Short Courses To Enhance Your Creativity


Many people these days are looking to enhance their creativity and make themselves better and more effective work-wise. The problem is, what if you don’t know where to start? You may not even know that you’re not as creative as you once were. You can solve these challenges by taking courses meant to help your creativity.

There are several different courses offered to give people personal growth.

Specific courses are meant to help you grow your creativity in a short amount of time. You can take these courses at home or online. Many of them are free, and others have a fee depending on what you’re getting out of it.

  1. Florist certification

This creative course offers insight into the world of flowers and floral design. As a florist, you’ll be able to express your creativity in beautiful art. By the end or during the course, you can incorporate your incredible blooms into your own space, gift a loved one, or maybe turn it into a career. A florist certification program can be taken online or through physical classes like Pearsons School of Floristry in Darlinghurst for a more hands-on experience.

  1. Pottery Workshop

This creative course offers you the chance to create your artwork and explore the wonderful world of pottery. Though this is a workshop you take in person, all the equipment is provided. During the workshop, you will have a great time learning from an instructor who can help you make a pot in your style.

Use an array of different tools, glazes, and clays and have fun making different pots, some good for painting or glazing and some that are meant to be left natural.

  1. Creative Writing

This course helps you to learn the ins and outs of writing. Many people have been drawn to this as an outlet for their creativity, some because they want to write a novel and others because it feels good to write for fun. Some people want to do both at the same time. This course can help you hone your skills by teaching you how to transfer your stories from your head onto paper.

Learn the basics of fiction and non-fiction writing while working through guided exercises that will help expand your storytelling ability.

  1. Cooking classes

This is a course that offers you the chance to learn to cook and creatively cook simultaneously. Cooking is a course that many have enjoyed because it activates multiple sides of the brain: the logical side, learning how to cook, and the creative side, finding new and exciting ways to make food.

There are several different options you can choose from when deciding on this as your course, so you can find something that fits your schedule and your needs.

  1. Interior Design

Learn how to use and grow your creativity in a different way than you’ve ever had before. This course offers you the opportunity to learn how to decorate interior spaces. Interior Design is a fun way to spend time creating your own space and increasing your creativity in the process.

The class focuses on teaching you about different styles, colors, lighting, and other aesthetic factors that make a room feel right. You will learn through hands-on exercises on other essential design elements such as furniture and lighting to help you gain the knowledge needed to make beautiful spaces at home.

  1. Learning a new language

Other creative courses allow you to learn a new craft or style of art. Learning a new language can be challenging and fun and proven to enhance creativity. There are many different kinds of languages, and this is an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to have the ability to learn an entirely new language without having much background knowledge in the arts or skills in reading or writing it.

Learn how to speak a new language or take classes online without leaving your home. You will communicate with people worldwide that way, which is excellent for cultural exchange or just meeting new people.

  1. Photography

This course can be taken at home or online, depending on where you live. Learning how to use your camera and the basics of photography can improve your skills in taking photos. It is a great way to learn new things, develop your skills, and work on creativity by taking photos of your favorite things.

During this course, you will learn how to use your camera, capture an idea in a picture and then manipulate it into something extraordinary. Taking pictures is an art form.

  1. Music composition class

This course can be taken online or in person. This course is excellent for anyone who wants to hone their musical mind and work on creativity, improvisation, and expression while they learn.

Learn how to identify chords and melodies and compose your music, all while learning the basics of music theory. You will have fun during the class because you choose the songs to pick your favorite song to learn or even write your own.


There are many different options you can choose from when deciding on what class you want to take to enhance your creativity.

Learning new skills or gaining knowledge in a field outside of your comfort zone can help you unlock more creative potential.

By taking courses meant for personal growth, you will benefit from their side effects, which is creativity.