to While Working to Improve Efficiency

Have you encountered moments at work when you can sense your focus dripping away, yet you simply flop on your chair and stare at the screen blankly? Nod in affirmative because the truth is told, it is not a cakewalk to always stay focused at work.

In fact, one of the reasons for lower productivity and output is crumbling concentration. You may be piously punching in those codes, but there could be a movie playing in the back of your mind simultaneously that you watched the night before.

It is not an uncommon dilemma. It can be curbed with the help of a few humble hacks. While you may be wondering if it is yoga or numbing your mind with meditation, this solution is pretty simple and convenient. It could be said that listening to certain kinds and genres of podcasts could help in boosting productivity and enhance efficiency as well.

If you are the kind that enjoys listening to talk shows or rants on radios while driving, then go over the below-enlisted podcasts to listen while at work that can help you in concentrating in a better manner and improve your overall efficiency. After all, podcasts are one of the best methods to absorb executable and useful information on the go and even hands-free.

Sawbones Podcast

Sawbones (Podcast): A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine is a humorous and medic podcast performed by Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband.

Sawbones Podcast is produced online and distributed by Maximum Fun Network.

The Sawbones Podcast is a decent source of comedic relief to decompress your hours of toil. In each episode of the Sawbones Podcast, Sydnee talks about a constituent of historical medical practice, while her husband Justin contributes with a comedic foil.

The Sawbones Podcast usually takes topics centring archaic medical practices that are unheard to modern listeners. It occasionally covers subjects like rare diseases and unusual disorders.

The Sawbones Podcast is a source to learn about various rare diseases and historical facts surrounding the field of medicine. Thus, fire up this podcast to listen to while working the next time if this genre interests you.

Wonderful Podcast

Wonderful Podcast is a blanket kind of podcast that covers topics from numerous genres and interests. Started by Rachel and Griffin McElroy, Wonderful Podcast contains discussions on sports, movies, various places in the world, drinks, food, animals, transportation ways, cooking, clothing and its types, imaginary places etc. to name a few.

Wonderful Podcast is your go-to podcast to rummage any topic of discussion from varied domains and segments. Thus, if you cannot land upon a particular genre, the Wonderful Podcast can be of great help to make a decision.

Apart from a wide range of topics, another thing one should look out for in the Wonderful Podcast is the enthusiasm and energy displayed by the hosts. Listening to them can certainly help you in shooting up your productivity.

The 5 AM Miracle

The 5 am Miracle is an audio content source that intends on influencing the listeners to start their days early and productively.

Started by Gary Killer, a proponent of starting the day right, The 5 am Miracle is an excellent way to receive useful information from one of the prominent productive coaches of the world. It is all about developing strong early morning habits and routines.

The 5 am Miracle can influence and do wonders to your sleeping rituals, daily schedules and other lifestyle choices. Hence, this podcast can help you in overall personal growth which can derive positive output out of you.

Getting Things Done

The name of the podcast suggests plenty about its content.

Getting Things Done, penned and discussed on his podcast by David Allen, enumerates definitive methods of management that radicalize personal productivity standards and reestablishes your outlook and way of approaching your work and life.

Getting Things Done or GTD, as famous in the followers, influences the listeners to develop a more disciplined, organized and meticulous way of sorting out everything in their dishevelled lives.

From simple tasks to humongous projects, GTD helps in planning out the complete activity stepwise and helps to prevent chaos in a particularly significant process.

Thus, to create an order in your otherwise messy Monday, begin listening to GTD right away on your commute.

Gary Vee Audio Experience

His rugged and blunt facts about life dished out in one slap at a time can bring any slouchy and unmotivated to his heels. Gary Vee is a renowned investor and motivational speaker on social media as well as on a number of radio talk shows.

Gary Vee Audio Experience is his podcast to influence and motivate people to cling to their passion, find ways to monetize it and basically refrain from becoming another task-rabbit.

His assertions are truthful and positive. Gary Vee gained popularity among the younger listeners due to his enthusiasm, charisma, crisp comebacks, confident demeanor and undiplomatic discussions.

Gary Vee Audio Experience is definitely one of the podcasts to refuel the motivation meter that sinks down upon any obstacle that comes on our way to achieve goals.

Beyond the To-Do List

Beyond the To-Do List by Erik Fisher definitely is one of the recommended podcasts to listen to while working. Erik Fisher interacts with many people and provides them with a platform to share their success/failure stories with the world.

The podcast also helps in making informed decisions about crucial points in life like choosing the right task, project or life goal by going beyond the conventional approaches.

The podcast has an excellent method of motivating masses by sharing the stories of people with inspirational journeys. You will be astonished when you listen to how many people overcome their unfortunate circumstances or major failures and still choose to move forward positively and in a dignified manner.

So, if you feel under-appreciated at your job or simply bogged down by the monotony, listen to stories of people who struggled to even get employed decently. It would surely fill you up with a sense of gratefulness and improve your efficiency.