Sommer Ray: Net Worth, Age, Family, Relationships, Body Stats, and Bio

Sommer Ray is one of the many proofs of how effective social media is when it comes to gaining fame and money. Everything about her, from her net worth to personal life, family, and relationships are discussed here in deep detail.

Sommer Ray

Name Sommer Ray
Birthday Sept. 15, 1996
Age 22-years-old
Profession Social Media Influencer
Instagram Followers 15 million
Net Worth $4 million
Civil Status In a Relationship
Boyfriend Max Ehrich


Social media is now everywhere. It has also become a very strong tool for different purposes, with making yourself popular as one of the biggest reasons. Well, that’s how many celebrities today became famous.

One of which is Sommer Ray.

You might have come across her name in your Instagram feed or perhaps watched a video or two of her in Vines.

If so, and you’d like to know more about her, then you’ve just found the right place as we’ll show you her personal details such as her age, net worth, career, and love life.

Who is Sommer Ray?

Sommer Ray is a popular American model, bikini athlete, and social media star. She hails from Colorado, U.S.A. She was made famous thanks to her many achievements in fitness and bodybuilding contests.

It’s also through these that she managed to get loads of followers in social media. Sommer is very active in social media as she is constantly posting posts that are about health, fitness, and more importantly, bodybuilding.

These topics and niches are one of the most popular to date, which is why she didn’t have a hard time amassing a huge fan base.Sommer Ray

Early Life

Sommer Ray was born on Sept. 15, 1996, in Colorado, U.S.A. She started dealing with fitness and health matters at such an early age as she was still 15-years-old by then.

Her dad has a huge influence on her as he taught her everything about fitness, health, bodybuilding, and working out in the best way possible. She started lifting weights in her own gym.

It was a bit hard at first, but the hard work eventually paid off as it only took her a single year to get the body needed to become a bikini athlete. Afterward, she managed to win two NPC Colorado State Championship awards, together with two trophies.

The categories she won were Bikini Teen and Bikini Class D. On that same year, she then again won the NPC USA Championship, but this time at the 16th place.

This was a huge confidence booster for her as it motivated her to pursue her dreams and further her interests in bodybuilding.

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Career and Path to Stardom

Sommer Ray started her career by creating and building her Instagram account from scratch. She posted lots of interesting photos and videos that revolved around healthy living and bodybuilding.

Her posts instantly became viral and took the internet by storm. Months passed, and she has been considered as an internet sensation. Her greatest achievement in social media is perhaps when she reached 15 million followers on Instagram.

Sommers was even named by Sports Illustrated as the “Lovely Lady of the Day” due to her inspirational and motivational health and wellness posts in social media. However, she focused more on becoming a bikini model.

She altered her workout routine and diet intake to make way for her new body. She then drastically cut her calorie intakes and focused more on strengthening her lower body. Months passed and she easily sculpted the bikini body she wanted.

This led to her being discovered by numerous swimwear companies to serve as a model for their advertisement campaigns. She even became a bikini endorser for Myokore, a company which makes accessories for bungee.

Furthermore, Sommer has her own YouTube channel which she personally hosts. She posts videos of her many workout training and fitness session. Now, her channel has got more than a million subscribers and is still on the process of getting more.

Because of her fame, she managed to be a member and part of the Clout Gang, which is a group of famous YouTubers.

Additionally, Ray even had an appearance in a number of comedy episode series of MTV entitled, “Wild ‘N Out.” She also has her own merchandise company that she sells on her very own site.

You might have also seen her in one of Tai Lopez’s video to hang out in his mansion and many parties.

Net Worth of Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is earning a lot from being an endorser of different clothing and fashion brands such as Adidas and Calvin Klein. Many even believe that Sommer will have more endorsements in the months to come as she’s becoming more popular.

The revenue she earns from endorsements and fashion brands, such as her merchandise promotions are also contributing a lot to her net worth.

According to reports, Sommer Ray makes around $26,000 for every Instagram post. Many agree that Sommer Ray has a net worth of around $4 million.

However, many also believe that this will increase significantly in the months and years to come knowing that she has lots of endorsements and projects lined up. Furthermore, her promotions of the portable bungee trainer of Myokore earn her a decent amount of cash.

She even has her own website which she uses to sell different merchandises such as t-shirts. And not just that, as she also has her own modeling gigs to amplify her net worth.

Furthermore, she has a number of business investments that are planned for the next months. With this, it can be said that her net worth will increase even more. Her constantly increasing following will also help improve her net worth in the long run.

Sommer Ray’s Love Life

Sommer Ray is currently in a relationship with actor Max Ehrich. Max is from the hit TV show, “The Young and the Restless.” Many agree that the two started dating each other on Oct. 8, 2017, as they’ve been together since then.

Also, the couple isn’t shy when it comes to showing themselves on the camera, which is why people don’t have a hard time guessing what they’ve been up to lately. The couple also spends loads of their time together as they have fun when they are with each other’s company.

Their many posts on Instagram also shows that they’re happy and together. Many of you might know that Max Ehrich had been dating Veronica Dunne before he and Sommer became a couple.

However, Max and Veronica, a Disney celebrity, separated for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, Sommer Ray had previously Dated RiceGum, who is also a sensation on YouTube.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on the couple’s relationship as they’re happy and in love with each other.

Body Stats

Sommer Ray isn’t the tallest girl out there but certainly isn’t also the shortest. Simply put it this way. She’s of average height as she stands at five feet and six inches. Her weight also compliments her height as she weighs 50 kilograms, which is ideal for her height.

Because of this, she manages to stay fit, in shape and looking beautiful.